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1st Entry. Sept. 1

It appears to already be my sixth year at Hogwarts, but at this very moment I am neither in class nor on the train. Instead, I am with my mother as we near the platform. I look at her face as a reminder to never get old, like her. She tries to cover up her wrinkles that creep against the side of her eyes with various potions, and, by some glorious miracle, they do their charm. Luckily, for her, she shares the same hair color that I have so it can hide her graying strands. I reach for my own locks, pushing them up so my curls maintain their volume. I'm sure in her day she was quite pretty, and I know daddy often tells her the same daily. I sigh tiredly from examining her and continue to walk behind our highest-ranking servant. He, himself, is too old for me to be concerned with, and especially at his lower-than-human status. Honestly, I prefer our house-elves, which is pathetic, but true. At least when you tell them to get you something, they don't wonder aloud whether you truly need it or not. It's so annoying that these squibs think they might have more to say than their minds allow them to think! Well, no matter, we're here. It's time part our ways until Christmas.

"I'll look forward to your letters, Christina," she tells me the moment we stop. I watch as her face doesn't smile like 'normal' mothers do, but gives me an agreeable look; the best she can give.

With more finesse than that of my mother, I offer a smile of fake appreciation for her fake concern. "Sure," I answer blandly. "I'll try. You know I'll have so much on my mind this year with school," I lied. I went to Hogwarts to keep up the appearance of the family, and for the male company, certainly not for grades. I was given looks, and the means to seduce whomever I wished, not a useless brain to sit all day in the library with and die a virgin. But since money buys most everything, I had taken a page from one of my friend's and paid for my education. In my boredom, sometimes I would wonder how the poor and unfortunate made due with classes.

"Yes, well," my mother breathed out for a long pause, "behave. Here's some money. I'll send more when I get a letter." She then handed me a small, but hefty purse, which I took without hesitation.

"Thanks," I continued to hold my smile, before taking my luggage from the underling, disappearing behind the brick wall.

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2nd Entry. Sept. 1

I climb aboard the Hogwarts Express. Already I can feel the eyes on me, and I feed off of it. How could anybody stand to be basically invisible? To be deprived of such a feeling that makes your body buzz, it's a crime. For the occasion, I'm exceptionally pleased with myself that I chose to wear one of my little dresses. The silver sequins shimmer as if it's made of water, dancing beneath the sun, and since my pride lies not only with myself but also with my Slytherin house, my dark-green heels finish the short steps up into the train. I move to the side to straighten my dress, noticing that behind me emerges Arthur Garrot. He's obviously not the best looking boy, but he's worth a small taste as he glances over at me before turning away, his cheeks pinker than usual. I blink slowly as my vision turns downward with a sneering smile barely visible to the public. It's a thrill for me also to play with their minds so easily, to tantalize them on what they could never touch. That is simply my forte, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Chrissy!" my best friend's voice calls to me as I watch her come closer.

"Candy, darling," I hug her before we begin to walk to find a compartment to talk in. "How was summer for you?"

"We went to the Galapagos Islands. It was interesting. The creatures there are extraordinary."

"How very dull," I thought. "Wonderful!" I exclaimed, brushing back my hair. I stopped at a compartment, that I particularly wanted, yet there was a slight population problem. I slid open the door before leaning casually against the moulding. There were two fourth year boys in my space, and I wanted it back, but instead of being mad, I simply smiled softly. "I'm sorry, I thought this was empty.." I sighed.

"Oh! Hey, we could.. share, right?" his pitiful voice broke in several places.

"Well.." I bit my lip, rubbing the top of my foot against the back of my leg, before tilting my head back to look at Candice. She had known me for so long, that I didn't even have to make any other motion for her to sigh knowingly. Regardless, I looked back at those boys, letting my foot slowly slink back down before nodding my head. "Okay.. I suppose we could stay for a little while," I agreed as I made myself in, sitting next to the one that had spoken, and letting Candice take the seat adjacent to the other one. Running a hand through my hair, I crossed my legs, letting my eyes stay on his for a moment. "Would you mind if you got us some drinks and Cornish Pasties? We just passed by the trolly, but-"

"Sure," he interrupted me without another thought into his tiny, little skull, jumping up as though with urgency. His friend looked at him, and then to Candy's tilting face, before quickly moving like his friend. "We'll be right back! Which way was it last?"

