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4-State Vettes Corvette Club
Minutes of the March 2010 Meeting

The regular monthly meeting was called to order on March 9, 2010, at 7:02 pm by President, Larry Lankford. The members present approved the minutes of the February meeting. Carol Lankford gave the Treasurer's report wwhich was approved by those present. There are currently 65 members. Two visitors were present. Greg Reber and his wife, Charlotte White, own a 1985 corvette.

Old Business

There were 6 cars (only one Corvette) that participated in the Valentine Cruise. Robert and Zoe Hedge and Bobby and Jane Ballard tied to win the Gimmick Rally. They reported that dinner was enjoyable!
Phil Rankin reported on the Autocross seminar that took place February 16th. Eight to ten payments for the April 20th autocross were collected.
Mark Rountree reported on the March 6th KC Auto show. The highlight of the event was the Concept car.
Member Directory - Mary Lou Bruggeman suggested we email out new members information (including a photo) and any updated information rather than spend a lot of money updating the directory. She agreed to take charge of this task.

New Business

March 16th - Autocross Seminar will take place at Granny Shaffer's at 6pm.
March 20th - There will be a FREE Members only (including Seminar members) Autocross in Arma KS. Set up will begin at 9am.
April 3rd - Corvettes of Enid, Oklahoma
April 10th - Autocross at Northpark Mall. Set up will begin at 9am. The event will start at 11am. We will start setting up the Friday night before.
April 10th - Corvettes of the Ozarks in Mt. Home Arkansas
April 15-18 - Hot Springs Weekend
April 24th - Goodman Car Show
May 7th, 8th and 9th - Sooner State Corvette Club at Hallett Motor

Richard Sink reported on an article from the Blue Bars Magazine through NCCC. The article talked about insurance through NCCC. It also talked about the importance of waivers at all club events. Please refer to the article for more information.

Vettes in the Midwest
Larry reported on Vettes in the Midwest. He met with Bruce Layman and he said all workers will be given shirts. There will still be a donation to Children's Haven in the clubs name. We as a club can still have a 50/50 pot and raffle. If you volunteer to work the event, your dinner will be paid for. There will be a meeting for all people interested in working this event. Please sign up or contact Larry Lankford if you are interested. You may enter the car show if you are a club member but you must pay to do so.
Norma, with Ozark Public Television, spoke for a moment to give us all a background of what OPT is all about. They provide educational programs for the school systems and they have received recognition for this. The are currently working on a documentary in Newtonia. The Quapaw tribe is funding this documentary. She also mentioned that Rt 66 Mother Road will be airing soon and all summer long on OPT. She's excited to work with us on Vettes in the Midwest and thanks us all for our support.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST CORVETTE......Jim Seward's first corvette was a 1962 he bought in 1965. It was almond beige and he paid $2800.

Door Prize Winners - Richard Sink, Jim Seward, Greg Reber, Jeff Bruggeman, Larry Lankford, and Gary Woods.

50/50 Winner - Dave Acuff

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted, Adena Burks, Secretary

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