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We need your help. The CCMA has scheduled a meeting for next Wednesday at the Santa Margarita Community Center (Sept. 7) at 6:30 to review a Pozo Trails Plan/Assessment prepared by Trails Unlimited. Jason Stinchfield from Trails Unlimited will present the plan and we are looking for input and discussion.

This is a very important meeting covering a very unique opportunity to improve our trails at Pozo. Trails Unlimited spent several days last spring reviewing the Pozo trail network. Some CCMA members were involved in this process. The Trails Plan assesses our current system and makes suggestions for rerouting and other improvements. There is even the possibility of the plan incorporating suggestions for expansion. You may like and dislike different concepts in this plan, but regardless, it is important to hear about it and discuss it.

Trails Unlimited is affiliated with the Forest Service, but it is a separate enterprise organization that specializes in trail construction and maintenance. Jason Stinchfield is a Trails Unlimited employee that works on trail systems throughout the country, but he is a native of Paso Robles, a motorcycle rider and someone with a strong interest in Pozo. You will be impressed with his knowledge and is interest in Pozo.

Try to attend if you can. It will be a very interesting presentation.

The event starts at 6:30. There will be a short dinner (free) and the presentation should start around 7:00 or earlier. Some of us will be there a little early so if you want to get an early start feel free.

For questions call Dennis Law at 805.801.8829

Thank you.

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