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C&C's The Word is in search of the best RPer we can find. In our competition game, our participants will be judged on various factors that RPing allows us to express. 4 RP coaches will pick 4 of these players each for a total of only 16 to enter in the second stage of The Word. From there on, the competition heats up its challenges to leave only ONE with the eternal glory of being crowned C&C's The Word!

First, we begin with the Blind Auditions, which are being held currently!
We then go on to Battle Rounds after a little optional training from your coach, where you will be paired off with one of your fellow team members.
Then we finish it off with our final stage, which is a surprise.
The winner is revealed at the end and receives their prize package with the winning title of The Word!

For now, since we're just at the beginning, let's focus on the Blind Auditions.

The Blind Auditions are here so the coaches can select who will be on their team. Each coach will be allowed 4 members to be on their team, and afterwards they will begin training. Just for a quick reminder, our coaches are...

Cee Lo Huggies...played by Huggies
Christina Frazz...played by Frazz
Adam LeGhost...played by Ghostie
Blake Corners...played by Corners

((You may read their bios here: ))

All four of them have tons of experience in the world of RPing and writing in general. They know a good RPer when they see one, even if their eyes are closed, and that is exactly what we're trying to accomplish here. As contestants audition with their best starter, the coaches will have no idea who the writer is, as their name will be only a number. Only later, after the contestant's audition period is over, will we find out the author.

Rules For Blind Auditions

*You must be a guest when auditioning, in addition to having your display name a unique number. After the coaches have spoken towards your audition, you may reveal your identity with your CAC username (we don't actually expect you to share personal information with us. We just want to know if you are male/female, a name we can call you by, the basics.) If you are not a member of CAC, please join up! It's free, e-mail is not required, and we are a brilliant site... come on. xD ((link to that, for extra convenience-> ))

*Posting Your Audition
If you're afraid you might somehow forget about The Word competition, don't hesitate to RSVP via facebook! :
or follow us on tumblr!
When the correct time period comes around, you're ready with your audition, and wanting to post, click on the banner near the top that says 'Enter Your Audition/click here' or the 'Post A Topic' button!

You may name your audition anything you wish, as long as it's not offensive or reveals your true identity. The audition itself should be your best starter! This RP post has to be amazing and show you what you have to offer as the best RPer out there! The coaches WANT to press their buttons for you, so make them!
Once you've filled out all the areas, hit submit. That's it! You're done!
Be sure to keep an eye on it for a day or so to see if you've been picked by the coaches!

* If more than 1 coach presses their button for you, you have the choice to go with whomever you choose. Since each coach can only have 4 people on their team, they will be picky. Please, do not be discouraged in the slightest if it happens that the coaches do not choose you. This is all for fun and to push everyone to be a better RPer. Just because one of them does not choose you does NOT mean you are not a good RPer! We still welcome you to CAC and would be delighted if you became a part of our community. Besides, we might do this again sometime, and you can come back and teach us a thing or two!

*There is NO length requirement for your audition. There is a timeless RP saying that states "quality over quantity." Any RPer is welcome to join as long as they write. You can play in 1st person, 2nd, 3rd, whatever you feel comfortable in, just as long as you try your best.

*As you audition, the people playing the coaches will actually be in character. Feel free to do the same! With that said, however, we will not tolerate OOC abusive language that is disrespectful of ANYONE, which not only includes the judges but other contestants, as well. If such an event occurs, you will be disqualified from the competition and face possible banning from our site. Months of prep went into making this event, and nothing will aggravate me more than this rule being broken.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here! We wish you the best of luck!
~The Bosses

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