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Tom was sitting near the Black Lake in hogwarts. A tan man in a hawian shirt and bamuda shorts was standing in front of him. The god of the sea stared at his son. "Why werent you in my life sooner?" He asked looking at Posiedon. "I'm sorry but i couldnt interfere with your life much and i still can't." He said. He handed Tom along box and a circular box. "These were made in the forges n my realm." He said smilling. Tom opened the long box first. Inside was a three foot sword it was double edged. The one half was Black iron, the other half was a sheild about 5 feet in diameter. "Well son i must be going. Think about what i offered my son." He said and turned to go into the Lake.

Tom was a 17 year old Wizard who just learned that he was half Greek god. He was stunned. He came from a small town in western Pennsylvania. There he didnt have many friends. But when he got his letter from hogwarts he came right over. Now his father Posiedon the God of the Sea was asking him to give up his summer to go to a stupid camp in New York City. He sat on the shorews of the lake as the full moon came out from bhinde the clouds.

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