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Day 41, Monday, July 9: Nominations & “Housemates”

Nomination days are always a little slow and quiet. Things don’t really liven up until BB announces that housemates will perform an Australian soap opera called “Housemates.” I think Chanelle would have done well today just to get out of bed and walk around; in fact, she goofs around a lot with her costume and gets into the spirit of the silly soap opera.

A new day
In the Diary Room, the male housemate explains to BB that the split is a “mutual decision” and Chanelle will feel thankful about it in a few days.:mad:

To get her day started, Chanelle puts on a brave face and stakes herself out in the garden to soak up some sun in her orange bikini.

Day 41 H/L, part 1:


Chanelle nominates Charley and Nicky. She's completely bought the ZL/Gerry propaganda that Nicky was the evil architect of Chanelle being up for eviction last week. She's nothing of the kind! In fact, she's never even nominated Chanelle, and shows great sympathy for her situation.

Day 41 H/L, part 2:


Day 41 H/L, part 3 (Part 3 is completely skippable. Chanelle is only glimpsed for a second. I only include it because of the good news about nominations. This week, Chanelle gets a single nomination, and that is from Charley. ;) )


Patronising mind games in the bathroom
Strangely, after telling his housemates and BB that the split is definitely final, the male housemate tells Chanelle that the breakup is a “bit of a time out” because they weren’t appreciating each other. :mad: (It’s important to keep Chanelle onside.) He also says they can still do some things even if they’re not together. Chanelle responds by moving to the opposite end of the big green sofa in the bathroom. Endemol cuts all the sketchy stuff from the H/L version of this conversation.
Live feed :

BB gathers the HMs to announce the Aussie soap task. Chanelle’s costume for “Mrs. Dunny” is disfiguring in a hilarious way. It reminds me of the handicaps worn to neutralise the looks of attractive people in the Kurt Vonnegut short story “Harrison Bergeron” ( Chanelle really has fun with the costume and the part.
Live feed:


The HMs perform “Housemates,” an Aussie soap opera. This C4 version shows a bit more of Chanelle performing her part, which is a minor one. However, it’s only necessary viewing for obsessives like me!
C4 video:
Part 1:
Part 2


The two nominated for the Fake Eviction are Charley and Nicky. It would have been demoralising for Chanelle to have been put up for eviction again on top of everything else, but in a way it would have been brilliant for BB to show her clips of certain two-faced housemates talking behind her back, and then send her back into the house armed with the truth. Just another what if!

Day 41 H/L, parts 4 and 5:
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Tuesday, Day 42, July 10: Brian’s Birthday Party

Chanelle and the other housemates wake up and sing “Happy Birthday” to Brian. ZL sits down on Chanelle’s double bed and she cannot get back in without going near him. She keeps a wide berth today.

Pauline asks all the housemates to come out to the garden and participate in an Australian spirit ritual. Chanelle’s spirit guide is a three-tailed monkey fish.
Pauline: It’s very rare. It’s a very special thing.
Live feed:


Day 42 H/L, part 1:

Day 42 H/L, part 2:


Chanelle spends time in the garden chatting to Pauline. When Thaila Zucchi gets out of the house, she states in an interview that she found Chanelle to be a nice person and Charley to be unbearable.

BB announces the Kylie Task: The housemates must perform their own version of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” Charley insists that she play Kylie because she had to be Dingo the Dog in the Aussie Soap "Housemates." Chanelle doesn't mind being a background figure in the task any more than she minded being an obese old woman in the Australian soap opera.


Day 42 H/L, part 3:


BB announces that the housemates nominated for eviction this week are Nicky and Charley. (Unfortunately, the eviction will be fake.) Chanelle is happy that she isn’t nominated: Now she knows that not everyone in the house “hates” her. She also has confirmation that some of the other HMs see what she sees in Charley. On the other hand, Charley is beside herself and can’t figure out who could possibly have nominated her besides Chanelle and Gerry.

19.30 approx.
Summit in the garden
Chanelle has been thinking and wants to get some answers from ZL. They go out in the garden. On his part, ZL seems to be smoothing the way for some renewal of physical access without the commitment or responsibility of an actual relationship.

WHATMer voice from the past celtic star:
Riiiiight he can do what he wants with who he wants.
He wants to be one of the boys.
He tells her to trust "Aunty Carole " who he knows nominated Chanelle.
Tells her to make more effort with Charley who cruelly disses her at every chance, whilst openly flirting with Charley under her nose.
But not to trust Nicky who has never nominated, hurt or dissed Channelle...
...he needs to stop playing with this girl's head.
We both know he's doing her no favours...

22.00 approx.
BB locks the HMs in the BR while BB sets up podiums so the HMs can rank themselves from Least Fake to Most Fake. Chanelle and Pauline chat.

Charley licks her wounds in the locked bedroom, explaining to Nicky within earshot of ALL the housemates:"Chanelle’s going to p*ss me off becauses she’s not up. Ugly cow! Sorry, I think she’s an ugly b*tch. I think she’s a *****ing plain jane to the house..." The rant goes on for some time.

Chanelle’s friend Brian, at the last moment, puts Pauline on the podium for the Most Fake housemate.
The HMs have passed their Shopping Task by deciding that Pauline was the fakest HM.

BB calls Pauline to the DR, and then announces the HMs have won their luxury shopping budget by guessing that Pauline was the fakest housemate. BB tells the housemates the Pauline was an actress working for BB, and that Laura was NOT sent to the Australian BB house. Charley immediately guesses that Laura’s in another house.She just won’t accept that Laura was evicted fair and square! :mad:
Pics (Chanelle realises she survived a real eviction after all!):

C4 video:

Day 42 H/L, part 4:


23.45 Day 43
Brian emerges from the DR carrying a hamper of alcohol. Brian’s won a birthday party by not telling his housemates that Pauline was a fake! First, Carole serves up a dinner of overcooked mincey muck. Then the HMs get dressed for the party.

Charley carefully copies Chanelle’s eviction outfit (white shirt plus brown belt), and then spitefully uses up all the gas in the hair straighteners.

Brian’s party is one of my favourite nights of BB8. I can’t believe there is no live feed from this night! That’s criminal! If anybody knows how to access the live feed, I would be most grateful for a copy of it (July 11, Day 43, from midnight until 06.00).

Chanelle’s in a great mood for the party because:

- It’s her friend Brian’s twenteenth!

- She finally knows she won the eviction contest over Laura fair and square!

- She knows she has not been nominated this week, so obviously not everyone “hates” her. She’s been so upset at the thought of being disliked by the entire house, and now she knows it’s not true.

- Charley has finally been nominated for eviction, so Chanelle is aware that at least some HMs definitely want Charley OUT. As far as Chanelle knows, she might see the back of Charley in about 34 hours!

- She is civil to ZL, but does not fall for any of his cr*p when he tries to draw her back in. Instead, she has a brilliant time with her friends!

- Almost everyone is friendly to Chanelle because it’s obvious she won the eviction (i.e., she’s popular on the outside ).

- She wears her original “Washing Powder Advert” eviction outfit. I can’t remember her wearing it on any other occasion, except for trying it on when she was up for eviction last week. She looks lovely in it, albeit sunburned.

- She dances to the party music and has a wonderful night!

A great time was had by all! (One last appeal: If anyone knows how to access the live feed but doesn’t want to bother downloading it themselves, please PM instructions to me because the more I think about it, the more I’d like to see the party again.)

Day 42 H/L, part 5:
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Wednesday, Day 43, July 11: Punishments for a Fake Crime

BB accuses three unnamed housemates of committing a (fake) crime at 01.48 this morning. Nobody comes forward to confess to the imaginary crime, so BB announces plans to punish all the HMs in alphabetical order, starting at once.
C4 video:

The first group to be punished has to put kernels of corn back on corn cobs with tweezers and superglue. Chanelle finds the silver lining in the situation: With Carole locked away in the vestibule, she seizes the opportunity to make beans on toast for everyone who wants some, safe from the beady eyes of the Kitchen Police.

Day 43 H/L, part 1:


BB locks housemates out of the house so they are in the garden when an airplane flies over the house towing a fake message that says “There is Another House.” Next BB orders them all to the caravan, where the cameras can capture the housemates speculating about the fake message.
C4 videos:

Day 43 H/L, part 2:


Chanelle, Charley, and Gerry are called to the vestibule to measure a piece of string.

Day 43 H/L, part 3:


ZL is pushing Chanelle to swap beds with him. He wants the double for himself. She clearly says that she does not want to give up her bed. He says "I’m a big guy, if you haven’t seen." Her reaction is not captured by the cameras, but it must have been interesting because he gives her an offended look. The idea that the single is too small for him is absurd, considering that two people slept there for weeks. She does not back down. Good girl, Chanelle.
Live feed:

To continue the fake week pranks, BB orders the housemates to pack their suitcases and bring them to the storeroom.

Housemates in the garden hear chants and "Get Charley OUT' over the fence.

BB says that all housemates may collect their suitcases from the storeroom except Charley and Nicky. Chanelle nips over to the storeroom sharpish so she can unpack her case into the double bed and avert any dispossession by her former bedmate. It was Chanelle and Emily's bed when the show began, so she is back in her bed, where she belongs. The single is ZL's: Lesley claimed it as her own on Day 1, then bequeathed it to Carole when she walked. It was Carole who gave it to her golden boy. He can keep it!
C4 video:

Having finished unpacking, Chanelle and Liam sing a bit of an English spiritual, "Give Me Oil for My Lamp." Sam looks completely baffled by the song, as if she's never heard it before.

Day 43 H/L, part 4:


00.30 Day 44
ZL has a chat with Amanda and Tracey about his breakup with Chanelle. He seems to be quite willing to discuss his relationship with anyone except Chanelle. He says he’s glad they’re apart now.

01.57 - 04.08 Day 44
Late into the night, ZL is still harassing Chanelle about giving him the double bed. You can’t tell from the highlight show, but he got in her bed when she was in the out of the room. Before that, he joked with Liam and Tracey about what he might get out of Chanelle tonight by putting himself in her bed. When Chanelle tells him she doen’t want him there (twice), he refuses to get out. He spends a long time trying to make Chanelle say she’ll give him the double bed. He tells her "I do miss what we had you know, I really do," which is a direct contradiction of what he told Tracey and Amanda earlier. He gets in the single and then comes back to the double. Then he talks about how good Chanelle's voice is, and how she should come to his studio. Chanelle says no to that, no to everything else, and definitely NO to giving him the bed. (There's a great deal huffing and puffing and irritated hand gestures, to no avail.)

Day 43 H/L, part 5:

There were many insightful comments in the relevant WHATM thread about what ZL was trying to do in Chanelle’s bed. The general consensus was disgust; IMO it's important to read the comments to get the whole picture about what happened that night.

WHATMer voice from the past SnaggIepuss:
I watched part of Zigelle last night.
The most interesting part was the very beginning.
Z and C lying in bed.
Z "Well, the one thing I have learned in here is that you have an amazing voice, Chanelle"
C "No I don't, I hate it"
Z"When we get outta here could we do the studio thing, together please"< he works in music industry does he not>
C "No, I wanna do it on my own"
Z "But I would have to be there to get you in and that"
C "No, I meant alone, like at home, in my room n that"

Remind me again, who wants the double act deals..hehehe

WHATMer voice from the past ChoccyCarole:
The reason Ziggy was in the double bed with Chanelle
between 4-45am and 5-15am
is because he is there putting pressure on her~AGAIN
to get her to swap beds with him
he tried at least twice yesterday
and the night before in the Bathrooom
~ and he is trying it again [ GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ]
wanting her to give up the double bed so that he can have it
he was using every trick in the book ~ but she said she did not want to
he then started kissing her ~ and saying that he still cares for her very very much and she should trust him and work with her on this~ and he will speak to her tomorrow and see that she will agree to change beds

a brief summary of this 30 minute convo he had with in
her double bed is
~~~~ this is just part of the convo in bed this morning
He wants to have the double bed~
and thinks Chanelle should swap beds with him tomorrow
each time Chanelle says
she wants to stay in the double bed and does not want to swap

he is doing that frustrated air blowing and thumping the duvet
[ bristling with concealed temper because she is not complying ~ at his third attempt to PRESSURE HER TO DO WHAT HE WANTS]

also adding that ppl have been talking about how it looks
with her in a double bed and sleeping with Gerry ~
and I don't think you realise===== what ppl are saying ~about it
and he told her that he has respected her and not been in the beds with other girls or playing around with them for the last few days and he want Chanelle to trust and
work with him on this ~plzzzzzzz ~~trust me Chanelle ~
she said I don't understand ~ you have been ignoring me for days ~ and not been friendly with me at all ~
he explained this away by saying
that he has just been giving her space the last few days~
he was then on about how when they leave this house

they can still do all the things together that he said he would with her ~
like going out shopping and go out to places ~ you know
nobody can stop us doing that ~ you know
~ we can still do all that ~
but in here we can't do anything as it is so hard to sustain a relationship
and he does not want ppl telling him what to do and taking the pee
cos he wants to have fun in here

He restorted to trying to snog her a few times ~[ to get his own way ]
but she was not falling for it
and he knew it
she said she did not feel comfortable with this ~trust me trust me on this one~ as he stroked her face and hair ~and looked at her [ like he cared~<<<
he then put the duvet over their heads~ briefly till Chanelle indicated that she did not want him doing whatever it was
he then said Betsy trusts me
Chanelle moved Betsy away and said that is cos she does not have a brain
she only has fluff
Ziggy said ohhh you a smart mouthed one aren't you
She said it does not feel right as they are not a couple and it is not what she wants anymore ~since they have split up ~
so Ziggy came out with
you have to trust me on this one
and then said ====don't think too much
and i will speak to you again tomorrow about this
and you can tell me a different answser ~~~~~OK !!!!!!

she said she doesn't want to be talking about this again as she is happy here and likes the double bed ~~~~~~~~~ [ again ]
as she does not want to be over in the single on her own
with no one to talk to
and he said neither does he

any way
he did all sorts to get her to say the words he wanted ~ even looking into her eyes ~
waiting for her to say
[you can have this bed ~ even though I have told you each time you are putting pressure on me yesterday and now again tonight
~~~~~~~~~~~~~that I really want to stay in this bed ]

where he tried and tried to manipulate her
She even said that
she thinks he is just saying all these nice things to her now
~ because he wants her to do what he wants ~
to let him have the double bed and for her to go and sleep alone in the single bed
[ Ziggy was fuming ]
he said try and not think too much
~ and think how it looks with =you= in bed with ppl each night
and I will get back to you tomorrow about this~~OK

…He is the slyest devious dominating manipulating ~ mind messing ~ waffling control freak of the highest order

WHATMer voice from the past kaz1:
Whether you like Chanelle or not, Ziggy was completely playing with Chanelle's head tonight.