"That's so sweet.. I think it was in the back of the train," I told them, conveniently the place that was at the farthest end.

"Okay. We'll be right back!" he repeated. We watched as they went away on their mission, closing the door behind them, I laughed at their stupidity.

"Too easy. Much much too easy," I breathed between laughs.

Candy's face shook side to side, rolling her eyes, perhaps in response to the whole situation, not just at those gullible boys. "I don't know how you do it," she sighed.

"It takes practice.." I told her humbly, leaning back against the seat, closing my eyes gently. "They should be gone for at least an hour. I don't even know if that hippogriff has started making the rounds."

"Probably not," she agreed. "So, have you heard about the school's newest teacher?"

"No," I opened my eyes slightly, but not enough to show extreme interest.

"Well, he used to be a model in Witch Weekly," she informed easily, a bit smugly.

My lips parted into a tiny smirk. She had my full attention now. "Really... Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Charms, actually."

"Even better. That last hairball refused to take my money last year. I would've failed miserably if it hadn't been for you."

She nodded, but smiled. "I think I have the article still." She went through her bag, and not too long after, pulled out the Daily Prophet and handed it to me.

Instantly, I looked at the picture, his gleaming smile of perfection. Those eyes, so clear and sharp, but comfortable and warm. The tousled black hair flowing down just beyond his neck. It was easy to believe that he had been a model. "And he's only twenty-five," I cooed. "He's wonderful.. and I'll be able to save the money. I think I could find more enjoyable ways of bribing." I snickered at the thought.

"You could also study," Candice suggested playfully.

"I could," I admitted, "but where's the fun in that?"

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3rd Entry Sept. 1st.

Dearest admirers,
The train jerked to a stop. My mind was abuzz with the latest news Candy had bestowed on to me. I had stared at his picture for a few minutes longer than just the glance I gave to him before. My eyes traced the lines of his masculine jaw, and the curve of his smile against his sun-kissed skin. Every year I set a standard for myself, and he was it. I was excelling at reaching my goals, too. He, however, would be simply too much entertainment. My mind shifted on strategy instead of the prize. Charms, she said? I suppose I would have to learn a few facts, brush up on the spells and...well, whatever. I just needed enough to start a conversation, which would turn into something closer to my subject of choice. I probably wouldn't even need poor Candy over there for that part, although it was quite convenient to have her around in these times of need, and reading was such a dull task. No matter, I would give this one a bit more effort than previous ones. After all, he would be quite the jewel in my crown.

Already changed into my Slytherin robes, I take little notice at the dark window to my left side. Candice, on the other hand, has spotted something that I failed to see. "Oh, wow," she murmured, staring at the window. I look at her with my right eyebrow raised. What was she babbling about? I tilt my head back, and instantly catch what she's gazing at. "Gabriel Brooks. That's him. That's the professor."

"It's going to take some time calling him a professor..." I commented. "I didn't expect to meet him so soon." I smirked, turning away to grab my things.

"Me neither," she agreed, shrugging before following suit, taking hold of her trunk. She followed me out of the compartment. "Why do you think he's out there? Shouldn't he be getting ready for the feast?"

"Honestly," I sighed, "that brain of yours.. can't it shut up for a moment?"

I turned around to smile at her. Soft, sweet, understanding, and, most importantly, forgiving. She looked back with her own expression: a slightly puckered lip, but one that eased out into a mutual understanding. Every so often, I did have to put her down a little, but it was for her own good. I had won, and she had learned her place once more. However, this is our relationship of friendship, no matter what you see it as, and this insignificant moment has already passed on.

Together, we walk down the stairs to the platform. With Candice close behind me, Professor Gabriel stands at the other end. The light from the lantern above him shines down, illuminating those gorgeous black locks. I clicked my tongue against the roof of my mouth, even hearing Candy's sigh of approval in the background as we walked on closer. Every step revealed another detail of just how wonderful he really was. Pictures of him didn't do him any justice at all, even if they were splendid to stare at.

"Are you going to talk to him?" I heard Candy's whisper, the tightness of nervousness in her voice.

