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What is NovoCode?

NovoCode is a substitute for html code. Designed to make posting images, make text bold, url linking etc easier. The formula looks like this [code]something[/code]. Below is a list of different codes you can use:

URL Hyperlinking

Links are automatically linked, but you can also use these codes:


To use a name for the link instead of of just displaying the URL use this code:

[url=http://s3.excoboard.com]My Site[/url]

Bold, Underline and Italics

Using the following codes [b] , [/b] , [u] , [/u] or [i] , [/i]  you can make your text bold, underlined and italic

[b]Mary[/b],[u]had a[/u]  [i]little lamb[/i]

Adding Images

To include an image in your post use the following code:


Quoting Other Messages

To quote another message, just cut and paste the text and enclose it as shown below.

[quote]What did I do?[/quote]

In the example above, the NovoCode Code automatically indents the text you reference.

Youtube tag

To include a Youtube video in your post use the [youtube] tag. If the video you want to show has the url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65PiKsNhCsc copy the last part after ?v= and paste into the tag.


Spoiler tag

Spoiler Tag is a tag for including spoilers in threads. It will hide the text within the [spoiler] tag until you click the button to show the spoiler.

[spoiler]hidden text goes here[/spoiler]

Code tag

If html is turned on and you want to display html code, the code tag comes in handy.

[code]html code in here[/code]

Bullets/Lists Bulleted list:

[*] First bulleted line.
[*] Second bulleted line.


  • First bulleted line.
  • Second bulleted line.

Email Links

Use the email tag to make email addresses clickable.
[email][email protected][/email]

Incorrect NovoCode Usage:

[url] www.excoboard.com [/url] - You must not put a space between the code and text.

[img]http://host.com/image.jpg[img] - remember to include a forward slash in the end brackets[/img].