He got into her bed and joked to Liam & Tracey that he might get lucky. When she came to bed she wasn't happy about him being there and I don't blame her. They had a bit of a chat, she tried to push him out of the bed in a jokey way. He wanted to sleep with her tonight and re assess it in the morning.

He upset her with things he said about other people saying that when they were together it made others feel uncomfortable. He asked her what she thought and when she replies he doesn't like what she has to say. She got upset, he then wanted to leave the bed. Quite rightly she said that it wasn't very nice for him to get into her bed, upset her then leave without sorting it out. He wanted to sort it out in the morning.

Basically he is missing Chanelle, missing contact and kising & cuddles etc but doesn't want anything serious. Chanelle feels uncomfortable being kissy & cuddly with him when they are not a couple.

Yet again though it will be edited to look like all Chanelle's fault. They both make mistakes but they don't seem to highlight both for some reason.

kaz1 again:
It all started 'cos Chanelle said whenever she walks in a room he walks out, which is true. Then he started nagging about swapping beds. Carole agreed with Chanelle that he did do that.

He wants the double for himself and was telling Chanelle she was selfish. He was flirting but it's to get the bed.Why he can't go in with boys I don't know, there's only two of them in the four. I think Chanelle will feel isolated in the single at least in the double she has the opportunity to let someone share with her.

He started to upset her as well, going on about people not being comfortable when they were together and regoing over the break up stuff. Then when he's upset her he then decides it's time to go back to the single without resolving things.

She was ok in the end 'cos she joined ziggy, twins, Brian & Liam on the big bed to chat about Nicky and the night's goings on.

WHATMer voice from the past observer:
Right, about what happened between Ziggy and Chanelle last night at bed time:

It all started when Chanelle was getting ready to go to bed, and found Ziggy well planted in her bed. She told him to get out, he flat out refused. She tried to push him out of the bed, but he stayed put while laughing. He pulled her into the bed, while she was still protesting and telling him to get out, he still refused. She still doesn’t want to swap beds, and Ziggy telling her that he will spend the night here and tomorrow they will discuss the bed situation "deal?". She kept her distance away from him making sure she lie down at the side of the bed away from him, but he kept on touching her, stroking her, teasing her, pulling himself to her to kiss her, getting her under the duvet for a grope, but she kept on pushing him away and getting over the duvet, and marking her side of the bed by virtually dividing/slicing up the duvet with her arm. I lost account how many times he kept this going!

This is the man who just earlier told Tracy and Amanda that he doesn't regret dumping Chanelle. So why tempt her and get into her bed? A 'mature' 26 years old (or whatever his real age) should not mess with a 19 years old head/emotions/feelings like that after a break up if he has no intention to get her back!

Next, he went to the kitchen for food, came back in the bedroom but to his single bed, and invited Chanelle to his bed to 'spice' things up. She ignored him. He gave up waiting for her, so what does he do? Go to her bed again!! They talked about various stuff "Talk to me" he told her. When all fails, he tempted her with a musical career! Even Chanelle found the idea ridiculous! He told her he can get her into a studio; she refused and told him it's "so embarrassing". What was he thinking? By bribing her with a musical carrier, she will suck his ar*?

If the roles were reversed and she was doing the chasing, she will be called a bunny boiler. Ziggy behaviour last night was worse! She said good night, and was set to finally to sleep. Then his last attempt was to wind her up by telling people were saying stuff about their relationship. And when she asked who and what they said, he told her "you do NOT NEED to know"!! WTF bring it up in the first place? And he succeed in winding up up when he kept on telling her that he didn't want to talk about it when she was quizzing him about it. She told him how she is feeling about the breakup and the things that upset her regarding Ziggy's behaviour, and he was still in the 'don't want to talk about it' and he wanted to go to his bed. She called him on this 'don't want to talk about it' attitude that he always seems to adopt as soon as he wants to run away from a conversation. Earlier he told her "talk to me", so she reminded him about this, and that now that she wants to really talk he is getting away from her! She is right!! He got into her bed, tease her, didn't let her sleep, finally succeeded in upsetting her and putting her in a state (knowing that she is easy to wind up), and now he wants to get out?!

It seems that Ziggy wants his cake and eat it. He wants Chanelle as an object to play with. He thought she is just a 19 years old and will play her for a fool. I bet that's how he viewed most of his ex.

Chanelle proved to be difficult for him to get as she speaks her mind, and doesn't sweep things under the carpet. It's obvious that she wants a relationship (being a couple) with Ziggy, not just an object. Ziggy wants to be intimate with her without the relationship. He is a control freak!

WHATMer voice from the past Hugsie:
Thanks for this. I am glad others are seeing this. I think Ziggy's biggest slip to date was during the break up when Chanelle raised his getting her to kiss Charley. Initially he tried to brush it off and then when she persisited he showed a flicker of annoyance and acknowledged with a smirk that he did it for fun.

So he used his personal knowledge of her to exert control and make her kiss someone who he knew she would be uncomfortable with, purely for his entertainment.
I think that says a lot about him and how he views Chanelle.

WHATMer voice from the past Donsy90:
Ok back from watching it and Ziggy was so far out of order, its untrue.
With Tracey and Liam egging him on, he was such a macho man.
First he tried the manipulation in trying to get the bed "but you are smaller than me"
Then he went for nastiness "dont be so selfish", obviously conveniently forgetting that it was Chanelle that got him the double bed in the first place, before she really knew him.
Then he resorted to playing with her feelings by flirting, when she realised, she decided it would be a good time to go over the relationship first. He lies and blames the house for their break up, then when she pulls him up on it, he tells the truth, then including the whole house agree. He realises he has upset her and that he has made a mistake, the GBP will see what has happened and tries to make a hasty get away to his own bed but Chanelle isn't buying that. She makes him stay to finish the conversation and then he laughs at her while she is angry to make her deflect the fact that he is a complete ar8e
I watched more but i can't even be bothered to talk about him any more.
I just hope Chanelle doesnt let any of it get to her or give up her bed for him.
The way i feel at the moment, i hope the fake evicted hm does have to nominate alone next week, as i think they will both go for Ziggy and then we can get rid of him and Chanelle can be Chanelle.
Chanelle told her ex: "I just keep thinking, if I got evicted tonight, what would I say to people?"
Ziggy replied: "Don't worry what other people say. Just say we need a bit of time apart and something may happen in the future or it may not. There's nothing stopping us spending time together, going to the cinema and shopping and stuff -when we get out of here."

:sad: :sad: :mad:

Another account from C4 forum (you have to start reading from the bottom):

Okay this again has been copied and pasted from the channel 4 forum that someone posted. Its chiggy related and I haven't typed any of it, so here we go. Oh by the way you have to read from the bottom up

04.08 - Ziggy gives Chanelle a kiss goodnight and heads back to the single bed. He has a quick chat with Bri and Liam, who are in bed, on the way.

04.06 - Ziggy gives Chanelle a kiss on the lips and tells her they will talk more in the morning. Chanelle says: "I just keep thinking, if I got evicted tonight, what would I say to people?" Ziggy replies: "Don't worry what other people say. Just say we need a bit of time apart and something may happen in the future or it may not. There's nothing stopping us spending time together."

04.02 - Ziggy asks Chanelle: "Would you feel more comfortable with me here or in the other bed? " Chanelle replies: "Either. Whichever you want." He says: "This feels right, but I just don't want people to think I'm taking the p*ss and messing you around."

03.59 - Zig is stroking Chanelle's hair and kissing her forehead. What's he playing at?
He knows she still likes him.....

03.54 - Ziggy pulls Chanelle to him and gives her a big cuddle.

03.53 - Chanelle tells Ziggy she is upset because he just treats her like he treats everyone else now that they have split up.

03.49 - Laughably Ziggy tells Chanelle that he tried to stay away from Pauline when she came into the house so he didn't upset her.

Chanelle is crying. Ziggy lifts the duvet to cover both of them up so her can 'comfort' her in private.

03.46 - Chanelle tells her on/off lover: "I don't want to sleep on this Zac, I'll wake up in a bad mood." They are still having a serious talk about their 'relationship'.

03.38 - Ziggy says he is going back to the single bed. Chanelle replies: "Fine, just Eff off then, you upset me and then you just eff off. Grrr you do my nut in." He says: "You do mine in too, gees woman."

He laughs at her and she says: "I'm glad you find this so funny, I'm actually really upset."

She laughs too,within seconds they have cuddled and made up.

03.35 - Ziggy and Chanelle are talking about what happened with their relationship.

03.22 - Ziggy is back in bed with Chanelle. He tells her she should give singing a go as she has a "really great voice". She replies: "I just like singing at home." He's trying every trick in the book this one.

03.15 - Chanelle tells Ziggy that if four new people came into the house she couldn't be bothered getting to know them. He agrees.

03.11 - Ziggy's back in the single bed. Chanelle is in the double on her own.

03.01 - Ziggy is up out of bed after getting nowhere with Chanelle and is chatting to Samanda, Nicky, Liam, Charley and Carole in the lounge.

02.50 - Carole heads to bed and questions why Zig and Chan are sleeping together. Zig replies: "We are just catching up, there's nothing wrong with two people sleeping together is there?"
(zip it carole, nothing to do with you)

02.47 - Ziggy and Chanelle have swapped sides of the bed.

2.42 - Chanelle says to Ziggy: "Seriosuly Zig, you're on my side of the bed." He flirtily replies: "Are you being cheeky?"

02.35 - Chanelle asks Zig who Isaac Newton is. He gives an unconvincing answer so she asks what he will do when he leaves the house. He says: "I'll do what I did before, music, I'll invest in a couple of things. When the band split up I had a big downhill patch. I wasted a few years."

02.29 - Ziggy lifts the covers over his and Chanelle's heads.

02.26 - Zig tells Chanelle: "I do miss what we had you know, I really do."

02.24 - Ziggy says to Chanelle: "Ok, so I'll stay here tonight and we'll reassess tomorrow, ok? I'm playing headmaster now." Obedient Chanelle replies: "Ok headmaster."

02.22 - Ziggy and Chanelle are playfighting in bed as the slick Zig-ster tries to wheedle his way back into her affections.

02.19 - Ziggy tries to put his arm round Chanelle but she's not having any of it.

02.17 - Ziggy is in Chanelle's bed. He says to her: "You say to me that when you walk in a room I walk out so I'm in your bed." She jumps on him tries to move him and then, defeated, gets in beside him, moves his arm and tells him to stay on his side of the bed.

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Day 44, Thurs 12 July: Warmth Not Waste

Last night, Z tried for hours to make Chanelle give him the double bed and/or some action, even though they are not a couple anymore. She tried to talk to him about how his behavior in the house makes her feel, and he hated that. See Day 43 for details.

In the morning, Chanelle and Z make breakfast for housemates. Z calls Chanelle “prudish,” and Liam helpfully says prudish means you’re not putting out. Chanelle rightfully takes offense and says”Oh sorry, just because I won’t sleep with you on national TV, I’m such a prude.” Z throws a big hissy fit and goes out to the smoking area, where he enjoys one of his regular Chanelle slating sessions with Charley.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Chanelle and her friends have an artfully silly conversation about the economy and politics, and joke about the BB Revolution Kids.

Day 44 H/L, part 1:

From the WHATM:
The first comment [that annoyed Z] was about the toast. They had left breakfast for Gerry, Nicky and Charley and Chanelle was putting the toast on their plate, he said not to bother as it was cold. She said they might be cross if they see that they haven't got it and everyone else has. She then said ok but if they ask It was you that said it. He took offense to that.

Someone, either Liam or Z***y said she was prudish and she asked what that meant. Her mum say it means particular, Carole said it meant stuck up, Z**** said it meant picky. He said she was prudish in the way she was. He said she was odd the way she thought about things.

She walked away to the bedroom but didn't look too hufft to me, she was then in there chatting happily to the twins.

He then goes out to the garden and says to Liam that last night (I presume he meant Chanelle) was laying everthing out on a plate. Saying you make me feel like this and you do this. He said he didn't agree and felt like he was being stitched up.


More from the WHATM:
They made cooked brekkie, she did toast for everyone but 3hms weren't there. She was putting it on the missing hm's plates he said not to because it would be cold. She said they may get cross and think we gave others extra. He said they can make some more. She said well you tell them then it's on camera as she doesn't want to get the flak. Something like that. He seems peeved at this. Charley, Nikki & Gerry were the missing hm's.

There was another comment too but we didn't hear it all but Charley was earwigging it. Someone said (Liam or Z****) that Chanelle was prudish. She didn't know what it meant, she said her mum said it meant particular. Carole said it meant stuck up and Z**** said it meant picky and that she was wierd in how she thought.

They then had some words at the sink, he said not on national tv or something and she walked off to the bedroom.

She asked to speak to him when he was with Charley he said in a min but was ages. he told Charley it was out of line. When he eventually goes back to Channelle she immediately appologises he says that's not good enough, she wants to talk so he say in the loo.

She explains what she meant and said she was only jesting, he said she wasn't. She said he says stuff like that. Then they get onto Charley 'cos chan knew they were discussing her and she heard them when she approached Z****. She walks out of toilet to BR. She says are you off back to see your fav girl (charley). He tells her to grow up. She says 'two faced' in an exagerated way.

Not sure what comment he was referring too but it p'd him off & Charley knew about it. He told Chan that a couple of people approached him about.

She's obviously said something but that does not justify him spilling all too Charley of all people.


After breakfast, Z runs off and trashes Chanelle to:
1. Liam
2. Carole
3. Charley (he refers to Chanelle as “the girl”)

I wish the BB producers had shown Chanelle vt of this conversation during the fake eviction rather than Charley’s glancing mention of it. Chanelle would have gotten a much clearer picture of the machinations that were going on behind her back.

“I’m so over it.”
“As a relationship it hasn’t worked out.”
“She’s generally too young for me.”
He also asks Charley out for a drink.

Chanelle sits in the DR puzzling over why one minute Z says he doesn’t want to have anything more to do with Charley, and the next minute he’s having long conversations with Charley about his “relationship” with Chanelle. If only she were a bit more Machiavellian herself, she would understand the game he is playing.

Day 44 H/L, part 2:


In the afternoon, Chanelle is singing by the pool with Brian, Samanda, Gerry, and Charley. They sing two songs by Mario, “You Should Let Me Love You” and “I Don’t Wanna Know.” At least, that’s all the highlights let us hear.

During the singing, the male housemate comes to the DR and tells BB that he’s not going to feel bad about not wanting to be with Chanelle. Sort of evil, then, than he put himself in her in bed last night and refused to leave, even when she tried to shove him out and told him repeatedly she did not want him there. IMO he should feel bad for telling everyone he doesn’t want to be with her and then climbing into her bed at night.

