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4-State Vettes Corvette Club

Minutes of May 2010 Meeting

The regular monthly meeting was called to order on May 11, 2010, at 7:04 pm by President, Larry Lankford. The members present approved the minutes of the April meeting. Carol Lankford gave the Treasurer's report hich was approved by the members present. There are currently 67 members.

We welcomed Bill and Alisha Allred as new members. They drive a 1964 Vette.

Old Business
April 15-18 – Hot Springs Weekend
April 23rd – Vettes in the Midwest Meeting
April 24th – Goodman car show – It has been rescheduled for July10th
May 8th Car and Bike show on the Neosho Square – 8 cars attended

May 2nd Autocross seminar- Phil reported we had a good turnout with 11 attendees who prepaid for an upcoming autocross. Phil also reported that the last autocross made $230 in profit.

New Business
May 14th – Vettes in the Midwest meeting at Granny Shaffer’s

May 15th – NW Arkansas club is meeting us at Sam’s at 1pm. Then they will cruise to Big Brutus and hopefully have time eat at one of the Chicken places.

May 15th – Vette & Viper Car Show/Poker Run

May 15th – Macs Cruise night (3rd Sat of the month)

May 22nd - Autocross. First car out will be 4pm. We will start tech and registration at 1pm

Phil and Mark announced that they have received approval for an autocross at Crowder College . The cost should be around $250. They are thinking about holding an autocross there late summer.

Abbi talked about possibly doing “trophy winner” t-shirts next year for autocross rather than giving away the trophies. She contacted several companies that said they could possibly sponsor the shirts. The idea is to get enough sponsors to cover the cost of the shirts. In the mean time she was given 5 $10 vouchers from Zip Corvettes. We will use those as door prizes at the next several meetings.

A motion was brought to the floor by Mark Roundtree to give Phil and Debi Rankin $35 out of the proceeds of the autocross to cover the expense of hauling the trailer. The motion was seconded by Ken Block and majority was in favor.

Wayne Burks talked about having food at the Autocross. The decision was made to start out simple at the June autocross and see how it goes over.

Tell us about your first Corvette…..
Bill Allred has a 64 that is currently in the body shop! He and his wife, Alisha brought their Camaro and Monte Carlo to a car show and parked right next to this corvette that had a for sale sign in the window. He immediately told the guy he was interested and told him he would bring him the money in the morning. He met the guy the next afternoon and bought the car! It’s been theirs ever since.

Door Prize Winners – Larry Lankford, Bill Allred, Abbi Sinclair, and Richard Sink
50/50 – Abbi Sinclair

Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted, Adena Burks , Secretary

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