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I am proud tonight of all our USDR brothers and sisters.

In the face of a great tragedy, everybody came together as one, no dissention, no BS. As one family, tight.

Our leaders were fantastic, The Kudlas, Bangerts, Lutges and all were inspiring. Jay Young's words were comforting when we needed them.

The finishing of the race for Todd was awesome.

Sitting in the pits, I can't tell you the emotion that was felt seeing all the riders on the mountain top like a crown, followed by the solemn single file line down. It was powerful.

I know Todd would have been proud.

Godspeed Todd


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 Posted May 29th, 2012 04:57 AM   IP           Reply with quote Edit Post Delete post
We Truly our a family, I also am very humbled by the entire events of the day. I know that I will never be the same.

All of us at TTR are praying for Todd's Family and our USDR family for peace and healing during this very difficult time.

At our worst moment, Our race family showed its best attribute, fellowship. I hope some way we are able to reach out to Todd's family and show them the support that we showed each other on Sunday.

I also am Proud of everyone of you racers and truly love being part of this family.


Jay Young, Team True Racing 5Q

"Do you not know that life is a race?...Therefore race in such a way as to Win!"

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