Warmth not Waste Task
BB tells the housemates to customize a duvet and record a song for the fake “Warmth Not Waste” charity event.

Chanelle leads the arrangement of the Warmth Not Waste song and sings solo.
Live feed:

Chanelle bakes with twins. The triplets have a lovely evening together.

Day 44 H/L, part 3:


BB has Chanelle record her fake “Warmth Not Waste” message in Finnish.
What do they speak in Norland? Nonnish?
Live feed:

Disappointingly, Chanelle asks Z to come to her bed and he does. There is a huge negative reaction to these events in the DS:BB forum.

Day 44 H/L, part 4:


01:00 Day 45
Z gets in Chanelle’s bed. He’s all over her again while the other housemates throw water, jelly, and fat at each other. Predictably and nauseatingly, he repeats that he does not want a relationship.

WHATMer voice from the past setsuna:
It sounds to me like Z**** is telling her he thinks they should stay broken up, and trying to convince her that it's mutual. She's saying that he doesn't have to try to convince her it's for the best, if he doesn't want to be together fine, but don't try to put the responsibility on her.

In my personal opinion he's an absolute ass for continuing to get into bed with her, make out with her, etc. if he doesn't want to be together. He knows she wants to be with him, but every time he sees her getting happy on her own and distancing herself from him, he drags her back in. It would be better for her if she'd realize he's not worth the hassle, but I don't think she's going to give up the ghost as long as he keeps coming back to her.


WHATMer voice from the past lcm1984 (in reply to setsuna):
In addition, the part of the brain that deals with emotion isnt fully developed until about 21 years of age, so Z**** is clearly taking emotional advantage of Chanelle and messing with her feelings. I dont think shes completely immature, but emotionally she is vulnerable just like most girls that age (whether they seem it or not) and Z**** should realise that she will end up getting hurt when she sees everything he's been saying. Hes been with so many people I dont think he gets hurt very easily, just moves on, but when a guy tells a girl he loves her and wants to be with her and promises her a future then behind her back says the opposite then thats awful.


WHATMer voice from the past kaz1:
I think she knows where she stands but perhaps is hoping he'll have a change of heart. To me it appeared to be just friendly kissing, although not sure what was going on when they lifted the duvet over their heads.

They had a convo where he was telling her she was now more free to do what she wanted with the twins and have fun. She said she could have fun with them before and added that he didn't have to convince her. If he didn't want what she wanted then that was fine and she wasn't going to try to convinnce him otherwise. Lots of chatting, cuddling and kisses on the cheek, all very amicable. He told her that she was funny and cracked him up, that she was a good person. She said goodnight and he replied goodnight gorgeous.

He went out to the L/R to have something to eat, Gerry & Liam were there, then came back to bed with Chanelle.

No doubt after the fake eviction and the interview it will be fireworks again though.


Day 44 H/L, part 5:
(only included for completeness—most of it concerns the eviction tomorrow)

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Day 45, Friday, 13 July: Charley’s Fake Eviction

OK, I’m just going to summarize this day quickly and get it over with. I just plowed through the WHATM quickly. This is one of the most painful days of BB8.

Today is the day the whole house learns that Charley is the contestant most favored by the BB producers, and Charley herself manages to convince them that she is popular on the outside. Charley is taken out of the house for a Fake Eviction with a silent audience. It’s obvious during her interview with Davina that she knows everything is being seen in the house. It would also seem she’s aware she’ll be going back into the house. As soon as she gets back in, she launches into a campaign to convince everyone she’s loved by the public. She also does her best to convince everyone that Chanelle is hated on the outside. Her charade causes Chanelle great fear and pain.

Today is also the day that ZL gives up any pretence of consideration for Chanelle. Once he convinces himself Chanelle is unpopular, he stops pretending to respect or like her and starts working on Carole, Gerry, Tracey, Brian, and Liam to nominate Chanelle. He needn’t convince Charley—she’ll always nominate Chanelle!

Early a.m.
Carole wakes up and realizes that all kinds of things have gone on during the night without her supervision or say-so. She can tell immediately because the contents of her refrigerator have been disturbed. She singles out Gerry and rages at him for HOURS about the jelly that got spoiled, and other trivialities. It’s hard to say which upsets her more: her loss of control over the food supplies, or her loss of control over ZL, who spent the night in Chanelle’s bed without her permission.

Charley is evicted and walks out to a fake, silent audience. She sees video clips of the housemates nominating her, and the housemates watch Charley viewing the nominations and talking to Davina on the plasma screen. Davina asks Charley if any of the comments are unfair. Charley says Yes! Charley is especially puzzled by Z’s nomination, she tells Davina:

Charley [in the studio with Davina]: Z**** said, “You know what, I really want to meet you for a drink after this” because he didn’t like Chanelle and that [sic] no more…He said “I really want to get to know you.”
Chanelle [in the BBH]: Cheers Zac.
Z [in the BBH]: Get over yourself, seriously.

Charley is asked if she would be less angry if she had another chance as a housemate, and she agrees to go back in. Chanelle is devastated. While they wait for Charley to come back in, Carole stands up and takes a few steps toward Chanelle to watch her face up close. Carole can’t help smiling in glee.

Pics of Chanelle’s face during the fake eviction:

Charley comes back in and tells everyone how much she is loved outside. They all seem to believe her stories. Chanelle is the only one who does not cling to her and welcome her back. Chanelle is not willing to pretend she likes Charley now, but the others are prepared to stick to Charley now they think BB8 has become the Charley Show.

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 1:


From the WHATM:
So if Charley had been stoned when she came out, she'd be going back in going "They loved me, really, they all had gifts of precious minerals which they gave to me as quickly as possible"...


00.41 Day 46
Charley is telling her story again to Liam and Gerry, adding hints that another housemate is unpopular: "no lie I saw signs with get...out, after them cheering me"

00.50 Day 46
Charley says she saw banners and heard chants with bad things about an unnamed person (clearly implying Chanelle).

The twins fly right to Charley’s side and stay there all night. They fall over themselves to tell Charley what Z and Chanelle said to each other after watching Charley tell Davina about Z asking her out for a drink .

Chanelle tells Z she feels humiliated that he asked Charley out for a drink because “he doesn’t like Chanelle anymore.” She gets a contemptuous response, and flees to the Diary Room.

Conversation with Chanelle, Carole, Gerry, and Tracey
The male housemate tells Carole, Gerry, and Tracey that he doesn’t think he can live with Chanelle anymore. He’s started trying to get her nominated already.

Now Ziggy tells Carole he doesn't trust Chanelle. Then he says "Chanelle will find it very difficult to stay after this, and that's her...." The word left hanging was - maybe "her decision" ? He is hoping she will go.

Carole thinks Charley mocking Chanelle was hilarious. Z tells Carole that it was really funny when Charley made fun of Chanelle, imitating her voice and accent.

Ziggy says he is fine with the Charley situation but not with Chanelle. He agrees with Carole that he is driven by with what is between his legs. Carole, Gerry, and Tracey tell him to stay out of Chanelle’s bed if he doesn’t want to be with her. Tracey: "You need to stop kissing her, getting nto bed with her and stop having a physical relationship."

Ziggy says he's trying to stay friends with Chanelle. Tracey says "Well you're friends with me, but you don't keep hopping into my bed". Looks like Ziggy is finally being seen through. Tracey is saying Chanelle is just 19 and it's not surprising she's reacting like she does. Tracey says stop confusing her by keep getting back into her bed. Tracey says to him again "She doesn't know how to handle it, she's nineteen!"

Ziggy now has the nerve to accuse Channelle of walking off and not finishing conversations ... whereas he's always so keen to talk things through, however difficult!

I have no independent confirmation of this, but I live in a house with very expensive and sensitive audio/visual equipment (it’s not my investment!). I was glued to the live feed that night, and was startled at certain points when I heard vivid retching sounds off camera, and heard Z’s voice mutter from a similar distance “I’m in for a world of pain.” That was the one ray of sunshine in my night!

Chanelle is pulled into the toilet for a very long conversation with Z. He insists they turn the microphones off. The unmiked part of the conversation lasts 38 minutes, and we will never hear what was said.. Chanelle leaves the toilet. She’s not buying any of the “really really do care for you” nonsense, or the “I generally am sorry.” He tells her he wasn't interested that Charley was back or not but was more interested in them, as a couple. WTF! Just a short time ago, he told Carole, Gerry, and Tracey that he couldn’t live with “that girl” anymore, and that her “strops” were “doing his nut in.”

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 2:


00.53 Day 46
Charley can’t hold back any longer. She tells Nicky she saw bad things about Chanelle outside but can’t say what they were.

01.14 Day 46
Chanelle undresses in the bedroom and gets ready to bring this awful day to a close. Z has not succeeded in provoking any temper from her despite his best efforts. He goes outside to slate her to the people in the garden, anyway.

Nicky and Tracey come in the bedroom and chat with Chanelle.

01.30 Day 46
Z stands outside smoking with Liam and Brian, telling them all how Chanelle is making life tough for him. Lots of exasperated puffing and blowing as he plays the “beleagured boyfriend.” He’s hoping to line up a couple more nominations for Chanelle. Bastard!
Meanwhile she’s in the bedroom behaving perfectly well and not saying ONE WORD about him to the other girls.

01.45 Day 46
Nicky makes another attempt to tell Chanelle how it is and give her comfort:

Nicky: If you feel like you want to get back together then thats what you have to do, i am not trying to turn you against him, i just dont want you to get hurt thats all, i have been hurt, we've all been there. Liam i felt a bit stupid, cos i was hoping, not any more, but i did. i must have looked like a right forking dick.

Charley comes into the bathroom and changes the subject to her amazing experience. She is careful to get in a dig that Laura’s eviction must have been fake, as well.

02.50 Day 46
Charley confides to her housemates that some of the posters said “Get the Whinger Out.”

03.00 Day 46
Chanelle has had her fill of listening to Charley tell the story of her triumph (five hours and counting) and slips out of the BR.

In the bathroom, Carole and Z are bitching about Chanelle and what she might have said in the Diary Room.

Chan and Gerry talk about the Fake Eviction in the Living Area:

Chanelle: Last week I got cheers, this week there were banners with get Chanelle out...
Gerry : why did you see them?
Chanelle: no but why would she say it?
Gerry: because she doesn't like you!
Chanelle: but I wouldn't say it to her!
Ger: If you believe her ... I feel sorry for you.

Gerry: Charley knows you are popular, maybe more popular than her and she will use everything - you have to use your brain and logic.
Gerry: I heard Laura call Carole a *****ing ugly bitch, which was a horrible thing to do, have you done things like that?
Chanelle: No.
Gerry: Well then, that is why you are still here.

Carole comes over to tell them all how great Charley is, and that Chanelle is overreacting and should take the Fake Eviction in good humour.
Chanelle: Carole, Charley said she saw thing on the banners and said now she knows last weeks audience was fake. So that says to me, she saw mean things about me on them
Gerry: Have you seen the banners?


Originally Posted by celtic star
I wasnt [a Chanelle fan] till about 10 days ago ,
and i noticed BB is well and truly shafting her.
She has to fight off enough enemies within the house without BB turning the screw.

When have BB ever had someone win the popular vote and not let them know they have.
Many people have many trials in there ,but i have never known anyone who needed to know that as much as Chanelle needed to know that this week.

Whilst another who's ego knows no bounds ,get her ego stroked some more .
And a free pass to do as she likes .

I leant more towards Nicky before as she's had a rough deal too from BB.

Seems insignificant now ,after what they've did to Chanelle ,
People saying this will make her more popular with the public.
That might be the case , but what good will that be if she gets removed after having a breakdown.
What people are nt getting is that the hissy fits dont appear because she doesnt get her own way, or she's had an argument .
Its extreme pressure and confusion.
Now that we can add , no friends left in there
We can safely assume there will be lots more tantrums over the next couple of weeks .
I cant see her surviving another eviction.


Charley is talking to Gerry, Chan and Carole. Charley offers Chanelle a very insincere “fresh start.” Chanelle is humiliated into a fake embrace that she knows means nothing.

Charley: Carole knows that I'm quite a straightforward person, that's why she likes me, I say what I mean to people.
Chanelle: [ unintelligible]
Charley: We can have a fresh start or we can be at each others throats, I'm not a b*tch, BB wants me to change and it's my little journey I've been given a second chance.

Charley: I'm willing to put hat all under the carpet and move on, I could have b*tched you off worser (she's not looking at Chanelle when saying this though?)

Carole [to Chanelle]: You have to laugh at this, This is funny

Carole is so happy about today’s events that she’s actually dancing gleefully in the bedroom. She’s overjoyed!

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 3:


WHATMer voice from the pastJuliet Capulet:
Brief update of last night:

Char is telling everyone she's loved, she says banners with 'winner' on them and t-shirts with her picture on

Everyone kissing @rse. Including Liam and Gerry by the looks of it, but we won't know for sure until we see their DR entries probably.

Char letting it be known, without actually saying Chan's name that she heard ' get Channelle out' and saw 'get Channelle out' banners.

Chan has picked up on this and is worried about the reaction she wil get when she gets out.

Zac admitted to being led by 'what's in his p@nts' where Chan is concerned to Carole, Gerry and Tracey.

Zac called Chan wierd and said he no longer cared about her or what she thought, whilst she was in the DR. This was infront of Carole, Gerry and Tracey. Tracey was the only one who said something in Chan's favour.
When Gerry said he hopes Chan doesn't leave, Zac replied 'nor me' with a smirk

Zac trying hard to have everyone nominate Chan without having to the deed himself on Monday

Char was still talking about 'her night' hours later

Apparently, according to Char, last week's eviction was fake She goes on to say that after hearing what she heard and saw what she saw the crowd must have been fake. i.e they can't have liked Chan at all

Zac sl@gged of Chan to Liam and Brian in garden

Zac sl@gged off Chan to Carole in Bathroom

Zac and Chan have a discussion in the toilet. He says he cares and she should trust him, when asked if she believes him when he says sorry, she shakes her head. Go Chan (Remember this is all before bedtime and Zac wants to crawl into the double bed, kick him to the curb Chan )

Zac asks Chan if they can still live together after all this.
She says they have no choice, for the next week at least. When I'm sure she knows she will be nominated and she will. B@$t@rd$.

Charley, basically holding court all night. There was even some b1tch1ng about Chan to the twins. They've let me down tonight, they've virtually abandoned Chan.

Basically Char has it in her head that the whole night was organized around her, she vows to change her ways, she's convinced everyone she's loved and Chan is hated.

