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Apprentice opener attracts 6.4m

The opening show of the latest series of The Apprentice, starring tycoon Sir Alan Sugar, attracted 6.4 million viewers, overnight figures show.
The figure was more than double that achieved by Channel 4's Grand Designs Revisited, which was watched by 3.1m.

The BBC One show's opening episode saw the two teams of budding business moguls given two van-loads of fresh fish to shift by the end of the day.

ITV1 talent show drama Rock Rivals attracted 2.2 million viewers.

The Apprentice, which pits 16 contestants against each other as they try to win a contract working with Sir Alan, has gone from strength to strength since the first series began on BBC Two in 2005.

It moved to BBC One last year.

"We're delighted series four of The Apprentice and You're Fired have kicked off with such a strong start, this year promises viewers more twists and turns than ever before," said a BBC spokeswoman.

The opening show is the best performing to date - series three launched with an audience of 4.5 million last year.

The Apprentice: You're Fired, which aired on BBC Two after the main show, had 2.6 million viewers.

The first candidate to be evicted this year was Nicholas De Lacy Brown, who is training to be a barrister.

He described his exit as a mixture of "disappointment and relief", adding that he and Sir Alan were like "chalk and cheese".

He said he wanted to be remembered "as the stylish one who wore sunglasses and a Saville Row three piece suit".

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Entrepreneur Raef Bjayou claims he was fired from The Apprentice because he was not a "gritty" enough character for Sir Alan Sugar.

The 27-year-old was told he was full of hot air before being booted out of the boardroom and off the programme.

His team Renaissance lost this week's task, which was to make a TV advert to market a new brand of tissues.

Raef Bjayou said: "I think he's looking for a slightly rougher and more jagged character [than me]."

But Raef wasn't too upset with Sir Alan Sugar remarks.

He said: "There has to be an element of drama.

"Maybe he struggled to come up with a suitable derogatory remark. It was probably the best thing to say at the time, it's not necessarily 'cos it's 100% true."


Raef made the crucial mistake of not showing the tissue box in his team's commercial and hiring weathergirl Sian Lloyd to star in it when the task had nothing to do with the weather
They also called their product I Love My Tissues, which didn't go down well with Sir Alan Sugar.

Entrepreneur Raef admitted they may have looked a bit stupid at times.

"We're under extreme pressure, it takes people in the profession years to do what we've done and we did it in two days and occasionally we come across as not the most business-like people but that is more to do with the edit," he said.

Boardroom Battle

When it came to the crunch in front of Sir Alan, fellow contestant Michael Sophocles looked after number one

He claimed he was the only one who came up with all the good parts of the task.

Raef wasn't pleased: "That was Michael's Judas moment... not that I'm calling myself Christ.

"Michael had a different agenda, I always said if I win this, I was going to do this with honesty."

No Regrets

Looking back on the series Raef told Newsbeat he's not embarrassed by anything he said or did on the show.

"I'm a very tongue-in-cheek guy. At first people didn't know me but by week two people realised I don't actually take myself that seriously."

However he does wish he'd rephrased his now famous quote "I get on with prince and pauper" and instead said he gets on with people from all walks of life.

Raef was one of the favourites to win and said he's had a great reaction from people since he's been out.

Lee to Win

"I had to starve for a day because I couldn't (get out to) buy groceries from my supermarket. It's been very humbling with people saying you should've won."

He's now backing 30-year-old Lee McQueen to win.

"I think he has got enthusiasm and a buoyancy that's very important," he said.

"He's just a guy who's willing to learn and willing to try. He's not worried to throw mud against the wall and hope some of it will stick."

As for Raef he's going back to his own business but says he's happy to explore any offers that come his way.

Accrington Stanley who are they....

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