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First of all we would like to welcome you to Charries and Canons and hope that you join with us soon instead of being just a guest. However, since you are now our guest instead of member you are allowed to chat with anyone that comes around to this forum since it is open to everyone, not just guests. Feel free to introduce yourself and we'll be happy to introduce ourselves as well!


1. Keep things in the PG-13 range...or at least not hard core R. Meaning you cannot show us pictures of body parts that we really don't want to see. If you do you will not only be deleted..but made fun of (which trust me is much worse). Remember only 2 swear words are censored here f and s, and since you are a guest there will be no exceptions.

2. Do not spam. No one likes spammers. At least TRY to make whatever your saying interesting anyways..and different.

3. No slamming anyone on the site. If you do that you will get slammed back. BE FOREWARN IDIOT!

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