She has this weeks nominations sown up. Zac has jumped ship even faster than I thought ( and considering I know longer liked him that's saying something ) and no one will nominate Char ever again . She's there for a while unless they all mess up and everyone's put up for eviction *fingers crossed*

It was basically Charley night, everyone ki$$ed @rse bar Chan and Chan has been stitched up by Char, BB and Zac big time.


WHATMer voice from the past lynwood3
I am now watching a recording of the overnight coverage on E4, and it is making my blood boil.
Ziggy has stabbed Chanelle in the back by running her down to a gloating Carole.
The twins have barely spoken to Chanelle and are in awe of Charley and have spent an hour on Tracey's bed.
Charley has told everybody in front of Chanelle that the boos for Laura were fake and that she has seen banners saying get Chanelle out and that Chanelle is the most hated in the house.
Gerry tried to placate her by telling her it is all lies, but was quickly joined by Carole who told Chanelle that Charley is a lovely girl who has a kind side that every body else can see and that Chanelle should 'get over it'

Will continue watching and can report back if anybody is interested.


WHATMer voice from the past justine10:
Good morning! I suppose it was because I was so incensed by that fiasco last night that I ended up watching till 4 am, during which time I heard Charley spew the most outrageous lies about her Big Night Out and watched the gradual disintegration of any confidence that Chanelle had left.

The sequence may be slightly out, but in summary, Charley indicated that there were chants of 'Get X Out' and encouraged Chanelle to believe it was her; Chanelle became upset when she realised that when HMs had won a vote to keep them in, the others had accepted them as having won but in her case they viewed it as her having lost; Gerry adopted a rational but rather harsh approach to her fears, saying that she should not believe Charley's stories about there having been banners with Chan's face on them since she hadn't seen them herself; Chan asked him why she would say this and he said, ' Because she doesn't like you' - and revealed himself as having seen right through Charley's tactics (Thank God! for he had me worried for a few minutes when he seemed to be swallowing all ber BS!); Ger reminded her that she was a strong person and the way to win was to use logic; Carole joined them and told Chan she should be flattered that Charley had chosen her to imitate as it means she had been watching her closely(!) and thatt it was alll 'funny' anyway - at this point I lost the thread for a while as I was so full of contempt and ire for that creature that I couldn't concentrate!

Meantime, Ziggy had exhausted himself after backstabbing Chan all night and had taken to his bed where he appeared to be focusing very hard in order to hear what Chan, Gerr and Carole were saying in the next room; most disappointingly, the twins sat with Char and Tracey in the BR all night and were regaled with an interminable stream of Charley's increasingly absurd impressions of the outside - all nations had come to see her, the booing was not for her but for Nicky, she had managed to slap some guy for calling her an ugly bitch, everyone said she looked gorgeous although she felt like 'a minger' with her bad hair and all, BB had chosen her for this night because BB loves her - well at least that bit was true!

I think Chan might pack it all in now in order to save her mind as she has been humiliated and feels she can trust no one - even her faith in Gerry faltered because she didn't understand his line of argument. All she needed was a cuddle last night from a genuine friend - and she didn't get one. I felt very sad for her.

At 4.14 or thereabouts, Chan, Brian, Liam and twins were in BR playing a game that involved making other people laugh. I think this was their heavy-handed way of showing her some support. But it was definitely Charley's night.


WHATMer voice from the past geraniums:
Last night Ziggy exposed his true character to several of the HMs. Heck - even his close friend Carole told him if he was serious about not getting involved with Chanelle then he should stay the heck out of her bed. That he was sending mixed messages.

He slagged her off to so many people last night that surely they should be questioning his loyalty and the calibre of person he is. Still wanting Chanelle in his bed but having no respect or loyalty towards her whatsoever.

The moment Charley came back into the house and he thought Chanelle was unpopular - he dropped her yet again. Words fail me to describe the utter contempt I hold this so-called man in.

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Day 46, Saturday, 14 July: BBQ

Early a.m.
Post Fake Eviction, Z’s Diary Room visit reveals that his biggest concern, as always, is how he is being perceived on the outside. See Day 45 for the rest of the late-night goings-on.

BB kindly provides a step aerobics class. Chanelle is amazingly calm and in good spirits.


WHATMer Geraniums:
There is no way on this planet (or any other) that Chanelle is as bad as Ziggy. I haven`t heard Chanelle going around all the other HMs slagging off Ziggy and saying he`s too old for her and she wants to finish with him. I haven`t seen Chanelle urging Ziggy to kiss someone she knew he hated during a game of truth or dare. Haven`t seen her laugh with her mates about Ziggy. Haven`t seen her ignore him (when they were a couple) and continue chatting and flirting with some other guy.

I have seen her do just about everything that the control freak loser has asked her. She stopped chatting to Billi at his command (not request), she stopped talking to Charley and just about all the other HMs because he put the idea in her head that they hated her. He isolated her and toyed with her like a cat toying with a mouse.

Then when she broke up with him, he noticed she was having fun and the other HMs liked her better than him. He tried to reel her in again. Then last night be thought she wasn`t popular and treated her in a totally appalling manner.

The guy is a creep. A jerk. A tosser. A disloyal git. Spineless, two-faced and beneath contempt. Still trying to sleep with her after telling the others the relationship was going nowhere. He thinks with his penis, according to him. That explains the vacant space in his brain and his total lack of decency and humanity towards Chanelle.


Chanelle, Amanda, Sam, and Carole do their laundry. Again, I was impressed with how calmly Chanelle went about her regular business.

Chanelle demonstrates her hilarious grand entrance to nightclubs in Wakefield.
C4 video:

Chanelle, the twins, Brian, Gerry, Carole, and Tracey hear shouts of “Get Charley Out!” over the garden wall, as well as positive shouts for Brian and Tracey. BB orders the housemates back into the house. Chanelle won’t tell Charley about the “Get Charley Out” shouts even though Charley specifically asks who was named in the shouts. Here we see one difference between Chanelle and Charley: Charley lies about nonexistent “Get Chanelle Out” banners and shouts to hurt Chanelle; Chanelle shields Charley, who has caused her so much hurt, from finding out about real “Get Charley Out” shouts over the garden wall!

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 3:


Chanelle tells the housemates that the village where she lives looks like Emmerdale. Brian is amazed! Charley says she’s surprised that a “country girl” could be so trendy. Chanelle talks about where she goes on a night out: some bars for the golden oldies like 50 year olds, some for the teenyboppers, and the normal bars for the “trendies.”

Chanelle seems really happy and animated and Brian is laughing along with her as she tells him she asks her mum to come out clubbing with her. Her mum likes to say “Chanelle you keep me young.”

Gerry makes a lovely Greek salad for the house. Everyone says it’s delicious. Chanelle asks for more, and Carole says no. A moment later, Brian asks for more, and Carole says he can have the last bit that’s left.

In the Diary Room, Chanelle, Brian, and the twins request FOOD! They’re still hungry after Gerry’s gorgeous salad! In the Diary Room, they’re clutching a bowl of dry cereal and munching hungrily where the Kitchen Police can’t see them.

As a reward for the morning Step class, BB rewards the housemates with a BBQ in the garden. Chanelle borrows a white sundress from one of the twins and looks very pretty. Certain housemates continue to listen raptly (or pretend to listen raptly) to Charley’s tall tales about the Fake Eviction (Brian, the twins). Certain other housemates have started making sarcastic comments about what Charley says (Gerry, Liam).
Live feed:



Here’s an illuminating post by the ZAT formerly known as perfect_star2006:
“i will be honest here.
I know ziggy has done wrong.I have said that.He was rude to talk about the relationship to others.Sometimes he treated chanelle like a child.And i think he likes to be in contol.
But no matter what he does.I just cant hate him.I dont no what it is. He will probaly need to do something really really mean like murder for me to dislike him, I cant explain really why i cant hate him.
[emphasis mine]

Alone in the bedroom, Z and Charley have another one of their Chanelle-slating sessions. They discuss Chanelle’s character flaws, her immaturity, and marvel that Chanelle is foolish enough to think that Z wants a relationship with her when he climbs into her bed. Charley speaks as rapidly as possible, trying to drip as much poison about Chanelle as possible during this brief conversation, in the guise of sympathy and advice.

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 4:


Chanelle asks to speak to Z in the toilet. She asks him if they can nominate each other on Monday, without actually saying the words. She says it would be easier if one of them weren’t there. Z takes the opportunity to twist Chanelle’s mind some more. His main objective seems to be physical access without any pesky relationship stuff. As an incentive, he holds up the possibility of a real relationship outside. He calls this being “friends,” but really doesn’t want to define it—that way he can have her when he wants and ignore her when he doesn’t! Chanelle misunderstands and is (as always) far too forgiving and accepting. Cue much anguish and disappointment from the Chanelle supporters on DS:BB.

Live feed (cat and mouse mind games in the Living Area loo):
“We don’t have that thing anymore...”

Z: She’s not saying anything bad about you, that’s the funny thing.[Charley] genuinely doesn’t understand why you dislike her.”

Z: My worry is this is going to go from what it was to an evil, and I don’t want that.
C: Will you not talk to that person [Charley] about me?
Z: I respect that.
Z: I could be something to you in her and you could be something to me in here.
C: Yeah but we were, and you weren’t happy with that. I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that.

C: Would you want to be around someone all the time who dumped you and then tried to make you believe it was mutual?

Z: Let’s really, really try.
[Reeling her back in. Nominations are tomorrow, and he doesn’t want to be put up for eviction, no matter what he says to Chanelle.]

"If we’re not friends we’ve got nothing….If we don’t have each other as friends, then we have nothing really, after this.” He tells her there’s no reason why they can’t do the things they talked about on the outside IF they’re friends during the show.
Z: More lies about his offer to take Charley out for a drink.
C: For [Charley] to be so shocked that you nominated her…[he tries to cut her off]…[Charley said] “Z asked me for a drink because he wasn’t with Chanelle anymore”…so for her to think…

Day 45 & 46 H/L, part 5:


Shortly after midnight, Day 47
The calm after the storm
Z and C left the toilet minutes ago after seeming to make progress toward the “friends with benefits when we’re alone” status that Z is pushing for. It's all very vague and undefined.
Uncharacteristically, Liam and Z are actually listening to Chanelle speak in a calm, respectful way. Desperate to break this up by any means, Carole—lolling on the back of a sofa--opens her legs wide and flashes her favorite boy.
Liam: Carole just got her ladybits out for Z…
Tracey: Wrongage!
Live feed:

Chanelle pairs up with Amanda for a dance/cheer routine, competing against Z and Sam for the housemates’ votes. Chanelle seems relieved that the twins have peeled themselves away from Charley and are still willing to have fun with her.
Live feed:

Chanelle even lets herself get thrown in the pool with the twins and Charley, but only after she removes her dry-clean-only VB jeans!

Later, there’s a big play fight with talc (flour? icing sugar? some kind of powder, anyway), water, egg, and sun lotion. Chanelle abstains from this childishness; she’s been a good sport about babyish cheers and getting thrown in the pool, but getting slimed with egg and other gross things is a step too far. Z complains to Liam that Chanelle doesn’t like to get “down and dirty” like the twins. Z says he tried to get Chanelle involved but she didnt want to. Gee what can you do with such an unsporting housemate except nominate her? Never mind that Z has told Chanelle dozens of times that he does not like to see her acting childish with the twins!

Z: … she doesn't get down and dirty, but the twins want to rumble!

Instant Karma: Z injures his knee when he slips during the moronic play fight.

03.00 Day 47
Using a rubbish code, Z tells Liam about something he found “shocking/disturbing” about something they do. He's telling Liam that Chanelle talked about her and him nominating each other, using the terms Housemate A and Housemate B. There seems no point in this conversation except to lobby Liam to nominate Chanelle tomorrow.

05.30 Day 47
Chanelle has a nice chat in the double bed with Gerry, gets up for a bit, and finally crashes for the night.

Most of the others are up and wandering around. Nominations are due tomorrow.
The good news: Chanelle will only be nominated by one person—Carole.
The bad news: Charley will escape being up for eviction by ONE vote. Z will use his single nomination for Nicky, not Charley, and that’s how Charley survives another week.

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Chanelle Star

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Day 47, Sunday, 15 July: Week Seven Nominations

WHATMer voice from the past celtic star:
Carole can't stand Chanelle ,
but Chanelle doesnt know it

Carole has always seemed indifferent to Chanelle ,
she appeared to have bigger fish to fry.
and even did a bit of sprucing up ,and re stuffing Betsy,
Chanelle was absulutely delighted.

Z**** fed Carole and Jon the line a fortnight ago ,
about not being able to handle her , the stress he was under, lots of cheeks blowing ,head in hands ,
you know the routine
And she's subversedly all guns blazing all guns blazing for Channelle since.
Jon and Carole nominated Channelle that week, both citing their concern for Z**** as the reason
THESE were the votes that caused Channelle to be "up" that week
Z****'s own manipulation
Yet he has been endlessly telling her Nicky cause [sic],
Nicky has never to date nominated Chanelle.

Poor Chanelle seems to trust Carole though,
instructed by Z**** to do so when he told her not to trust Nicky and Tracey .
and even turns to Carole!
only to get told she's too sensitive and over reacts.

Charley is Carole's golden girl ,
but her love for golden boy Z**** is downright scary ,
when Z**** and Chanelle are together I’ve caught her glaring at them from afar .
Did you see her listening at the toilet door when they were in there [yesterday]?


CAT member celtic star, on the subject of Chanelle instigating the long conversation in the bathroom after the BBQ yesterday:
But he's the adult Magpie ,
Doesn’t he keep reminding us she's just "the girl”

A man who says this girl is suffocating him and he just can't live in the same house as her ,
should not even when beckoned,
follow a girl he knows is besotted with him to a toilet for a meeting.
THEN at the awkward silence at the end say
"I miss our hugging and kissing"
"Come here"

Not any responsible adult i know.

Magpie11, in response to celtic star:
Oh absolutely he's a feeble excuse for a man with jelly for a backbone. What makes it even worse was that 10 minutes before she approached him he was bitching about Chanelle to Charley yet again.

The fault lies 100% at his door. Chanelle is young, infatuated and not thinking straight but he's playing her for all it's worth.

Just wish Chanelle could see it.!!


I think BB starts nominations early so the housemates have less time to mull over the Fake Eviction and get suspicious of Charley’s story. By tomorrow, more housemates would have had time to compare notes and question what actually happened to Charley on the outside. With nominations held one day early, many still believe Charley’s story, and those housemates won’t waste a vote on someone they believe is popular with the viewers.

