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Full Name: Death Cloud Reptile

Hair: Medium Length and Jet Black

Eye Colour: Bright Blue but can change to a darker shade when he's pissed off, and red when he draws out his fangs.

Age: 17

Siblings: 1 little Brother Rex, One older step-brother Ray, One Older step-sister Seriphia

More information: Death is a pureblood vampire, although he doesn't make it public news. He is a Chaser for the Ice Dragons Quidditch team and he personally believes his Parents were stoned when they named their 2 children. He and his brother Rex attended Hogwarts because they still have magical powers. His Parents were pureblood vampires and were attacked by a pack of werewolves when Death was 8. Death and Rex were then adopted and then got two step-siblings Aside from wizardly powers he has a few vampire ones. Such as a claw in his right hand that comes through his nails.

Childhood Best friend : Angel Wolf
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