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Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

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I am Gachi Gachi, I'm a lover who's to scared to fight for his love. I run at the slightest hint of danger because I don't want to be in a conflict.

I admire King Arthur... He and the land were one. He could feel what the land felt and he weilded a sword born of a mystical dragon that lived in the earth. I admire him because he was kind and loved by his subjects. He treated the knights under him with equality. He even forgave his best friend Lancelot and his wife Guinevere. I don't think I spelled her name right.

I try to help my friends as much as possible but I help them so much that I don't realize how far behind I am. When I need help, most of my friends aren't there.

Hmmm... Time to Role Play... I am not Gachi Gachi... Right now I'm Rain Mizuki, Terry Larson, Raizen Mizuki, or any other of my characters... As those characters... I'm free... Or at least I think I am...

I'm random, most of the things I say don't make sense... I'm alright with it, I don't need you to understand me at first, it give me time to plan some kind of escape.

I blame Guinevere for the fall or Camelot and the death Arthur. She wasn't faithful and neither was Lancelot... Arthur has a better heart then most men. Uther was even worst, a peace that took years to form was destroyed in a day because Uther wanted to sleep with some guy's wife... The only good that came of it was the birth of Arthur. Mordrid... Son of Arthur and Morgana... Morgana the evil sorceress... Sister to Arthur... Want to know how that happened? Morgana took the form of Guinevere... Enough said...

Arthur killed Mordrid then died from the fatal blow that Mordrid dealt to him. Excaliber was thrown into the sea by Percivel. All of that could've been fixed... Or not...

Merlin is best friend worth having.

I'm random...

Music is my life, I listen to rock. I was listening to Queen earlier. Can you fine me somebody to love... Such a good song... Right now I'm listening to the Rolling Stones. Classics. I love a lot of forms of rock.

Ran out of space..

(The greatest signature ever..){loc: Rain Mizuki and Terry Larson}{gen: OnelinerPlus}{Gend: Male}{Genre: Everything}

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