BB On the Couch, Week Seven
How to tell if someone is lying?
Charley lies to herself; on some level, she’s trying to believe her own lies, but deep down she knows what’s really going on.
“Z is actually a very bad liar, really crap,” says the expert, Harry. “When he says things that are strictly positive, usually he’s spinning out a line--very effective for young women.”
Telltale signs of Z lying:
- long pause while he formulates a plausible lie before speaking
- covering-up-the-face gesture after he has spoken

How do housemates cope under pressure? Ego defense machinisms:
Psychotherapist Aaron Balick identifies mechanisms housemates use to cope against the stress of living in the BBH:
- Regression to childish behavior (Gerry, Chanelle)
- Rationalisation distracts you from feeling bad about something you’ve done wrong. You justify yourself out of feeling bad. (Nicky, Z****, Charley)
Davina: He’s dumped Chanelle…but he’s trying to make it look like it was something to do with her.”
Aaron: Yeah, Z really can’t be the bad guy in this one, and that’s what his rationalisation is about.
Davina: He’s really frightened of being the bad guy, isn’t he?
Aaron: I think so. It’s really important for him to appear good, and to be the “good guy,” and so much that he’s got to rationise a whole load of reasons why they should have broken up…”
- Passive aggression. When you feel unable to face the conflict of expressing your anger directly, the anger goes underground and comes out in other ways. (Chanelle’s little comments and sulking, Tracey’s jargon-filled rants)

The Silent Experiment:
Cecelia: Chanelle has a very critical superego. She feels abandoned and rejected when BB ignores her for 15 minutes in the Diary Room. Chanelle is not prepared to question authority the way Brian is, so she turns and finds fault in herself.
How Chanelle’s need to please authority affects her “relationship.”
If Chanelle dares to criticize Z or question him in any way, he tells her off.
She turns and finds fault in herself and always ends up going back to him for reassurance.

The Effect of Charley’s Fake Eviction

CAT member runner (!) checks in:

Carole is in quite a mood this morning
She’s upset about the messy play fight last night.
She’s angry at Chanelle for complaining about a flying ant in the bedroom last night.
She’s irritated that the other housemates are using up the toothpaste by brushing too often. In fact, Carole carries on about Toothpaste-gate for an unbelievably long time.

Z asks Charley why Tracey is nice to him if she doesn’t like him,
Astonishingly, this is the same question that Chanelle has asked him several times:
“Why are you nice to Charley if you don’t like her?”
Z: I'd like to know why if she does not like me, why she does not say, Charley I'd like to know, you are a straight up person you can understand that…I am questioning why Tracy is nice to me if she does not like me… if you dislike me then don’t be nice to me…

What is going on here? This is exactly the opposite of what he says to Chanelle. It’s Chanelle who won’t pretend she likes Charley when she doesn’t, even in the wake of the Fake Eviction, when everyone else fawns over Charley.

Day 47 H/L, part 1:


Carole nominates Chanelle. Mostly, Carole wants Chanelle away from Z, who she is “more fond of.” She says she dislikes Chanelle because of the ups/downs of Chiggy, and she thinks “his well being is being affected by her being in the house, and I think he’s constantly feeling like he’s being watched and he can’t move without being wrong.” That’s exactly the sob story Z has been selling to Carole during their morning chats for weeks now!

From the WHATM:
It’s sad because Chanelle gives her respect and has a lot of time for Carole, but Carole can’t stand Chanelle. Chanelle has fought her corner from day one and always treated her respectfully. Chanelle even criticized Z for complaining about Carole behind her back and being sweet to her face. When they have had an issue (Sandwich-gate, for example), she always takes her away from the group to talk, never raises her voice at her or anything.
Its one of the reasons I like Chanelle. She has her bad moments yes but the rest of her outweighs all that.
It’s down to Carole and her need to control. Chanelle won't be controlled and doesn't give a stuff if Carol withdraws her favours for a while--she confronts her about them. Most of the other HMs hate it when Carole "falls out" with them. Carole hates that Chanelle doesn't.

Z**** talking to Nicky in garden
he wants to be clear [that he doesn’t enjoy her company]
N: I wouldn’t say we don’t get along
Z shrugs and says he thinks she doesn’t like him
N "We just don’t spend time together" She didn’t actually say she DID like him though I notice.

Chanelle is allowed only one nomination as punishment for talking about nominations yesterday. She uses her single nomination for Charley, of course.

Day 47 H/L, parts 2 and 3:


From the WHATM:
Z**** is such a prick towards Channelle. Why can’t she see this and just ignore him. Can't believe when she was talking and he said "what is that whiny noise I here in the background". If she said something about how he speaks, he would blow his top. He's like one of those boys at school who's only nice to you when you're on your own but a complete tosser when his mates are around.


18.00 approx.
Nicky’s first nomination is a good one:
N: One of my pet hates is people exploiting other people’s weaknesses, and I feel that he’s done that with Chanelle. I think he’s just using her and picking her up when he feels like it. And he seems to get involved, but not want to take the blame for anything. He knows that she’s young and vulnerable and naïve. I don’t know if he’s done that to win or gain points with people in the house or people in the outside world.

Tracey also does a good nomination. She’s been nominating the same two men for three weeks in a row: My second nomination this week will be Mommy’s boy Z****. He goes prowling around for instance me, Nick, and Charley today. [imitates Z] “Oh do you like me? Are we all right—someone told me that’s close to you that you don’t like me.” No! I’m not your mate. I don’t know you. I don’t want to know you. Blatantly I’m no one’s friend in here. No one is a friend in here. We just have to live together. He’s someone who’s idle, bullshits, and asslicks around Carole. I’m hoping it’s a double eviction this week…It’s just wrong how they go about it; it really is wrong.

Z receives the same punishment as Chanelle: one nomination only. He uses his single nomination to vote for NICKY, thus single-handedly saving Charley from being up for eviction and preventing what could have been a Charley-free house after Friday. If he cared about Chanelle at all, he would have voted for Charley, who never misses an opportunity to say and do things to torment Chanelle. (HMs voting for Nicky: Carole, Gerry, Liam, and ZL. HMs voting for Charley: Chanelle, Gerry, and Liam.). Later, when Chanelle realizes what he has done, in an act of what seems to be pure spite and defiance against Chanelle, she becomes extremely upset. Perhaps that was his motivation? All he had to do was say one word to make her feel better: Charley. But he wouldn’t do it.


WHATMer voice from the past lynwood3:
[On the puzzle of why he thinks ZL keeps speaking to Charley about Chanelle and giving Charley ammunition to use against them both]
[ZL] hangs on every word Mother Theresa (Carole) says, and she has done a pretty good job in convincing him (and Gerry for that matter) that Charley is a sweet, misunderstood girl, who really isn't interested in a wallflower like Chanelle, and that Chanelle has an irrational obsession about Charley.

Charley is the one who has an obsession IMO, which stems from fury that Chanelle got the only man in the house that she fancies.

How could Z**** reject a South London IT girl, for a stupid little Posh Spice wannabee who goes to bed with a rabbit.

I would remind those who think otherwise, of her conversations in bed with Shabnam during the first week that Z**** was in the house.

I don't think Chanelle had shown much of her feelings about Charley at that stage, but Charley was talking about ripping off Betsy's head. and doing something unspeakable and shoving it in Chanelle's face…the ball of obsession and jealousy
Lies firmly in Charley's court.


Chanelle is telling ZL in private how much she would like to play her violin to relax herself, but she would never do it in front of people. Lightbulbs go on in the minds of the BB producers as they think of a scathingly brilliant idea for a future task: why not force Chanelle to play the violin in front of people as part of a task? That should ratchet up the stress a few notches!! Imagine if she were to feel pressured by BB and by her housemates to play the violin solo on live TV!! What great viewing if they could get her backed into a corner like that and watch her reaction. (All of this will happen next week.)
Live feed:
C4 version:

One hour after the conversation about playing the violin, ZL flirts with Charley in the bathroom, saying:
Z: I’m my own person thank you very much, and I will be until I leave here. Chanelle’s a friend, and I spend time with her, but I’m still my own person, I’m on my own. I care for her just like in the future I will care for you…as a friend.
C…at the wrap party, when we go for a drink. Good lines!

Day 47 H/L, part 4:


Early a.m., Day 48
Carole masterminds a water fight against the boys after everyone is in bed. Chanelle sensibly sits this one out, and so does Nicky. The video footage is as long, stupid, and boring as the water fight; nevertheless, I’ve included it here because there is so little live feed available.
Live feed:

Charley pulls Brian’s towel off and whips him hard with a wet towel when he is naked.

This is the only clip that has more than a glimpse of Chanelle in it. Tracey teases her about skipping the water fight and letting the girls’ team down. Brian is clearly still upset about what the girls just did to him.

Day 47 H/L, part 5:


02.14 Day 48
Brian is upset and Chanelle empathises with him for the way the Charley tore his towel off him and whipped him with a wet towel. He also didn’t like getting drenched as he was falling asleep in his bed, nor did he like Carole bossing him around tonight or at any other time.

02.26 Day 48
Chanelle and Z insult each other. Their banter has quite a sharp edge to it. It’s amazing that he can’t understand that she is angry, and that she has a right to be angry after being picked up and put down constantly.
Live feed:

02.42 Day 48
C: He talks to me like I’m a piece of sh*t.
C: Tracey do you think he makes a mug out of me?
T: We’ll have a meeting about it.
It would seem Chanelle is spinning out of his orbit, and he might not be able to control what she says and does so much after this.
Live feed:

WHATMer voice from the past celtic star:
I’m glad she doesnt fall to bits any more when he plays his silly games.
It’s like with the help of Tracey she’s just laughing at him now.
Quite a funny duo for me, Tracey and Chanelle.
He's just crawled to her bed.
Probably not liking this confidence thing; he will have to do some whispering.

02.55 Day 48
Time to reel Chanelle back in. She is fine with skipping the cuddle and is going to sleep. He waits for her to ask him again; when she doesn't, he sneaks up in the dark and startles her.
After almost seven weeks, ZL actually asks Chanelle what subjects she will study at university.Surprising that after all this time he asked such a basic question!
Live feed:

Carole comes in and asks them “Is it on or is it off?”
Z: We are exes trying to be friends.
Chanelle: Are we exes? (as if she hadn't realized). ZL gets a bit annoyed that he’s been caught out.

From the WHATM:
He wanted to get under quilt she wanted to talk. then he got up and went in caravan with brian

03.50 Day 48
B and Z in caravan
ZL has just been speaking to Brian about Chanelle. He is "working hard" to maintain their friendship, he claims. He seems to be saying that him getting into bed for a cuddle with her is just trying to keep the peace.Too bad Brian can’t hear what he actually says to Chanelle when nobody can listen.

04.00 Day
Chanelle is in the DR.
Z gets in bed with Gerry and starts humping him. “Don’t hump Kylie,” Gerry keeps saying.

Some non-fans (for the most part) of Chanelle chime in:
JTW: He's been a cruel B***** with Chanelle. I would give her more sympathy if she would stop blaming Charley and looked at the real culprit.

Babybb: me too. he knows chanelle has fallen for him and he knows what buttons to press with her. She’s giving him info bout girls n revenge games, told him bout nikki [sic] advice, and chanelle really does believe what he says. She’s going to be in bits when she gets out and sees that he has played her

The biggest thing about yesterday for me was Z**** going on about Nicky and Tracey not liking him, he said "if you don't like me, don't be nice to me" to quite a few people talking about them, which to me shows his blatent double standards about Chanelle and Charley.
I hope he is up for eviction and out of there, as i think Chanelle is a very naturally funny girl and with him gone we may get to see more of that.

I have exactly the same opinion as you regarding Z and have been saying so ever since he arrived. He is a shallow self-obsessed and image obsesssed talentless user imho. I have always thought that Chanelle could have flourished without him. Sadly I don't think that he will be up this week but his eviction can't come soon enough for me.

Indeed. This phrase [if you don’t like me, don’t be nice to me], more than any, shows up his intentional messing of Chanelles mind, and his setting the two girls against each other. (which I think he has being doing all along).

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Day 48, Mon 16 July: BB Birthday Preparations

ZL goes running to his mummy to complain about Chanelle. He says that BB punished themfor talking about nominations. Strange he should b*tch about Chanelle, when he’s the one who messed up her careful lip-reading and spoke blatantly of nominations, twice. He also says she’s angry because he didn’t nominate who she wanted. All of this private information is spilled to Carole, who along with Charley is one of Chanelle’s worst detractors in the house.

WHATMer voice from the past Inge Jones:
I think [Carole]’s relying on [ZL]’s support to help maintain her status in the house. She is aware that Chanelle can stand up to her, and if Zac thinks too highly of Chanelle's opinion, Chanelle could change Zac's opinion of Carole. That's why I think she has been instrumental in also supporting Charley, so it makes it look like Chanelle is just spiteful when she claims people don't like her. If Chanelle can be made to look wrong about Charley, it makes it look more likely that Chanelle can be wrong about Carole.


WHATMer voice from the past Poppyholiday:
I'm convinced this is how he lives his life and manages his relationships in real life - he plays people off against each other, lies to make himself look better than others and says whatever needs to be said to his current audience to keep them friendly
He probably doesnt realise he does it, its so well embedded as part of his personality and behaviour. Going on BB was a big mistake for him.


WHATMer voice from the past Geraniums:
I`m sick to death of this guy. He was the one causing tension in the house by walking out of a room whenever Chanelle entered it. He`s the one who couldn`t just accept a friendship, but had to have his little kisses, cuddles and gropes as well. Poor, little misunderstood Z****!


WHATMer voice from the past RacerWelsh:
Chanelle may have a high IQ level however her emotional intelligence is zero - hence why Zac can give her the runaround. He has been clever enough to get her to the stage where she tells him everything and runs to him for "emotional" support.... this has isolated Chanelle from others who she could lean on and who could tell her a few home truths...... either Nicky or Tracey could do this - however their association with Charley has put paid to this..... The best thing Chanelle can do is keep away from Zac and stick playing with the twins, Brian and Liam...... That will wind Zac up big style.........



WHATMer voice from the past Warnie:
I am now convinced that Z**** knows he is in trouble as far as Chanelle is concerned. He knows full well he's going to look bad when he gets out--maybe he thinks Chanelle has talked at great length to other people as he has done--but she hasn't. I just for the life of me can't understand how he can kiss her last night, cuddle up to her and talk about her family meeting him and then turn around in a matter of hours and slag her off AGAIN. The guy is an A class prat (sorry Toxic) - I have completely and utterly lost any respect for the guy now. I am livid. I really hope they play this convo on the plasma so she can see him for the slapper he is!


Chanelle tells Carole that the psychologist asked her who she thought she could go to for unbiased advice. Chanelle told him Carole because Carole reminded her of her mum.
Carole asking Chanelle, what else the psychologist? said. Chanelle says "I first wanted to come in here, to meet celebrity footballers and get famous but now that is the farthest thing from my mind, that i would ever want, ever, ever, ever".!

