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Robbie Addict

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You Are A Car

You're the type of person who likes to do things your way. You're a little stubborn.

You're very expressive and a true individual. You don't like to compromise.

You are a very private person. You value your alone time.

While you may seem self centered to some, you are actually very cooperative when you need to be.

"Can't forgive sorry to say
You don't know you're guilty anyway
Isn't it funny how we don't speak
The language of love"
-Misunderstood- Robbie Williams
Lady T

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You Are A Train

You are a true romantic. You have big dreams about how life should be.

You take life at a slow and steady pace. You try to appreciate every moment you have.

You are a very visual person. You are always on the lookout for beauty and inspiration.

You are able to relax and let go more than most people.

When one door closes, another opens.


Posted 10-06-2009 20:17 IP
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You Are Bicycling

You are an energetic, driven person. You try to live a good life.

You are industrious and determined. You happily and willingly do hard work.

You are deeply philosophical. You are concerned with doing things the best way.

You love freedom to explore and experiment. You don't like rules.

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