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4-State Vettes Corvette Club

Minutes of the November 2009 Meeting

The regular monthly meeting was called to order on November 10, 2009, at 7:05pm by President, Mary Lou Bruggeman. The members present approved the minutes of the September meeting. Mary Lou Bruggeman gave the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Carol Lankford which was approved by the members present. There are currently 49 members.

New members include Greg McNabb 2005 white convertible. Dave Acuf has a 2004 Magnetic Red convertible & 1968 L88.

Committee Reports:

Autocross-We had a small autocross on Sunday, November 1st at Arma High School. Members attending were Mark Rountree, Phil Rankin, Abbi Sinclair & Jim Sinclair.

Christmas Party- December 5th at Granny Shaffers. We need to collect $25/person reservations for the Christmas party. When you show up, you get your $25 back. We need 40 members to hold the room. The menu is as follows: Ham, Roast Sirloin, Scalloped Potatoes, Green beans, salad, and assorted pies. We will have a cash bar set up. There is a Chinese gift exchange. No gag gifts please.

New Business:

Nominations of Officers:

Secretary: Gwen Adams nominated Adena Burks for Secretary. Abbi Sinclair seconded the motion. The nomination was accepted.

Treasurer: Debi Rankin nominated Carol Lankford for Treasurer. Gwen Adams seconded the motion. The nomination was accepted.

Vice President: John Holt nominated Richard Sink for Vice President. Chuck Lawrence seconded the motion. The nomination was accepted.

President: Jeff Bruggeman nominated Jim Sinclair for President. Carolynn Burns seconded the motion. The nomination was accepted.

After review of the current bylaws following the November meeting, the officers have determined that no bylaw prohibits spouses from serving as officers of the club during the same term. After review, Larry Lankford accepted his nomination for President. He was nominated by Bill Adams and seconded by Chuck Lawrence.

Past Events:

Oct 17-Maple Leaf- a few members attended but it started to rain so nobody stayed very long.

Nov 7-4 State Vettes Annual Toy Run- 9 cars attended the Toy Run and took pop tabs to Ronald McDonald House and then they drove down to Cotton-Eye Joe’s in Noel for dinner.

New Events:

Nov 28-Anderson Christmas Parade

Dec 5-Annual Christmas Party @ Granny Shaffer’s

Dec 12-Goodman Christmas Parade


Chuck Lawrence…1967 Green Coupe in 1977 and they traded it in on a 33 foot camper because they had kids.

Door Prize Winners- Bill Adams, Gary McKeehan, Joyce Marker, Greg McNabb, Jim Seward, Ron Brunner.

50/50 Pot Winner- David & Gwen Adams (They donated their 50/50 pot winnings back to the club Treasury.)

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted, Abbi Sinclair, Secretary

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