BB Birthday Party task
The BB Birthday party task is announced. Carole assigns Chanelle the role of magician’s assistant. Carole calmly tells the group they’ll just take one fail because Charley refuses to be a clown. No fuss, no pressure. Her attitude toward the fail is amazing, considering the colossal stink Carole will raise next week about Chanelle possibly taking a fail in the Talent Show task. Charley changes her mind about being a clown after sitting on the smoking bench by herself for a bit.

nagel84 in the CAT:
Liam just said to Chanelle that she couldn't be that unpopular otherwise she wouldn't have won an eviction. Maybe the first time someone has told her she actually won the eviction. Carole was standing there and looked a bit shocked to hear those words spoken! I don't think Carole can come to terms yet with Laura going over Chanelle.

Unfortunately however Chanelle replied that she might not be so popular now, since she had broken up with Zac. If only she knew!

Day 48 H/L, part 1:


Liam, Chanelle, and Brian are very funny identifying themselves to Big Brother as Northeast It Boy Liam, West Yorkshire It Girl Chanelle, and Fresh Prince of Essex Brian. Charley has a fit that they’re poking fun at her special “glamorous” title.

Day 48 H/L, part 2:


Carole has a foul-mouthed fit about ZL chasing the twins and getting shaving cream on the floor and in the pool. She caught a glimpse of how ZL really feels about her (says he gave her a filthy look), and she didn’t like it one bit. She calls him a ******ing imbecile!

(In the meantime, Chanelle is chatting with Charley and the two girls are getting on well. ZL is told by Chanelle that he’s interrupting another conversation when he comes into the bathroom. He brushes his teeth in there anyway and tells them what just happened with Carole.)

Then Carole corners the twins in the pool and harangues them for playfighting with her special boy, without Carole’s permission. To me the best thing about the twins is the way they nominate Carole every single week. As Sam says in the DR, when Carole’s involved in playfighting it’s a game; when she’s not, it’s a massive crime scene! Yesterday, the twins even made an unusual attempt to influence nominations for Carole. The twins said to Charley and others “Think how much fun we’d have if she wasn’t here!”
Live feed:

Carole keeps saying “all sweetness all sweetness” as she stomps around the house. Carole moans to Tracey about Z**** giving her a dirty look and Tracey replies “well you had to learn the hard way.”

Argument between Chanelle and ZL
Ostensibly, the fight is about Chanelle answering a question put to ZL by Liam. Really it’s about Chanelle stepping out of line and saying a few words that did not meet with his approval, in a tone he did not like. It’s also about Chanelle spending most of the day with Charley today, chatting and making her tea, which is exactly what ZL secretly does NOT want to happen, for all his talk of wanting Chanelle to “build bridges.”
Live feed has soundcuts for most of what Chanelle says, but it’s obvious she made quite a few points that nobody ever got to hear in the H/L or live:
C4 version:

Day 48 H/L, part 3:


After the argument, Chanelle retreats to the bathroom. Nicky, Tracey, and Charley give Chanelle some excellent, excellent advice about shaking ZL off and enjoying the rest of her time in the house. Nicky even says all the girls “out there” are saying Come On Girl! Nicky says he brings her down every time she is having fun with others and is NOT supportive of her. She says ZL is treating Chanelle badly, but she is letting him do it. It’s her choice to let that continue or put an end to it by keeping her distance. ZL is beside himself that Chanelle is in the bathroom listening to Nicky and Charley. He seems worried that Charley will tell Chanelle how much conversation they have really had about Chanelle. But if he wants it to be over for good, any disclosure by Charley should work well toward that end. Nicky, Tracey, and Charley can all see that ZL uses the possibility of a relationship outside the house to keep Chanelle under control inside the house.

ZL has been going on at Chanelle for ages to “build bridges” Charley, and on the day she made a real effort and spent a lot of time chatting with Charley he panicked, picked a fight with Chanelle, and is now complaining to Gerry that Chanelle is speaking with Nicky, Charley, and Tracey in the bathroom.

Nominations announced: Gerry and Nicky
BB calls the housemates to the sofas and announces that Nicky and Gerry are up for eviction. Chanelle looks absolutely STUNNED and upset that Charley isn’t up, and I think she knows exactly how Charley escaped being nominated (one vote from the sneaky, disloyal snake).
C4 version:

ZL has ANOTHER poisonous chat about the breakup and Chanelle’s perceived personality flaws with—yes of course—Charley. He’s either very stupid or very underhand, or both. For once though, maybe inadvertently, Charley has a valid point to make. Charley tries to explain to Z that, although he’s getting into bed with Chanelle just to make life easier for him in the house, Chanelle is so naïve that she believes that means he wants to have a relationship again.
C4 version:

Charlottesweb’s take on ZL telling selected housemates he gets into bed with Chanelle “just to keep the peace”:
Yes, rubbing his erection over a girl he finds attractive for no reason than keeping the peace.
He admitted it himself. He thinks with his penis.
He wants sex. He doesn’t like Chanelle.
It isnt a love story, it never was, he wants to have sex. Nothing more.
Thats why he keeps going back, She doesnt make him, he still thinks she will let him at some point.
He only has relationships with people with money.
Men or women.

Day 48 H/L, part 4:

Chanelle sears her bicep on a rack in the oven. In a nice bit of poetic conceit, she has now been scarred for life both internally and externally by her experience in the BB House.

Liam and Chanelle practice for BB party magic performance. The rope trick takes up most of their time. Why didn’t BB provide a video or illustrations? They have to work out how to do the rope trick from step-by-step instructions.
C4 version:


Chanelle practices some “assistant” gestures for Tracey in the bedroom, then does some more thinking on that sofa in the bathroom.

Brian, Carole, ZL, and Gerry are talking about Chanelle and Charley in the garden. Carole lies about Chanelle’s wish to be a WAG, which Chanelle told her this morning she doesn’t want to be anymore. ZL and Carole go on and on about how alike C and C are. The truth is obvious between the lines: Carole does not like Chanelle at all, and neither does ZL. Gerry does not agree.

Day 48 H/L, part 5:


02.43 Day 49
Chanelle goes to bed.

03.15 Day 49
Chanelle up again in the bathroom explaining how it is to ZL: He can't be nice to her one day (or hour) and nasty/ignore her the next. More on this conversation in the WHATM notes for the caravan conversation.

Caravan conversation
(time to reel Chanelle back under control again)
Chanelle’s approach from the WHATM:
We have 3 options... together..
2.stay away.. no contact for about a week
3 last option was no change, which she immediately said she didnt want
sounds like that is her order of preference

Bottom line from both:
Z: I’m kicking myself that I got involved, and I want out. [he backtracks about 15 hours later when he sees Chanelle in a pretty dress]
C: I don’t want to get out of here and have people say “What happened to your self-respect, Chanelle?”

Summary by observer:
Just to briefly summarize Chanelle and Z**** clear-the-air talk in the early hours.

First part was in the bathroom, both sitting at opposite ends of the green sofa. It was mainly Chanelle talking and Z**** listening. She didn't hold back (like if she didn't give a damn), and was animated when she was talking. She was saying it how it is, about their latest argument and how he made her feel like sh*t, how she has to walk on eggshell (or whatever words she used) around him to not upset him... Hardly any eye contact. He interrupted a bit to apologise again about his behaviour. As always they got interrupted, not by the twins this time but by Charley still holding the hair straightener (Who [straightens] their hair at 4am?!), so they both left the bathroom.

Second part to continue their talk, he lifted her up off the ground and took her to the caravan. Both sitting on each of the bench-beds, separated by the table. Chanelle was calmer this time, and both had a very long talk: they have analysed and re-analysed and basically dissected their relationship, their arguments, how it made them both feel, how it's viewed by the outside hugging or kissing this time. From time to time they cracked a smile or two. At one point she stopped talking wondering if the noise outside was a bird or a twin (didn't think that the twins sounded like birds). Once the atmosphere in the caravan got smoother, Z**** started to give her those mixed messages again "I can sit and talk to you for hours (or all night)"..."I do care a lot about you"..."I have feelings for you"...bullsh*t. He never learns does he! And she was feeling empowered. I bet Z**** never met a 19 yeard old like her. They ended up lying on their respective bench-bed, still separated by the table, so they touched/held their hands across the table (first contact between them). Don't know what was that about, reassurance that they are ok now? Or a sign of control from Z****.
Back to the house, they are sleeping on separate beds.
It would be interesting to see how Z**** will report back this discussion to Carole.


Summary by Trouble:
revisiting the live feed (God I'm Sad)
Z**** must have started the conversation as Chanelle had gone to bed.
Both in the bathroom Chanelle telling him that she is a proud and stubborn person they are discussing the argument from today Chan saying most of arguments we've had there hasn't been any reason for them. We've had fun in here but for some reason you decided that we were no longer having fun and decided to finish it. That’s fine but don't expect to be nice to me one day and not the next as I wont put up with it on tv or ever. You’re walking all over me.
She tells him that people have picked up on the way you treat me. I've other people to have fun with and you can't do this s/c
Chanelle is telling him how it is.

She explains that she has been walking on tenter hooks changes it to eggshells trying not to upset him. You may be feeling the same about me but I have never gone in to the diary room and slagged you off. She also makes a good point in the fact that she has never said "I don't like the way you do this, you [are] out of order for doing this" but you always say this to me and i think to myself I can't say any of this stuff to you because when i was poorly you took care of me and were really kind to me but because of that I shouldn't have to treat you like some sort of king because I shouldn't. If I want to answer a question I will. Maybe it’s annoying, but it doesn't mean you can scream at people.

Maybe you should have pulled me up later. I probably would have got arsey but that’s how you should have done it rather than scream at me.

Z**** apologises
Chan "I'm not really bothered if your sorry or not" You go girl

Z**** tries to turn it around then by saying you think I've said all these things about you???? She never said anything about him talking about her.

She admits that they are both in the wrong as they both have an opinion. She is just dissapointed that he took one comment and twisted it around one person (Charley)
S/C again.

Got to go back out, I'm happy to keep updating this as long as people want to hear about it

Oh before i go again he is concerned about being the bad person. He is so up his own ass. She has just admitted that she has a nasty tone and can be a nasty peice of work

The conversation continued with Z**** not really listening to the point Chanelle was trying to make which was that basically he had double standards and she didn't think itwas fair. I would say the reason of the 'chat' was because Z**** was not happy with the fact that Chan had been chatting with Nicky and Charley.

He told her that certain people were fickle in the house, kind of included her in this as well though she did not understand what it meant. Z**** did his usual of trying to explain himself but not making anysense whatsoever

It appereared that he knew she was right so his defence was to play the Carole... sorry martyr and apologise for everything even though this ewas not what Chanelle was after.

Charley then enters the BR and chat ends. Goes to the living room and Z**** appears to be saying cont chat by the bath but as per usual all you can hear is St Carole's big gob. Chan suggest bedroom and Z**** says no I'm not chatting on the bed. Chan says well that was pointless again not really sure why
Carol: Shut the door don't slam it Grrrr STFU
Goes back to bedroom and you can hear Chan is in bed talking with Nicky and Tracey.
Tracey advising not to be walked over so easily. Tracey suggesting she doesn't think about things.
Chan asks if she if fickle. Chan is talking still with Nick but you can’t hear because of bloody Carole.
They then ask Carole what fickle is she explains and Chan says do you think I'm fickle as that is what Zac called me today. She was then asked in what context and she said because I spoke to Charley today.

Carole trying to stick up for her son (no sh*t) Carole will be slagging her tomorrow for being needy.

S/C then back to Carole justifying Z****’s comments. Carole tells her being fickle is not a bad thing. Chan leaves b/r. Would have been interesting to hear what Carole said behind her back but it cut to the L/R where they were discussing Chan’s knickers being the same as Charley which Bri seemed disgusted that Char wore out of the house.

They gone to caravan i'll watch then update in a bit

The chat in the caravan is quite borig but the one interesting point was that Z**** was seriously concerned what Nicky had said to her. Chan replied with these aren't Nicky’s words these are my words.
It goes on and on and on wish she would just call him a t w a t get up and leave but thats not how it ends. I think its been covered by Observer and a few others. I've had to fast forward as I will end up stabbing myself in the eye if I have to watch/listen to anymore sorry


Summary by kaz1:
Chanelle wanted to draw a line under the relationship and move on and have fun. Until Z**** had appologised a million times I think she was going to go with the just ignore him approach.

She didn't think they had much option. She said it was black or white, on or off, with no grey or middle ground. She made a lot of sense in the discussion and they talked for hours.

He doesn't want a relationship in the house but still insists he wants to take her on a date afterwards. Chanelle doesn't want to continue as they are sometimes getting on sometimes arguing and suggested the third option to not talk to each other and move on.

He said he couldn't do that, he couldn't not talk to her and basically persuaded her to go back to the middle ground. Friends that don't share beds and for them to remember what they have. She reminded him that they had already decided this yesterday, but then it all kicked off again today.

He said he would not have another argument with her. He wants to stay friends until one leaves then start afresh on the outside. [This is how he controls her, stringing her along. It’s clear from what he says to the boys/Tracey/Carole/BB that he’s not interested in a relationship with Chanelle on the outside. He’s bored of her and finds her annoying and fundamentally incompatible with him. But to her he says he “cares for” her and wants to hug and cuddle her. -Suzanne]…Can't see how anything will change myself and just hope Chanelle spends more time with others, she seem to be making an effort with Charley in an attempt to make it easier for herself in there.


Summary by Juliet Capulet:
Chan the 19 year old made Zac the 26 year old who states that she's the immature one, look an inarticulate baboon.

She puts up a great argument everytime and I think that's why Zac is threatened by her. Even when she takes the p!$$ out of him he knows that he can't come back with anything nearly as funny or clever and in discussions he knows she makes sense and he has no way to respond to her in the same manner.

Anyhow, I think they've cleared the air and are on speaking terms but none of the cuddles etc.

Live feed (small bits from the several-hour conversation from 3 to 6am approx.):

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Day 49, Tues 17 July: BB’s Bday

After yesterday’s preparations, BB’s Birthday Party is ready to roll. BB wakes the housemates with a “Happy Birthday” alarm, and then—for the most part—lets the entertainers rest while the party guests dress and prepare the cake and the present for BB.

Pics (Chan lazing the morning away):

From the CAT, nagel84:
As if Chanelle didn't have enough on her plate, what with Charley and Z****, she also has to contend with a third enemy in the house. An enemy made all the worse for the fact that Chanelle is totally oblivious to the antipathy and disregard the person harbours towards her. I am, of course, talking about Carole.

