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I don't usually write poetry anymore. Wrote this when I ended it with my boyfriend and he was really pissing me off. It's just about how someone can change admiration, tenderness and affection into isolation, bitterness and resentment so easily.

The faintest greys

Something that takes black upon white
Is filled with anger, envy and spite
The kind of metropolis built only from mind
Will crush,
Will prevail;
Lest it confide
The world we find, seen only when covering our eyes;
When the man has the womb;
The worm has the peck
And the king is the joker of the deck.

The same thing is taking white upon black;
Forming only from an adjacent frame,
Only the one that mirrors which reflects
The words speaking actions we cannot blame
I found this world upon my arms:
My skin, my flesh
Violet Wisdom
Orange Strength
The lines all grey; not red,
Then the raven pecked and the joker:

If I shall be in your pack
I shall be the Queen,
You: seven,
Where you’re neither black nor white.

{Gend: Male}{gen: Semi-Serious}

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