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It's hard for your RP partner to write anything good from your post if you don't include some details therefore making the role play go down the toilet and eventually being flushed. Give your charrie some characteristics! And when I say that I don't mean saying that she/he is the best looking thing around town. I want to know why that character of yours is gorgeous or nerdy or out of place or whatever! Tell me about the hair they have, the eyes they look through, the way they look at somebody or something, or even the way they smell, just anything that could be used to visualize that person you have created. Another thing is good is to describe how the person has said something. For example...
Christina glared at Elizabeth,"Why don't you just get out of my sight." she spitted out between her teeth, at her once good friend.
See? That totally made you instantly see that Christina was furious at Elizabeth for something so bad that she wasn't even her friend anymore. Let's try another one this time without anybody, just the weather.
The air was dry and down right cold with a wickedly strong wind that whipped through everything in sight.
Even with that sentence you got the impression that it was winter, or at least very close to it.

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