Yesterday afternoon Carole as usual took on the role of house tyrant and decided by herself who would be the five housemates who would go to the party. She decided there should be 3 women and two men going. Carole decided on Nicky and the twins, her rational being they hadn't enjoyed a real birthday party, certainly not as good as Charley's. Chanelle who has received absolutely nothing in the house wasn't even considered, her name not even mentioned by Carole. You could see the disappointment in Chanelle's face at being completely overlooked as she had been really keen to go, but she kept her own counsel and didn't say anything. So much for the "spoilt brat" we keep hearing about.

Last night Carole was even more infuriating. Her and Chanelle's ever so supportive and understanding "boyfriend", were saying how similar Charley and Chanelle actually were, and that the bad feeling and jealousy ran equally between them. Carole then said how they both hankered after the celebrity lifestyle, and that Chanelle had even said earlier that day that she had entered the house for fame and fortune. This was a complete distortion of what Chanelle had actually said. She had in fact told Carole and Liam that she had initially come on BB wanting fame and fortune, but that it was now the last thing in the world she wanted. Carole totally misrepresented her.

It would seem Carole does have a real prejudice towards Chanelle, and that nothing Chanelle says or does which runs contrary to that perception can ever be allowed to penetrate Carole's consciousness. Unfortunately Carole's getting the most highly distorted positive edit of all the housemates on the HLs show and so she may take some shifting. But she really is another snake in the grass Chanelle has to wise up to. However that will be difficult considering how close Z**** and Gerry are to her.


Day 49 H/L, part 1:


Chanelle finally has an inkling that Carole doesn’t like her. She said so last night in the caravan to ZL, but he denied it even though he is perfectly aware Carole can’t stand Chanelle. :mad: He knows Carole nominated her the week Chanelle went up against Laura. By today, Carole’s dislike of Chanelle has grown to such an extent that she can hide it no longer, and Chanelle notices that Carole is snapping at her for no reason. Chanelle asks why Carole is acting that way, and her perception enrages Carole even further. Chanelle’s prime offense seems to be that she did not follow Carole’s advice and keep her distance from ZL.

Charley checks out Chanelle's dress:
Liam rebandages Chanelle's burned arm:
Chanelle helps Brian dress for his one-man-band act:
Chanelle and Liam primping:
While Carole is performing, Chanelle cooks beans on toast with a fried egg for everyone who wants some. While the Kitchen Police is away, the HMs tuck in!
Super Chan!
Chanelle and Brian chat:
Debbie McGough:
Relaxing after the show:

Brian tells Chanelle how he really feels about Amanda. He’s decided he’s not going to tell Amanda until they get out.
C4 version:

The Party
BB’s birthday party runs quite long, from Tuesday midday until almost 01.00 Wednesday. There is a lot of down time for the entertainers waiting to perform, and BB serves alcohol as the evening wears on. For the most part, the enterainers are cheerful and in good spirits, except for Charley, who kicks off at Brian in a nasty way. The party guests have a harder time of it because they must keep dancing, playing games, and eating the sugary party fare until BB decides he has had “enough fun.”
Lots of nice chats between Chanelle and Brian!
Also magic practice by Chanelle and Liam!
Live feed:
2 [url][/url]
15 [url][/url]
16 [url][/url]

More birthday party (Hug5ie)
Live feed:

Day 49 H/L, part 2:


After the magic performance, live feed:

Day 49 H/L, part 3:


Clown argument, live feed:

Charley does some loony ranting about Emily, about Charley's own Fake Eviction and future media glory, and about how much she cannot stand her housemates, in between soundcuts galore. Scary clownage! Charley picks a nasty fight with Brian about nothing much in particular. Chanelle is still dressed in her magician’s assistant dress plus a man’s gray cardigan.
Live feed

Day 49 H/L, part 4:


After the party
The early morning resolution to be friends with NO physical stuff is cast aside. It’s time for ZL to reel Chanelle back in with a big show of “caring,” and Chanelle is vulnerable to that kind of smarm. She thinks he must really want to be her “boyfriend” if he grabs her and tries to get her into bed. This is early Wednesday morning. By Friday (Nicky’s Eviction Day), he will be sick with regret about getting back into “something” he doesn’t want and will tell BB he wants to leave (again).
Live feed:

The WHATM gets a bit heated when it’s obvious that ZL is reeling Chanelle back in with snogging etcetera, after he has explained to EVERYONE that he does not want a relationship with her.
No, no, just NO. leave her alone Z****. You've backstabbed her, moaned about her, been disloyal to her, tried to control her and shouted at her.

ffs stop thinking with your c**k just cos she looked good tonight and let her have some goddamn fun!

and Chan if you go for it again I'm coming down to Wakefield when you get out and giving you a slap!!


Oh good grief. I was prepared to seriously dislike chanelle for her weakness (continuously giving in to Zigs 'd*ckless' behaviour) until the OH said (oh, he of the anti-bb posturing) that perhaps, in his opinion, she really really did like him and could be excused as her feelings were REAL.


Charley bitching about Chanelle to Nicky and Tracey.
Charley saying Ziggy says she's young and he wants someone mature
Nicky feels sorry for her


01.00 Day 50
From the WHATM: Carole not happy at Ziggy being all over Chanelle, her face is like thunder.

01.08 Day 50
Imo, she likes him, he want a shag. thats it.

the 'let be friends' thing was all about wanting a shag buddy, which is probably not a concept that Chanlle is willing to accept.

the only, & I do mean ONLY good thing about this is that its pissing Carole off no end.


01.10 Day 50
[WHATMer] tomorrow:
Scenario tomorrow is that he moans to Carole about Chanelle ... moans about thinking with his penis again

cue ...the off relationship because he is not adult enough to talk to Chanelle as a proper adult


01.15 Day 50
Nicky in the DR (from DRU)
Z**** called me Sly Nicky today in the party room…I think the only reason that he called me sly was because of the chat that we had with Chanelle…the poor girl! He treats her like a piece of s**t you know, he keeps picking her up and putting her down whenever he feels like it. She’s in and out of here saying she wants to go home, she’s crying all the time, she’s concentrating on [ZL] and not enjoying her experience here...I gave her my honest opinion and I honestly want to see her enjoying this experience, having a laugh, enjoying every minute of it, not worrying about some bloke who it sounds like, and from his actions, couldn’t give a s**t about her…I don’t want to see anyone treated badly, and he’s just taken advantage of her.

01.28 Day 50
MisoSoup from the CAT:
Carole to Chanelle, "I think some people have..have erm had f...inverted commas, sort of friendships with people here, who have not wholly been truthful and fair to them, and er and then they've been surprised, umm, know, I, I think one of those situations was, was Nicky, when they had the nomination rules thing where I think you were quite shocked at what was said. You know"


I wish I could send a message in to Chanelle telling her who the real 'snake' is


02.30 Day 50
After the task result has been announced (PASS), and the HMs are free to take off their costumes and relax, BB locks the housemates into the bedroom. Some of the housemates believe new people are coming in. Instead, BB plays dance music for hours while BB production people trash the house. Most of the HMs stay up dancing and talking until past daylight.

Day 49 H/L, part 5:

05.25 Day 50
Unfortunately, the mature decision in the caravan to remain friends without benefits is cast aside only 24 hours later as WHATMers clock the non-couple together in the double bed. The robot that was supposed to make Chanelle feel good (stupid metaphor from the caravan chat) has switched back into default mode: the robot to make Chanelle feel bad.

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Day 50, Wednesday, 18 July: BB birthday party hangover

BB permits Chanelle and the other party entertainers to sleep in, while the party guests must clean the trashed house and garden. The mess is sickening! Chunky soup has been splashed around to look like pools of vomit. There are heaps of beans and jelly in the garden.

BB makes Carole don boxing she cannot clean. She becomes a supervisor, looking over everyone’s shoulder and telling everyone how to clean. This is probably not what BB intended.

Day 50 H/L, part 1:


Z sunbathes in the garden and keeps touching Chanelle, so Carole sits at his feet, stares at him, and challenges him with the question she knows he especially hates:

Carole: Is it back on again with you two then?
Chanelle: That’s between us…it’s a secret.
ZL: We’re very good friends looking after each other. [ZL keeping all his options open.]

Gerry and ZL are still obsessing about how Nicky is a spiteful and sneaky person. After all this time, I’m still not sure if these two actually believe this, or if they just pretend to believe it in order to target Nicky for eviction. The Nicky-led conspiracy to nominate Chanelle certainly never existed. Nicky never nominated Chanelle, and always gave her good advice.

Day 50 H/L, part 2:


BB closes the garden when housemates lying in the sun hear “Get Charley Out” and other shouts over the wall. Possibly one was for Gerry.

In the bedroom, Charley tells Gerry there were models of Freddy skewered on a stick when she had her eviction. "Freddy is an icon outside," jokes Gerry. "He has his own website and a fan club."

Brian goes to the Diary Room and regrets his mistake in not nominating Charley. She fooled him into thinking they were friends, and not even a day later she treated him horribly (her clown rant during the BB Birthday Party). He doesn’t believe they’ll ever be friends again.

Day 50 H/L, part 3:


The "undefined" pair decide to have a shower together. Both BBBM guests who are asked to comment on BBBM by Thaila state that he’s playing her. The first guest calls him a “dirty dog,” and says he should just be honest with her.
BBBM video:
C4 video:

Day 50 H/L, part 4:


After midnight, Charley is drunk and maudlin and starts fretting to Gerry and ZL about some compromising pictures that she thinks might get sold to the papers.

01.30 Day 51
Chanelle talks about being happy in the Diary Room, which is really sad considering what we know and she doesn’t.
Chanelle: I really don’t like Charley at all, and Charley really doesn’t like me…She makes me so angry I could probably throw the biggest tantrum ever…But I just thought to myself…get over it now! Why would one stupid little bint affect my time in the BBH…It shouldn’t do that…I’ve been getting along with everybody really well…Now me and Z have made friends again…we’ve just been getting along so well, and I’m just really happy that we are…Maybe I like him a bit more than I thought. Stupid! [Covers entire face with her hands]

01.55 Day 51
Chan walks out of the DR to the garden, where all the housemates are pretty drunk. Charley flits past ZL and Chanelle and waggles her backside at Z behind Chanelle’s back.
Live feed:

02.15 Day 51
Chanelle takes the tea out to the garden and talks with ZL about going to the Maldives. He promises they will go there together. Later, Charley runs out to the garden and instantly ZL goes from looking relaxed to looking very uncomfortable in Chanelle’s company. I don’t think he likes Charley seeing him getting along with Chanelle, especially during this "undefined" period.
Live feed:

Day 50 H/L, part 5:


Tonight is the second night in a row that ZL sleeps in Chanelle’s double bed, although he refuses to define what is going on. Friday night, after Nicky’s eviction, ZL tells BB that he got himself back into something he shouldn’t and he wants to leave the show. Make of that what you will.

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Day 51, Thurs, 19 July: Do you think she enjoyed it as much as you did?

Chanelle has been pulled back into ZL’s wake, and she features very little on today’s highlights by herself or with any HM other than him.

Sexual tension experiment
During the afternoon, BB calls five couples, one at a time, to the DR for a confidential experiment. They must gaze at each other for a set number of minutes without speaking or laughing:
Charley and Liam
Chanelle and Liam
Charley and ZL
Brian and Amanda
Chanelle and ZL

Chanelle and ZL’s turn; the results are extremely illuminating.
On the Couch video:

Chanelle, Charley, and ZL discuss the ongoing psych experiment whilst lying in bed waiting to be called to the DR.
Live feed:

Housemates question themselves
BB shows HMs the questions they asked themselves before the show started. They must answer the questions honestly. The whole room is taken aback at the crudeness and presumptuousness of ZL’s question to himself: Do you think she enjoyed it as much as you did? Chanelle is humiliated once again, but doesn’t seem to take in the full import of what he said.
C4 version:

WHATMer Lenchsal [in response to somebody saying they thought it was nice that Chanelle and ZL are “back together”]:
No......they are good friends. Ziggy insisted. He wants to be single. He has no feeling except love......for himself.

WHATMer scone agrees with Lenchsal:
I agree, his mate Dane Bowers was on Big Mouth saying he isn't interested in Chanelle [see the BBBM video clip link at 18.40 yesterday]. He just saw her in the magician’s get up and knows Liam likes her, that's all. He's just keeping hold of her, it's alright for him to flirt but not alright for Chanelle. He has horrible staring eyes and dances like an old man. He is hideous and he is just trying to save his own hide, he is playing a game. It's sickening to watch and it will end in another argument very soon.

[N.B. Tomorrow evening ZL will be in the DR moaning about how he’s trapped in something he doesn’t want with Chanelle, and wants to walk off the show to be free.]

More from Lenchsal [she is an admirably clear-eyed FM]:
I do not like him, I think he is using her, I think he is a tosser and a spineless ijjit.
He brings Chanelle down IMO and I prefer her up and having fun in the house rather than flat on her back trying to please someone who couldnt give a fook about her.
The reason she isnt allowed to tell the house is because he wants his cake etc and he’s playing her for a fool yet again. If they are together then they should be proud of it and want to shout it to the world not hide it. He is pathetic.

Day 51 H/L, parts 1, 2, 3:


Gerry provisionally gives away his toiletries to Z and Chanelle, in case of eviction. Chanelle gives him a big hug and a lot of time and attention.

Gerry and Chanelle decide to be flatmates in London. IMO Gerry finds this idea comforting in the face of impending eviction; he won’t be forgotten and Chanelle will still be close to him.
Live feed:

Gerry and Chanelle talk about sharing a flat after BB8.
Live feed:

Chanelle tells Carole, Gerry, and ZL that she definitely doesn’t want to marry a footballer and just go clubbing anymore. Carole and Gerry knew this already on Monday, but Carole lied about what Chanelle said to paint an unattractive picture of her character to ZL. Carole’s kept saying how similar Chanelle was to Charley.

WHATMer hugsie comments on ZL’s insistance that Gerry and Chanelle “really kiss” for him when they are pretending to be bf/gf. (Actually, several WHATMers comment on how weird and sleazy his insistence is):
The fantasy in Ziggy's case is ordering Chanelle to do and she does, remember when they had the break up row in the bedroom and she asked him why he wanted her to Kiss Charley, then one person she would not want to? He denied it at first and then sneered, "I did it because it was fun."

His "thing" is being in control, which is why he struggles so with being in the house.
Live feed:

Another prescient WHATMer, TriggerHappyTri:
Ahhh I feel sorry for them - I think possibly Gerry and Chanelle could maintain their relationship but I think Ziggy is too wild for her, I think Ziggy is more on Charley's level when it comes to partying and celeb lifestyle which is why i thought he was attracted to her (Charley). I can see Ziggy and Liam on the pull in London constantly and Chanelle seems to be developing a level of adoration for Ziggy on par with Nikki Graham for Pete. I hope I'm totally wrong.....

