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4-State Vettes Corvette Club
Minutes of January 2008 Meeting

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:19 pm on January 8, 2008, by President, Mary Lou Bruggeman.

The members present approved the minutes of the December meeting.

Treasurer Colleen Holt gave the Treasurer’s report. Current membership is 52 members. A few calendars are still available for sale.

Old Business:
Phil Rankin reported on the Valentine party. February 16th with cash bar setup ($25) and decorations similar to the setup for the Christmas party. The menu will be a buffet of 8 oz filets and 4 oz. chicken breasts with roasted rosemary potatoes, fancy mixed vegetables, salads, champagne cake dessert, tea, and coffee at a cost of $15 per person. A sign up sheet is on the table with payment needed by the February club meeting. Bruce Layman is looking into some entertainment and Marla Shumny is planning some surprise games.

Mary Lou reported talking with the director of Children’s Haven, Stephanie about sponsoring the redecorating of a room (painting the room, adding pictures, wallpaper border, or murals to the walls, window coverings, bedding, etc.). Mary Lou estimates the costs including the replacement of mattresses and foundations would be in the neighborhood of $1600. She would like to have everything ready so that it could be done in one day including paint. Stephanie will let us know if approved by the February meeting as she is still checking with the past sponsors to see it there is an available room.

Mary Lou asked Mary Seward to be in charge of collecting the aluminum tabs for Ronald McDonald House and she accepted. John Holt mentioned he had been told the tabs bring in about $1.50 per gallon turned in.

Larry Lankford questioned the status of Autocross. Phil Rankin suggested setting possibly 3 dates at the Event Committee meeting on Thursday, Jan. 10th and then having Mark Rountree take those for presentation to the Springfield group to see about the availability in their schedule. If that group is interested then they could bring a “points” event and there would be better participation. It was mentioned that the Springfield group was impressed with the help our club members provided and Mary Lou reminded all that if we have these events a lot of help will be needed. She also mentioned that Firestone is still interested in sponsoring this with some advance notice to them. Phil said he did not like paying the mall $800 and would try to get that negotiated to a more fair amount as well as try to get the lot nearer to Firestone for the event.

New Business
Memphis Cruise—Feb. 14-15-16th Marla Shumny has some motel info and will continue checking. Group plans to leave after work on Fri. Come home on Sunday after breakfast.

Past Events:
Thursday Eating Club has had great weekly attendance. Since the last club meeting, the group has eaten at Stogeys, Woody’s BBQ, Rib Crib, and Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza.

Events Calendar –
Thursday Eating Group & Event Committee Meeting:
January 10th will be at Red, Hot & Blue at 7 PM in conjunction with an Events Committee meeting. Please let Debi Rankin know if you are coming by Wed., Jan. 9th at 2 PM.

Door Prize Winners: Morgan Shumny, McGinnis, Seward, Holt, Rankin, Rountree, Lankford, McKeehen, Goertz, Bruggeman, Layman, Burks, Powell

50/50 Pot: Keith Goertz

Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully submitted,
Debi Rankin, Secretary

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