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A sound Soul
Dwells within a sound Mind
And a sound Body

Death Weapon Master Academy (DWMA). A society designed to train young people with extraordinary powers, the powers of the Master, and the powers of the Death Weapon. The Death Weapons always choose their Master, and bond, forming a bond most people could never understand.

In this world, peoples souls have grown evil, through devouring other human souls. By doind so, their souls become 'Kishin Eggs', evil souls that grow more powerful with each soul they devour. If the Kishin egg hatches, the human becomes a Kishin, an incredibly powerful monster. It is the goal of every Weapon and Master, to collect 99 Kishin Eggs, and 1 Witches Soul. THe Weapons eat these souls. After collecting all 100 souls, the Weapon become a full fledge Death-Weapon, dramatically increasing it's power, worthy or being weilded by Death Itsself (Lord Death: Along this joruney, Weapon and Master grow closer, and share many adventures.

The DWMA Auditorium was empty, save one person. A boy, about 16 years old, sat on the dge of the stage. He held a violin, playing a slow, solemn melody, listening to it echo throughout the auditorium. The spotlight showed on him as he played. He loved doing this, as it made him feel as if he were playing for a crowd... His name was Gash, a Weapon, and a student of DWMA. He was one of the few weapons who had yet found partners. He hoped one day that would change... (Gash:

Adopt one today!

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