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((thought I'd try something new, and I promise Dani i'll keep it clean.))

Prologue- How Did We Get Here?

It had just dawned on everyone. It was the anniversary of Angel's death. The breakfast table had gone silent, and Mimi shrunk in her chair. Why had she brought it up?

Since Mimi's near-death experience, she, Rodger, Mark, Collins, Maureen, and Joanne had moved into one house. With their combined earnings, they now not only survived but got by fairly well.

Naturally, Mimi broke the silence with her own thoughts. "We should go visit her grave," she said with conviction, tears welling in her eyes.

"Of course, dear," Rodger agreed, wrapping his arm around her waist. She sat back down next to him, and he kissed her cheek. It was going to be a long day, full of terrible and great memories. Mimi didn't know which would be harder to deal with.

((Well, what does everyone think so far?))

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Gem, Maggie, Propheta

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Chapter 1- The past haunts us all

Seeing Angel's grave again was a sight that reduced Mimi and Rodger to tears even before Collins fathom the entire thing. Rodger wrapped his arm around Mimi as she buried her head in his side. Her memories trailed to the times she had spent with Angel. At the bar after Maureen's protest concert, where the two of them started dancing on one of the tables much to the dismay of the managment. Angel had always been the one to give her advice of what then seemed to be a going nowhere relationship. Angel was the one who made all of them believe in love again. Now, it had been a year since she died, and it still seemed like a scene from a nightmare. Mimi thought back to the funeral.

Walking out of the church, Mimi turned to Rodger and asked the question that had been tugging at her mind since Maureen mentioned it earlier. "Is it true you sold your guitar and bought a car?"

Rodger nodded, "It's true. I'm leaving now for Santa Fe. Is it true you're with this yuppy scum?" he asked as Mimi's married boyfriend Benny put his arm around her. Of course Benny had to get in on this.

"You said you'd never speak to him again," he reminded her.

"Not now," Mimi hissed, elbowing him in the stomach.

"Who said that you have any say in who she says things to at all?" Maureen asked pointedly.

The situation just escalated from there and soon enough everyone was fighting except for Collins, who was trying to break the whole thing up. In the end, Mark and Rodger were furious at each other and Rodger left for Santa Fe without saying goodbye to anyone except for Mimi, who had followed him until he had to listen to what she was saying.

Mimi felt eyes peering at her and looked up. As was expected Rodger was gazing down at her with a sort of remorseful recollection. She could tell he was thinking the same thing she was. Collins laid a bouquet of roses on the grave. They were Angel's favorite flower. They couldn't stand to be there any longer, so the group turned and went back towards the house. They would have to walk, given that none of them had cab fare.

That night, the group was having a commemoration to Angel. Joanne had brought out a bottle of wine she had been saving for a special occasion and they toasted to Angel, love, and friendship. Love and friendship seemed to tie in with Angel in an unspoken bond. The phone rang, and out of habit, everyone tensed and stared at it. The answering machine echoed Mark and Rodger's famous "Speeeeeeak," only with a few extra voices. When the machine stopped a famale voice started talking. Whoever it was, she seemed like she was scared and crying.

"Damn you Rodger," she started, "Pick up the phone. It's me. It's Randy." At that Rodger jumped and picked up the phone and put it on speaker.

"Randy, what's wrong?" he asked fearfully. Mimi glared at him. This was most definitely not his mother. It was a young woman, probably about her age.

"A fire broke out in our apartment building while I was out this evening," Randy replied, "The building is destroyed, and..." She trailed off.

"What happened Randy? Tell me."

"Rodger, Mom and Dad are dead."

Rodger was silent. His eyes didn't really express grief, but a sort of shock. Randy's voice shook him out of it.

"Rodger! Rodger, are you there?"

"Randy, I want you to come over to the apartment right now. Do you know how to get here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm about a block away. I can be there in about ten minutes," she answered.

"Okay, hurry." he hung up the phone and answered everyone's unspoken question. "That's my sister."

I try to be good, but I take after my mother

{gen: Semi-Serious}{Gend: Female}{Genre: Everything}

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