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Yeah me either - tries to glare at sit-up right now I've been alternating between a tiny heart and the ball, but every one I have is pretty small. I'm not honestly sure why I got it lol but I wouldn't put anything big on my face and the rings are definitely over my size limit

Lol you're very brave. I'm terrified to cut my own hair, especially since it barely grows lol. I had a bang accident once too tho, I put some kind of cream in my hair then tried to curl my bang and my hair came right off with the curling iron.

Really good points -nods- Definitely

Scripted because there's actually a story to it that, more times than not, makes sense. Plus reality shows are scripted too lol they just lie to us about it.

Starwars or Startrek

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The ring can only be pulled off in a small size on the eyebrow. I think so, anyways. -laugh- But the tiny heart sounds so cute!

-gasp- IT DID NOT!!! It came right off from the roots?! How did that happen?! Over the years I have gotten really attached to my hair. Everyone tells me I shouldn't cut it, but it's gotten to the point where I can accidentally sit on my hair, pulling it from my scalp. xD But I would only cut the last few inches off.

SO TRUE! I think a lot of reality shows are completely scripted.. Like that Simmons show. That's pretty scripted. i can't believe most of their episodes are real.

I have never watched Star Wars in my whole entire life..but I love the parodies. xD

Cowboys or Aliens?

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Latté or cappuccino ?

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