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Kelly D.

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Good to see a little discussion lately on the current state of the band and hear from everyone.. I think we all feel a little frustration for AWB because at times it seems like things are stuck in neutral. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of life in general as I approach 50, go to work faithfully evey day and watch this once proud country as it races toward ruin..... I guess the band's career mirrors a lot of our lives at this point if we are honest with ourselves about the frustrations we face each day. Oh well, enough of the waxing philosophical
Regardless, I'll be at the Birchmere Music Hall in a few weeks to welcome AWB as they head back out onto the road. I hope 2012 is another great year for the band and everybody who posts on this board. I want to once again thank Alan, Onnie, Fred and Rocky for the LIFETIME of funkin' incredible memories that fill my head and welcome whoever settles into the Hamish/ Elliot/ Klyde hybrid role. I still hold out hope that Hamish will at least set in with the band at some point , even if only for a show or two. Lastly, may the band find the time and creativity to pull together enough new material for one more album [or cd or download or whatever the hell you call it these days]. God Bless AWB Nation!!!

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