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The sun slowly rose and began to tip-toe into a dark room. Wake up, little one, today is the big day! The hues of colors stretched across the room like a miniature rainbow. The covers moved slightly as the sun edged in more into the room, the figure beneath it, moaned in annoyance of the light. A head popped out from underneath and yawned, slowly stretching as she did so. Her nostrils flexed as she took in the crisp, cool, autumn air that filled her room through the open window. A smile danced across the girl’s delicate lips as the air chilled her. The breath escaping from her mouth heightened as a small breeze rushed through her window, stirring up the rose, yellow, and orange colored leaves so many feet below the opened window. The young girl slipped out of the huge bed, leaving comfort and warmth behind her with every step. The early morning seemed frozen in time, nothing moved expect the lone figure standing in the middle of her room for a brief moment. The girl’s goldenly curled blonde hair danced back and forth, playing hide and seek with their owner’s face. Her chin rested on the palm of her hand as she leaned against the sill of her window. The small, semi-circle ball of different shades of orange, red, and yellows slowly made its way through the trees, beginning to melt the frost of the grounds below the window. The female turned to the sound of the door opening, a smile delicately skirted across her lips as she looked at the lump in the bed adjacent to hers. She shook her head and began to move around the room, her close friend continued to sleep. The slender hands grabbed a pillow and raised it over the lump in the bed. “Anne, go away.” The voice echoed with annoyance and somewhat of humor. Anne frowned as she lowered the pillow in her hand. “Fine, Elena. Be a twerp and go back to bed, but you’re going to be late for practice.” An incoherent reply was muttered through the blankets. Anne smiled; it was going to be just
another normal day.

Anne climbed into her car as Elena raced out, barefoot before hopping into the car. “I told you to get up.” She laughed as Elena sent her a venomous look which only looked humorous since she had a piece of toast dangling from her mouth. She held her hands up in defense, “Alright, alright, I’ll keep shut and drive.” Anne smiled as she started up the car, dreading the volleyball practice she had on the weekends. It was her only weekend off and she had to spend it playing volleyball. Man, she was going to be tired for work on Monday that was for sure. She shook her head, tearing herself from her mind. She backed out and began to drive.

Anne smiled as Elena chatted away on the phone as they drove to Anne’s place after volleyball practice. She ran a hand through her hair as the rain pattered down on her window. Today’s practice was good even though they had to run in the chilling rain. With a flick of her wrist, her windshield wipers turned on. “Hey Elena, could you get off the phone? You’re distracting me.” Her electric blue irises shown with worry as Elena continued to talk on the phone, ignoring Anne. Anne leaned forward, trying to see what was ahead of her. She glanced at Elena who was busy talking to some guy she had just met. “Elena-” she had started, “Anne, will you shut it? I’m trying to talk on the phone.” Anne shook her head and began to mouth a reply when a pair of headlights came instantly before her. A scream that belonged to Elena sounded next to her. She swerved the car but, it was too late, they had already hit the car. Elena’s phone dropped before Anne’s eyes as the car flipped through the air. The sound of the roof slamming to the road echoed through Anne’s ears and then all was quiet. “Elena, are you okay?” Anne began to hastily remove the seat belt to get herself out. “Yeah, I’m fine you?” “I’m-” The screeching sound of tires ripped through the air, Anne could see the car. It was headed for Elena’s side, “ELENA!!!” Her cry echoed through the air as the car slammed violently into Elena’s side. The car spun as Anne’s vision began to flicker and fade, whether it was from her crying or losing consciousness , she couldn’t tell. The world was dull and soundless, Anne fought with her body to keep her eyes open. Her hand stretched out toward Elena whose breath was slowing to a stop. A hoarse cry echoed from Anne’s lips, “Elena!” Her hand gripped onto her best friends hand as sobs tore through her. It was a miracle that Anne could keep herself conscious but, horrible at the same time. She desperately clawed at Elena’s hand, shaking it, trying to keep Elena alive. “Pleasssee, Elenaaa donnn’t die! I needdd you! Please, please!” Her hoarse words echoed through her, Anne felt numb......dead. She continued to shake Elena's hand as her pulse slowed down even more. "Anneee....."

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