"No, I'm going to write him a letter and throw it at him, of course I am," I snapped. How stupid she sounded right now. It disgusted me some times that she didn't know anything about the opposite sex.

"Maybe you should wait," her cowardice was showing.

I gently stopped and spun around. My curls of platinum coloring rolled down my cheek, resting easily on my shoulders. My hands placed themselves firmly on her shoulders. If she was going to act like a first year, I would treat her like one. "It'll be fine," I promised overly assuring. The smile I produced for her was fake, but sincere on the outside. We had known each other for years. Maybe she knew the frustration I withheld from my lips, or had just grown accustomed to believing in it. Either way, it was a way to get her off my back. "I'll meet up with you at the feast. It's just a chat. Nothing else for now."

She stared back at me, and then finally nodded her head. "Fine, then," she voiced with a sigh, before carefully pulling my hands away from her, yet held on to one of them with a tight squeeze. I was actually puzzled by it as I looked over at our hands, but then as I looked back at her face I smiled and nodded back.

"Save me a spot or I'll curse you to only have gingers in your life," I threatened with a smile, as I let go to cross my arms.

She rolled her eyes with a laugh. "That's never stopped you before."

My smile turned for a fraction of a second before I was able to reclaim it, knowing exactly what she was talking about. "He's more blond, and you know it." I raised my chin, turning my head away from her to make sure my professor was still waiting. I looked back to her just to see her giggle under her breath before saying her good-byes. We were finally separated. I picked up my luggage and began to walk closer again. So close, I could smell the cologne on him. It wasn't overpowering, lulling me into a hazy escape from the rest of the world.

I was only another twenty steps away from him, until I saw a girl in front of me go over to him. I kept walking, but slower now, watching my competition from narrow slits. What was this witch doing there? He was mine! My teeth began to grit. They hugged as if they had known one another for ages, and then finally walked off together to the castle. My fingers formed tight fists as I saw no point in delaying my arrival to the feast anymore. I couldn't believe this. The reception he gave to such a dull and ugly girl. If only I knew exactly who it was. Definitely not a Slytherin; I would have known her if she was; and she wasn't even that tall to grab anyone's attention. What could possibly make her so special? My mood was ruined, and what a good manner I had been in until then. Only my plots for revenge made me able to form the slightest smile.

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4th Entry Sept. 1st.

Mongrels Darlings,
My mood is still very sour since the last entry. As I already explained, that unknown girl, that girl of no particular interest, that VERY girl that SOMEHOW grabbed the attention of my beloved Gabriel, is still swarming around him. I was so disgusted that I couldn't stand to look at them for very long, and took a shorter path to the school. With her around, his cuteness decreases incredibly. What a wreck she is. Why would he ever even notice her when he could have the best in his arms? My eyes roll without control at the way things have turned out to be. My moments of happiness have been dashed, and I'm forced to get only the regular attention of the boys; however, even there drooling stares don't satisfy me the way they once did. i never thought I would be actively seeking out for Candice to appear, but I accurately assumed she was already inside, waiting for the feast to begin. Instead of being in the presence of my dearest subordinate, then, which in itself was irksome, I went in the direction of the carriages.

"Ah, Ms. Belle!" exclaimed Professor Jacobi, as I made my way underneath the arching trees. He was an ordinary man. Not really in shape, but not round either. His eyes were his best feature, as they usually were bright and extraordinarily silver, one of my favorite colors. "We were worrying about your whereabouts," he explained as I stood in front of him.

I put on my best apologetic face, pushing aside my unnaturally bad humor. "Sorry. There was a very rude boy that kept following me, and he wouldn't let me go."

He chuckled, understanding my false pain. "Very well. Please, get in. This is the last carriage, so you're lucky."

Lucky, what a joke. I was the most unlucky person on the face of the earth right now. Blast that stupid, little girl. I'll be sure to end her miserable life here. At the thoughts, I gave a smile, until my eyes looked up to see who I would be sharing my carriage with.

"Chrissy. How pleasant," his Irish voice sounded, making me scowl at his ridiculous smirk.

I stepped back down from the carriage quickly and stared at Professor Jacobi, unable to hide my unpleasantness. "There must be another carriage, professor. Surely, one that isn't so full, anyways."

