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Your Animal is the Goose

You are are a resourceful person who needs a lot of stability in life.
You rather save for a rainy day, even if it means on missing out on fun impulses.

When you feel secure, you are incredibly creative and artistic. You are also very witty.
You like to invest in yourself and for the future. You like to always be learning and gaining skills.

What's Your Celtic Animal?

"Can't forgive sorry to say
You don't know you're guilty anyway
Isn't it funny how we don't speak
The language of love"
-Misunderstood- Robbie Williams

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I am a cat. Seemingly I am a thorough, patient and persistent person!

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Your Animal is the Owl

You are brilliant, but you keep your insights to yourself. You tend to be a recluse.

Others are captivated and enchanted by you, but you hardly even notice. You have a powerful presence.

You are passionate and strident. After a while your personality can be a bit overwhelming.

You are quite misunderstood. You are more emotional and mystical than people realizes.

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