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The ballroom was set. The crystal chandeliers shined with the fresh cleaning earlier that day. In the background music was heard with cellos, violins, and piano. Classic. Across from the entrance arches were stairs, and walking down them was Caithlin. Her golden hair was pinned up, just a few strands hanging down against her neck. The white dress she wore was simple with only a few decorative pieces. It was her mother's choice to attend this, and in fact she wasn't looking forward to it. This was what normal people did, was it? She sighed, clutching at her handbag as her lips pressed. Her eyes were slightly downcast. She hated being here, surrounded by all those who judged her behind her back for being strange and all for something that she herself couldn't control.

"Don't you have anything stronger!? Out of my way or I'll impale you!" growled a familiar voice. Cathilin, to her chagrin, looked up to see her date, Jon, holding a knife to a waiter's chest. Sighing, she felt the perfect time to unlatch her handbag, drawing out some of the few pills she had successfully smuggled out from home. With one large gulp, they were safely down, but she was sure those little pretties would soon be joined by others of their kind.

Gently, she coughed, seeing the scared waiter take his chances in running away from the enraged boy. "COWARD! COULDN"T FIGHT LIKE A MAN! Pathetic..." he spit in the direction of his escape, before slowly turning to look at Caithlin. His grimace turned into an unsettled smile. The girl sighed silently in response. "You look.. different," he complimented awkwardly, before breathing out a short laugh.

"What's funny?" she asked in a slightly demanding voice, but most of her didn't care, as she stepped down to floor level. She really just wanted to go home.

"Should there be a reason?!" he questioned, before looking away. "Let's go," he went on, "they need someone to shake things up, bunch of pansy bastards." He lit a cigarette before walking in, making Caithlin nose wrinkle at the smell, but followed in, looking above the arches to see the banner that hung.

Welcome to your second challenge! The test of romance.

Tch. Caithlin glared at it for a moment. Romance. Uhg.

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