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November 5th, 2008 11:04 PM

1) : Making of one :
It's important that you don't over do your charrie, well you could really..there's nothing actually stopping you.. BUT! Take it from me that if you make your charrie too strong or too gorgeous it messes with the plot. Have your creation have some flaw or something interesting about them. Now I must say if you make it so that the charrie is gorgeous but is mentally unstable, that's a good one! But whatever you do make sure that that charrie makes an impression on YOU, because if it doesn' won't make any effect on anybody else.
Physical Description is also another biggie. It gets confusing if you don't tell your RP partner what your charrie looks like. Having a picture/signature is good but if you don't have one just write out what they look like, I use this template for the whole character :
Name :
Age :
Eye color :
Hair color :
Hair Type :
History :
Personality :
Anything else :

Of course you can alter that any way you want, it's just an example.

Finding the right name for your OC is sometimes really tough. I suggest you go to a baby naming site such as, it works. Most of the sites you will go to will tell you the origin of the name and what it means. Surnames are harder but I find the best way to deal with that is just to make one up. Like if your character is French get a simple word and translate it into French with google language tools. You could just look around and pick something that could fit, but you can go overboard with naming one of them Mr. Stovetop isn't doing anybody any good. If you still have trouble just stop by the Character Developement forum and we'll help you out, we'll even try to find you a PB (Played By) person if you need one.

2) : Playing one :
Stay within your character's persona. I've dropped the ball on this a couple of times and it's such a pain to fix it. You have to remember that you're no longer you when you are in your character's name, you are that charrie and you should think like them when you're roleplaying, not like you. If your 'Billy' is a rotten person and sees somebody in need of a hug, Billy wouldn't go over to them, at best he would just walk away, so don't let him! Unless of course you're making it so he's turning a new leaf, but you better have a good reason for that. Sometimes it's a good idea to go back to what you originally made your charries out to be and double check on their history (if you made one up for them). This goes to anybody playing a canon too. Reread some of the scenes in the book(s) they were in to refresh your brain about how they would react to different situations, or maybe even the way they would talk, what words they would use and whatnot...or you could just google them I'm sure something would come up.
Alot of the times the first time you use them they're a little shakey, perhaps you should start out by putting them in a Letter style RP to develope them until your liking so you can put them to a true test. A Letter style RP is just like writing a letter. Like this..
Dear so and so,
Hope you feel better.
Love ya always,
Then you would reply in the same style. I'm sure the posts would be better than that though, I would hope so because you would get nowhere if they were like that.