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I've had this in the works for ages, now! And finally the time has come.

On May 29th-June 4 we will have an event called the Pillage Party Week! The objective is to pillage one of your friends' charries and play them. You will only be allowed (with the creator's consent) for the duration of the party. After that, you have to give your booty back. The creator of the charrie you just pillaged will be judging you on how well you play him/her and therefore will take delight in scoring your performance from 1-10 (1=horrid 10=just like me). You will only be allowed to play them in this forum, but you can use whatever format you like (1st person, 2nd, 3rd, letter, lurk, etc.) and you can play them as often as you like during this week. HOWEVER! The creator won't be the only one judging you. Did you honestly think it would be that simple? Au contraire, you will be put through a series of surprise challenges that will change everyday of that week. On June 5th we'll tally up the results, and find out who the winner is. The winner will receive the glory with their name plastered at the top of the site, along with any CAC threads they might want to advertise, and whatever they might like to say for everyone to see (as long as it does not violate CAC rules).


What? : Party

Called? : Pillage Party Week

Why? : Because pirates pillage and.. so... yay?

Where?: Here, silly! The Pillage Party Week forum (which will be made on May 28th 11:59:59 pm EST)

What's this do? : Play other people's charries

Nice, but.. : No.

But! : NO!

Mean : I know.

Prize?: Yep.

Good one? : Pretty good.


Any questions or comments can be asked here and will be answered here!

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Posts: 21414
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 Posted May 28th, 2011 10:15 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Okay it starts tomorrow, and I will be playing Caithlin from Raven and Jon from Turtle. They are my judges!
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