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Background Info: Jason Thatcher is a maximum security patient at Belvedere Institution. His clinical diagnosis is unknown other than Psychopath. Jason's surname is famous, as his father was once a famous serial killer. He was sent to Belvedere when his mother found him huddled over the body of Kerry, a girl in his class, drawing her. His obsession with drawing her and her denial lead to her death.
He and Lukas (another psychopathic maximum security patient) had been friends for as long as they have known each other in this institution. Both of them took on the task of torturing and killing, Eva, a Christian psychopath who claims to kill people for God. She carried a crucifix on her person which he took during the kill.
Jason had been medicated with anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, but was then put, after this kill, on Lithium. This drug had specifically negative side effects on him, resulting in a suicide attempt.

Jason looked down at the metal, shining cross that turned in his fingers, time and time again, over and over again. He could glare at it for as long as he pleased, but he was in this bathroom, standing in front of one of the four sinks, with a blade in the form of a crucifix in his fingers. He knew it would be a good idea to keep this.

He wondered, vaguely, if by doing this with her cross, he might be helping her rid the world of all the vermin like the young Crusader claimed. It didn’t bother him, mostly because he was drugged beyond comprehensible recognition with Lithium, but also because, why should he care if he were dead? Everyone lived their life for them, not for others, and he was no exception.

But here he stood, morose and lifeless, only contemplating how hard he would need to press down to get his blood flowing the right way. No one would find him if he hid under the sink or in a stall, at least not in time to save him. He smiled at the thought of it being Lukas to find him, to see the boy actually hurt from someone’s death.

Jason’s fingers grazed over the blade, not even a flicker in his eyes when it pricked his skin. He had much worse to come. He looked up from the cross and to the mirror, eyelids folded half way over his eyes, a lifelessness about them and a hopelessness about how his head rested on his shoulders and how they slouched, tired of carrying his head around any longer.

He would be disgusted, in fact, inside of him, he was. How could he have come to this? How could this pathetic act of selfishness take over him so far as to actually do it? He couldn’t understand what had become of him, but it was as if nothing was enough any longer. He was dead inside, so why not be the same outside? His life was pointless and only money to other people, money wasted.

His mind flashed to his father. Had he felt this way so young? Was he going to end up like him? A mass murderer, escaped from prison, then escaped from a mental hospital, then dead?

Jason shook his head, hands suddenly resting on the sink for support with his eye scrunched closed. It wouldn’t happen… this was the end. He looked back up at himself, standing straight so his shoulders no longer slouched. He was ready.

His tongue ran over his lips slowly as the crucifix was pressed against his wrist, and rather hard. It already hurt, but he could bear this pain if it meant never having to bear pain again. With this, he drug the blade across his wrist, pressing down hard as to cut deeply. He, now, wanted to see his own bone.
Jason suddenly hissed, dropping to his knees. The cut was so deep and it stung so horribly. The pain and the end brought tears to his eyes as he glared at the new cut, one so deep that the pain was soon gone and only blood spilled out, dumping out just like he wanted. He couldn’t see the bone, not yet, but this second cut could do that.

With less strength than before he moved the blade to a new spot on his arm, just below it and closer against his vein. He pressed down, but there wasn’t enough strength, so as he drug the second line down his wrist, it bled, draining him further, but still not enough for him. There was no bone. Unfortunately, he couldn’t control it.

He fell back, underneath the sink with the cross dropping from his fingers. His white pants, required to wear, were soaked red on one leg as well as the shirt on the same side. He was losing blood quicker than he had thought he would, but the quicker, the better.
Blake The Corners

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-shakes head-
I so hate to do this
Man Why???
This is a great starter and as much as I wish I could have hit my button
I've made my four claims
I wish you good luck with who ever you end up with
They are getting a great writer.
Adam LeGhostie

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-rolls head back against the back of his chair-
-grin hinting at the lips-
-smacks button-
I really like the darker kinds of stuff, so this fits me pretty dang well. Also, I'm really loving the background story. I'm such a sucker for those, and I find it a good twist that the suicide attempt is with a cross.
So, good job, man!
I hope to see you on the purple team!

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-throws hands up-
Cee Lo ran out of time on this one....I have decided.
-grins while moving forward-
And Christina has her

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Woo! Thanks very much for taking an interest.
Adam LeGhostie

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No need to say thanks!
-pats back-
Good luck man!
Carson will add you to the team board, and I'll see you in the purple team forum! I need to set up some stuff for you guys. Carson should also come around to interview you, so...good luck.

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