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After the countless days that have passed by and the struggles that he has gone through, the time had finally come to retrieve that which will put an end to the darkness that had arisen from the underworld. The group wasn't sure what lied past the door in front of them, but they knew that they had prepared for this day and overcame their struggles together. They all faced each other and nodded, without a word the three of them stepped in.

What an interesting room, thought Deumion as he looked around. He quickly noticed that the door behind him had disappeared and that the others were also gone. His facial expression showed that he was not surprised or bothered by what was going on. He then faced forward once more, realizing that an unfamiliar presence was in the room with him. "Hiding yourself with magic wont surprise me" he said while just facing straight ahead. A dark cloud began to appear and spin around forming itself into a human form, it then revealed its true self.

In an instant, Deumion began to bring his thoughts together to try and think how they got separated and he concluded that it must have been that person's magic. "I have no time to waste with you right now, I'm here to retrieve something important" he said as he began to walk past the dark figure. As Deumion passed by the person he noticed it vanished quickly and reappeared with hits arm around his neck.

"Is it this you're looking for?" the dark figure said as it revealed a white shining orb on its palm. Another Deumion then appeared in front of the dark figure as the one around its neck melted away until it was nothing more. "Where did you put the others?" Deumion demanded the other respond to his question. I was able to sense a stunt like that beforehand, but what if the others aren't able to be quick on their feet, or worse, what if they're facing something much difficult, Deumion began to think to himself for a while.

"Don't worry about them, I'm the strongest of the three, that is why I was given you as a target, to get rid of you and retrieve the white magic" the dark figure explained as its form began to change again. "Allow me to show you exactly why "I" was chosen to kill you" it said to Deumion as it grew larger. Deumion took a few steps back to avoid any quick attacks that this monster might unleash. I have to stop it before it gets bad, Deumion thought to himself as he raised his staff. A light began to generate in front of him and he swung his arms around and then the opposite direction in a circular motion.

The light in front of Deumion began to do the same as he covered the darkness and encased it inside a white shining sphere. It stood afloat and the white magic orb slipped out and stood on the ground. It should've just taken its form from the beginning to actually be a match, Deumion said to himself as he reached out to grab the white magic. A sudden cracking sound came from the sphere and Deumion's eyes widened. Suddenly the room turned dark and a hand reached out from Deumion's throwing him across the room.

"Please, that would have never worked on me no matter how concentrated you were on that spell" the evil creature confirmed. Its voice was loud and came from all directions echoing, Deumion was lost and couldn't see a thing in the dark room, nor could he identify where the voice was coming from. The monster then went for another attack stomping its foot on Deumion's chest. The floor under him cracked a little and then the monster brought its foot back up.

Deumion quickly raised his hand and a bright light launched towards the creature, for a second its face was revealed, purple skin, large fangs and dark black eyes with no pupils. What is that?, Deumion asked himself as he began to run wherever he could. Not given enough time to even make it a couple of feet away, the monster grabbed him and began to squeeze his hands to try and crush Deumion. "You know, some people like torturing their enemy, but I like getting straight to the point and kill them" the monster explained. Suddenly when Deumion began to lose hope and believed his friends were going to suffer the same fate, the sound of something crumbling came from nearby.

The monster's grip loosened as it lost its focus and faced towards where the sound came from, it quieted down and then a louder noise arose along with a quick light coming from one direction and hitting the monster. It let go of Deumion and took a few steps back. "They couldn't have lost" the monster said referring to its partners. A wind then appeared and it seemed that the darkness began to fade, it was actually dark clouds that were formed by the creature to have an advantage. The room now a bit clearer, Deumion was able to identify the source of the sudden interruption. It was his friends, Zack and Ade.

Ade had attacked the monster with one of her powerful spells which forms a bow and shoot arrows with power equal to a holy spell. Zack then must have used a wind spell to remove the disadvantage from the area. The monster was clearly visible now and it roared in anger and spread its wings. The monster was actually too large for the room, which would explain why it needed to have an advantage. "I'll kill all of you, just me by myself, all your lives will be mine" the monster said as it swung its arms releasing three dark orbs. The orbs came towards each one of them and couldn't be destroyed, the minute it made contact with them they were trapped inside. "Let's head somewhere better for me to unleash everything I have" the monster said as it flew through the ceiling until it was able to make it outside.

It stood flying and brought the three orbs with it, he then let the orbs disintegrate and let the three mages free. Deumion, Zack, and Ade got into a battle stance quickly as they saw the monster above them, now fully visible, a dragon like creature with large wings and a trail of strange liquid flowing from the back of its neck down its tail. "This is where you all die" the monster said as it let out a loud roar. The three began forming a spell of their own and prepared for a challenge like no other.
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*Smacks button*
Mysterious figures, evil creatures, spells.........
This has me written all over it.
Cee Lo approves!

Adopt one today!

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Omg thank you !!!!!!!!! lol thanks to one certain character who isn't known by many "sobs" Deumion for the win.
Blake The Corners

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Very good
I must say you put a lot into this starter and your work has paid off.
I will however have to pass on this for two reason
First I can't make anymore claims
and second I can't help feeling that Cee Lo is the best coach for you
Man, Cee Lo you got a great team member with this one
Good luck
Adam LeGhostie

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Congrats! Since the other three coaches, including me, have our teams filled, Cee Lo is your man!
Carson will put up your name on the team member board.
Good luck in the competition.

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Christina still needs to have her say
Why you in such a hurry to give everyone else team members while I sit with just one lonely member
Man, you're hurting my feelings.
I thought you would be better to me than that.
Adam LeGhostie

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-leans back in chair, rolling his head up-
-frowns sympathetically-
Christina has her team, man.. come on!
Why are you against Cee Lo, now? Why man.. what do you have against Cee Lo getting someone?
-doleful eyes-

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I have nothing again Cee Lo
I just feel that everyone should have their say
Now, what do you have against Christina?
Why can't she have her say?
What is your problem with Christina having a say?
Do you think she is not good enough to have a say?
I can keep going if you want to play that?
Adam LeGhostie

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 Posted June 18th, 2012 12:27 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
No, man! I think Christina's great. You know that!
What do you have against me?
What did I do?
I love you, man, and it hurts me that you're just not feeling my love right now. So.. How dare you say my behavior is unacceptable?
-head bops to his own song-

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