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Muggle/Human Form

Basic Description

Full Name :Sara Noelle Cain
Date of Birth & Age :4/13/94-15
Hair Color & Style :Chocolate brown-wavy
Eyes :Chocolate brown
Complexion :Clear,bbut breaks out in acne with stress
Makeup? :Yes
Glasses? :No
Height :5'3''
Weight :110 llbs.
Nationality :Puerta Rican
Birthmarks/Scars/Distinctive Marks :Small straight scar behing left ear
Personality :Sara is
History :

Personal Description

Sexuality :Straight
Wealth Status :Middle Class
Education :10th grade
Occupation :Full-time student,part-time waitress at a pizza place
Home (living currently) :With parents
Powers/Abilities :None
Quirks :She talks to herself sometimes.
Strengths :Literature
Phobias :Heights

Family Stuff

Parents :Mom-Carey:34 Dad-Jim:40
Siblings :Younger sister-Theresa-:9
Other Relatives :Uncel Bob,Aunt Josey
Spouse/Boyfriend/Girl Friend/Crush/LoveInterest :
Children? :
Friends :Sabrina,Larry,Reynolds,Carson
Pets :Cat:Andrew

Details (optionable)

Ways of Transportation (eg. Floo Powder, Bus, Train...) :Car,but no license
- Car Type if Selected Above :Honda Civic
Wardrobe :Average girl's wardrobe:Jeans,t-shirts,skirts,dresses
Accessories :Childhood friendship bracelet
Hobbies :Soccer,dancing
Can't Live Withouts (what would they want if they were stranded on an island) :Cell phone,books,pens
Zodiac Sign :Aries
Colors of Choice (eg. Purple, Pink, Lime...) :Fucshia
Dreams (what they want to happen) ne day she'll become a secondary teacher
Nightmares (what they don't want to happen) :She'll have to give a speech before the whole school
Weapons :Pocket knofe,but is stays at home while she is at school
Swearing Status :Rarely,only when se's stressed
Drinking Status :Never
Evils (their questionable flaws) :Temper
Theme Song :One Step At A Time by Jordan Sparks
Five words that best describe charrie :Shy,quiet,intelligent,complcated,loyal
Quote :"Start a new fashion:Wear your heat on your sleeve"-Carrie Underwood
PB :?
Inspration for Charrie :A friend from school
Convertable? (eg. Harry Potter to Regular Human..etc.) :No

Just wanted to fix your image. ^_^
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(Edited by xblackxvioletsx)

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