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Good luck to everyone racing the finale this weekend, have fun and be safe!!!
I fully planned on round 5 being my first race back after breaking my leg,but strained some muscles playing with my kids and set myself back a few weeks.I just want to thank the entire USDR crews and racers for a great series and will be ready to go in 2012...

I can't thank AS Racing enough for all the support and fantastic motor and suspension work that is second to none! The entire Team is the greatest group of friends and racers ever! Couldn't do it without you...

P.S.Dave/Erek I am donating my entry to USDR...I sent you PM,s

Thank You...Greg "Slick" Johnston

Greg Johnston
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 Posted November 10th, 2011 11:11 PM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
Dang Greg that is a bummer but atleast you were hanging out with your kids. See you over thanksgiving.
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U.S.D.R. MESSAGE BOARD :: U.S.D.R. Race Series :: U.S.D.R. Race talk :: Thank you USDR C'ya in 2012...
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