"Full?" he repeated, before craning his neck back to see only one person inside.

"Yes, full," I retorted, my arms crossing furiously, "his ego is enough to fill this entire country! It's a miracle that I have enough room to breathe. I will pay anything to get him out of that carriage!"

"Ms. Belle, please just take your seat." That was all he said, before he turned away from me. ME! I was left there fuming, boring holes into the back of his neck as my teeth gritted.

"Well, are you going to come in or am I going to have to grab you? I don't mind either way."

Painfully slow, I turned around to see him grinning at me, before leaning forward with his eyebrows raised. Well, I wasn't going to walk in this filthy dirt. My lips pursed, weighing the options I knew I didn't have, before I climbed into the carriage, his hand outstretched to help me was completely ignored. Now, I guess it would be as good a time as any to introduce him. With strawberry blond hair, sometimes mistaken for red, and, admittedly, beautiful blue eyes, he was the tallest boy at Hogwarts, and the most known. His name is Sean McKinley, and has been helpful and a pain to me ever since we were children, but mostly a pain. Fortunately for him, he is nice to look at, otherwise I would have gotten rid of him ages ago. Regardless, I still kept my arms crossed as I slammed my back against the carriage, before looking over at him sharply.

"Well!" I started, waiting for him to make another statement.

He turned his head in my direction with his usual lazy sense. "What?"

"Don't you have anything else to say?"

His eyes stayed on mine for a moment longer before looking me over, then leaned his shoulder against the back of the carriage. "Am I supposed to notice something different about you?" he asked, before gently taking my chin in between his fingers. "You look the same to me, except you seem more pissy than usual."

I grabbed his hand away from me, and crossed my legs. "I am never pissy, you idiot."

He laughed, knowing he had gotten to me. "Sorry. I meant delicate. The two are so close, you know."

"Hmph," I breathed, looking away from him.

Sean gave me another chuckle, but one that was at least milder than the last one. "Come on, what's wrong?"

"It's none of your business," I snapped, before I felt one of his fingers brush one of my curls behind my ear, which I immediately slapped. In the background I heard another hidden laugh in the back of his throat. "Fine!" I yelled, turning to face him, "if you really want to know, I was going to talk to my gorgeous, new professor when all of a sudden I saw this hideous girl hug him, and then to top it off, they walked off together. It was the must disgusting thing I had ever seen; felt like I was going to be sick."

"That is...hilarious, actually," he responded, before breaking out into another fit of chuckles.

"See? I knew you wouldn't understand my hardship."

"I can't believe you're going after a professor, but since you are, why not have a roll with Arlington? I could entertain myself with a piece of blackmail."

My eyes rolled and I sighed. "You obviously don't know who I'm talking about. If you did, even you would feel sorry for me," I pouted. "Professor Gabriel Brock. Does that ring any bells to you?"

"Wasn't his name Brooks?"

"Same difference," I waved him off, and then looked up at the moon with a soft sigh. "He would do nicely, I think."

I knew Sean's lips were spread in a smirk, even if my eyes weren't on him. "Well, I know you'll have fun with your newest project. I know I will with mine. Maybe we should make a contest of it?"

I spun around to look at him over my shoulder, then looked forward. I did feel a tinge of jealousy towards his adventures, but just a tinge. "That suits me fine. What are you wagering?"

"Money is always nice, but I think we both have plenty of that, and taking that from you..well, I can think of better things I'd like." He drew out a long breath before we caught each other's eyes. Despite his flaws, his smile could make most girls swoon. Even I couldn't help but smile slightly... that was until he finished, of course. "Becoming the quidditch team's mascot would satisfy me."

"You. are. unbelievable," I told him, whacking his shoulder before pouting furiously once more, making him choke with laughter until we came to a stop in front of the school.

"So, we don't have a deal?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

My eyes swayed over to him beneath my heavy eyelashes. "You're already a snake. I might as well let the whole school see it once I've won."

He grinned. "We'll see," he said as he stepped out, once again holding out his hand for me to join him with the outside world. I sighed heavily, before taking it.

"This'll be the last time you touch me, so enjoy it," I warned with a smirked.

"Always," he teased. "May the best man win."

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