00.18 Day 52
Ziggy asks: Is it a big gang bang in the pool?
He so wishes there was.

00.18 Day 52
Chanelle and Gerry come to the DR to announce their decision to share a flat.

Day 51 H/L, part 4:


Charley admits to Tracey that she thinks Chanelle is dying of envy of her figure and glamorous lifestyle. Charley says she enjoys playing up to it because she hates Chanelle and wants to get at her. She says she likes to bug people, and she thrives on it.

WHATMer Justine observes:
What is there to be jealous of? Chanelle is planning for her future in London and said tonight that she no longer wants the WAG lifestyle after seeing Charley!

Day 51 H/L, part 5 (ignore the eviction part, which happens tomorrow):


01.20 Day 52
Chanelle and ZL talk more about her sharing a flat with Gerry. Carole gets her oar in.
Live feed:

01.40 Day 52
In the caravan, Chanelle is wondering why Ziggy wanted to do BB

Chanelle: But you've been famous already, why do you want to do this?
ZL: But that was with four other people...

So he wants to make it all by himself, and he's stuck with Chanelle. No wonder he’s frustrated and will ask to leave tomorrow.

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Day 52, Friday, 20 July: Nicky’s Eviction Day; Liam’s Birthday Party

Today is an incredibly slow, rainy, lazy day. BB provides board games and milk & cookies so the housemates have something to occupy their time.

Chanelle “evicts” some mushrooms from the Big Brother House. She actually manages to chuck one over the roof.
Live feed:

ZL confides in the DR that he wants to get out of there. He’s not enjoying himself at all and wants to be nominated and evicted. He’s not happy at all and he wants to go. It’s obvious he has had enough of Chanelle as well. His big act of being “friends” outside of the DR is obviously a huge strain and he’s sick of it. This is a preview of his request to leave this evening, and Chanelle has NO IDEA that he’s lying to her and just going through the motions.

Chanelle is oblivious to what is really going on with her “good friend:” She is making a salad for everyone to share and sharing Carole’s kitchen empire in a friendly way.

Puppet show
Today the housemates make up puppet shows in the DR for the On the Couch program. Chanelle’s puppet show is very funny:
BBLB clip:
The On the Couch program give insight into what Chanelle’s puppet show means. Chanelle’s segment of the OTC clip begins at 04:00:
Dr. Cecelia: Poor Chanelle is so terrified of Charley that before she can introduce her into the story she has to make herself faint--she has to make herself unconscious--she cannot confront her at all, in any way. But what's even more interesting is that she has Charley come and stomp on her face while she's so vulnerable, all unconscious and vulnerable. And Z**** just stands there and does nothing!...Now what's that all about? I think it's about that, at some level, Chanelle knows that Z*** and Charley have some sexual thing going on that excludes her. [Davina interjects: Well we all know it!] And this is so painful to Chanelle that she literally has to become unconscious, so she doesn't have to look at it, so she doesn't have to recognise it...

Chanelle’s friend Nicky is evicted. Chanelle’s face at the announcement is shocked and fearful. The housemates hear the “Get Charley Out” chants full force for the first time. Finally!

Liam’s party
BB locks the the HMs in the bedroom and installs a pool table in the Living Area for Liam’s birthday. Chanelle does her whole “dumb” schtick:
Chanelle: Will you teach me how to hold the bat?
ZL: It's not a bat!
Chanelle: I don't know how to use the stick.
ZL: It's a cue.
Chanelle: I don't know how to use the cube [sic].

01.40 Day 53
"I've let myself get back into something I shouldn't have got myself back in to"
ZL goes to DR and tells BB he wants to go home. “I got myself back into something I shouldn’t have got myself back into because it finished for the reasons of what I felt…” Why, why then did he jump on Chanelle as soon as the BB Birthday Party finished? That was just two days ago.

02.26 Day 53
Soon after leaving the DR, he tells Chanelle he is leaving in the morning. He tells her not to say anything to anyone. Also, he tells her he doesn’t think they’re really that good together, then backtracks when she asks him what he means. The mixed messages start tumbling out. He says things are weird sometimes. Then he says she literally kept him sane.

From a DS:BB thread: Ziggy tells Chanelle he's leaving - A transcript
Transcription of the “I’m leaving” speech to Chanelle by the attention seeking, manipulating, inarticulate, control freak, spineless git [sic].

It records audio in one-minute chunks and there seem to be small fragments missing between them. I have written *seam* in between each chunk

Chanelle: You were in the diary room a while
Ziggy: Yeah
Chanelle: You ok?
Ziggy: I'm good babe, I'm fine, absolutely fine
Chanelle: What were you talking about?
Ziggy: Nothing, nothing. Just to do with, yeah, just home and stuff like that
Chanelle: Oh
Ziggy: Yeah. Erm...
Chanelle: What?
Ziggy: Um, if I speak to you then I speak to you in confidence


Ziggy: ...on my decision so that's it
Chanelle: No
Ziggy: I want to, I want to, I'm not happy babe, I'm really not happy here. And you make me very very happy but I'm not happy here so...And I can't go round looking, I don't want to be seen on camera with an unhappy face, I really don't so, you know, if we can just finish it and just not talk about it. And I'll talk to you later about it but not in front of people. I don't want anyone to know, I just want to do it and that's done. And I want to talk to you about it and that's it, you know. And if it makes, you know, and that's it
Chanelle: Oh
Ziggy: Mmm. It's not, I'm not looking for any 'ohs' or any, you know. And it's, it's, it's, I shouldn't be feeling like this, I should be, I should be enjoying myself
Chanelle: But you do enjoy yourself
Ziggy: I do, yeah I do but, you know
Chanelle: Don't you want to wait until you've got an eviction?
Ziggy: Not really, no
Chanelle: (inaudible)
Ziggy: I know but I don't want to wait. I'd have to turn round to everyone and go "nominate me" and I don't really want people to nominate me. So yeah, so...anyway

He kisses her


Ziggy: Course, yeah
Chanelle: What've they said to you?
Ziggy: They said "Think about the morning" but I said, you know, I want the ball rolling so I can sort it out in the morning, And that's it. It's pathetic. I don't want to be sitting on here saying this anyway. (inaudible) thing and Gerry and Bill...Charley having another argument. It's just so boring, it really is...Really is. You know. I know I worked very very hard to get in here but I can't be doing with any more of these arguments, any more of these people
Chanelle: But you're not in the arguments
Ziggy: I know but it's just the whole place just kind of getting to me and it's getting me down and you know. Like you felt, you know, if you're not happy about something you're not happy, you change it, you know
Chanelle: Yeah but change it in here
Ziggy: I'm not going to change it in here
Chanelle: I did that
Ziggy: I think things are just a bit and people in here are a little bit too *****ed up and a bit too wierd and that's it, you know
Chanelle: (inadible)
Ziggy: What? No, not you. So


Ziggy: ...people playing games and stuff like that and I can't get myself involved in it any more, you know. I haven't got, literally got, physically got the, or mentally got the energy for it any more. You know
Chanelle: So don't get yourself involved. You get on with Carole and Gerry
Ziggy: I get on with loads of people
Chanelle: And you get along with Liam and Brian
Ziggy: I've said that, I said that in there. And that's not, not the reason of getting, not getting on with people. It's not about that
Chanelle: But do you not think that you're being a little bit pessimistic about it all?
Ziggy: No, because

*sound cut*


Ziggy:...factor, it really is. I mean, I think, you know, I really do, and as I said, you know, if things happen after and things like that, you know but, you know, you, you've literally kept me sane in here, really. I've left it to one person to keep me sane in here, and I, you know. You know? You got me through many many different things in here. And I think I got you through many different things as well. The actual situation of just being able to actually want to stay in here any more, I've gone, you know, I don't want to be here any more. You know?
Chanelle: So basically, what you just said is that I'm part of the reason why you're going
Ziggy: No, no no, you're not but I'm saying...
Chanelle: Well what do you mean "Are we good, are we actually good"?
Ziggy: Are we good, are we, you know, I, you're not part of the reason, please don't take it there, you're not part of the reason. Really you're not. You know. You're part of the reason why I stayed so long. That's what you're part of


Ziggy: Things aren't perfect, you know, we've gone from one thing to another and, you know, it''s pretty hard, to be honest with you. But it's not, please don't start sitting there thinking it's to do with you, it's nothing to do with you, it really isn't. You know. You ask me why I'm sitting here on my own and stuff like that's cause I'm homesick, man. You know. I'm sitting here think...listening to Charley and listen to people and listen to this and this and that and I'm thinking "What the ***** am I doing here?"


I think his speech shows he is lying. Stuttering and contradicting yourself constantly is a sign. He can't look at anyone either.
His real reason for going, is that he doesn't want to be boo'd and he knows this is his last chance to 'make it'. If this fails its doorman/musician wannabe forever...
I think thats why he can't relax and be himself, because he is not doing this for himself, he is doing this for his career.


D'you know what, he's a jackass. Simple as. He really is. Go if you want to, don't if you don't want to.

But whatever he chooses, Chanelle needs to stop letting herself be picked up and then dumped whenever the mood suits him.


He doesn't want to leave, that's his way of telling chanelle that he's a free agent. instead of telling her straight that he's stringing her along like... um... a strung along thing, he just makes her aware that his strings are all detatchable and he can walk away at any moment. then she'll tread on eggshells so as not to upset him and he can stay in control of their relationship.


“Are we that good, are we really? I don't know, I don't think we are, but if we are we'll carry on after.” He puts Chanelle through hell really - he is the experienced (VERY EXPERIENCED) womaniser ... yet always does this to her ... nasty, vile piece of work …


Day 52 & 53 H/L, parts 1 and 2:


03.50 Day 53
WHATMer ChoccyCarole:
I was watching his tallk about leaving at 2am
after he came out of the DR
and they have not been SEEN since about 2-15am
and now they have just got
into the double bed at 3-45am

I hope the sly sickening con man jerk goes FOREVER

Ziggy is a totally SLY LYING selfish nasty
creepy 2 faced devious arrogant conceited
=manipulating control freaking
dominating aggressive
sneaky slimeball
phlegm snorting vile ego ridden
odious ~user / loser
stone faced dead eyed disgusting
waffling pathetic dullard~

Can't stand him and his dead duck romance
you know -it is what it is -simple as~ give n take
and seriously wrong


I also HOPE Chanelle sees the VT's of it all

she sees sense ~then she is back in bed trusting him again~
with his smarmy selfish lies
so she doesn't bad mouth him
in the DR and to Davina etccccc

Ziggy makes me SICK ~ in every way


04.37 Day 53
Chanelle is in the double bed still trying to get ZL to change his mind about leaving the show.

Day 52 & 53 H/L, part 3:

DS:BB forum discussion about ZL’s mixed messages to Chanelle:

…he said he regretted getting back with Chanelle, then he went out and said to her she was the best thing, make you mind up man, we can see the game your playing and when you're up for eviction, you're gone!


When a "player" is trying to dump a girl gently he will freqently resort to the "oh its nothing that you have done........its're too good for me..................youre the most fantastic girl I have ever met" strategy.

It don't always work though. Does it Ziggy?


Ms Ann Thrope:
Especially when he can't physically get away from her.

He's very weak, and beginning to realise that the way he normally operates with women just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. He can't play her like this, tell her lies, blame her for everything that's wrong between them, blow hot one minute and cold the next, without looking like a rotter. He relies on being able to create a smoke screen of niceness to get away with his philandering ways and he can't do that in the BB house.


The bloke doesn't look good under the microscope does he? The tricks he uses in the outside world are probably exactly the same but probably drawn out over a period of months.......he really doesn't have any moral fibre, or guts, but just loves being begged to stay and to have an entourage/harem. Basically he's scum.


I think Ziggy originally believed he'd be one of the most popular HMs. It is starting to dawn on him that the way he has treated Chantelle isn't going to endear him to the general public. If he walks, he doesn't have to experience the shame of being booed, and gets to hang on to his ego.


Humpty Dumpty:
Ziggys only concern is with how his image appears to the public.

He thought the romance would be good for his image - hence the initial romance with Chanelle. Then he thought it might be making him appear less cool - so had his concerns over that.

With Charley being re-introduced to the house, he suddenly thought she was popular (and Chanelle being her arch enemy, might mean she is unpopular). Hence his talk of Chanelle 'being ridiculous' and 'obsessed' with Charley. Hence him having some nice moments with Charley.

Then come the 'get Charley out' chants on Friday. Oh oh. Tha’ts given him something to think about. He’s now regretting getting friendly again with Charley. Hence his argument with Charley on Friday night. Hence his talk of leaving (hes realised what hes done and isn't sure if hes able to backtrack again on what he said and still save face).

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Day 53, Sat 21 July: Ducks/Pre Monday Politics/Crocodile Tears

Chanelle’s “good friend” bounces back and forth from the Diary for hours today, talking to BB and deciding whether to follow through on his decision to leave the show.

Chanelle is the only one who knows that he asked to leave. Carole thinks the two of them are fighting about something, and she is furious when she finds out the truth later this week. Carole cannot stand it when something is going on in the house and she is not informed.
Live feed:

Carole barges into the shower with the two "good friends," strips, and bends over in front of a man half her age. Chanelle makes a swift exit.

Kung Fu Fighting class

Charley exits the DR crying and saying she doesn’t know why she’s been such a b*tch. Chanelle calmly cleans the table and ignores Charley’s digs at her between the tears.

Day 52 & 53 H/L, part 4:


Yellow Duck Philosophy task
BB fills the tub with water and ten yellow rubber ducks. On the bottom of each duck is a philosophical question to be answered.

Sample questions:
How high is up?
Where is love?

Chanelle does some more of her dumb schtick:
Chanelle: When did the alphabet start? What year?
Chanelle: Eggs come from trees?
Chanelle: How do you know, you weren’t there?

Live feed (over 50% soundcut):
Chanelle speaks about how people live on in the memory of others, and that is enough of an impact. This is a response to the rubber duck question “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

BB awards alcohol for the completion of the task. The HMs mix it all together with blackcurrant and chopped fruit.
Live feed:

23.00-after midnight
PMP like gangbusters
Earlier, after Nicky's eviction, Charley put on a big teary show of “remorse” in the DR. BB coaches her to go out and show her “remorse” and “vulnerability” to her HMs. Now Charley follows BB’s advice with a masterful PMP session at the smoking bench in front of Tracey, Liam, Gerry, and ZL. The boys fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Charley even climbs in the pool with the twins and Liam to up the PMP stakes! She’s really going for it! She pulls her hair extensions out in the pool so they don’t get wet. Gross!

WHATMer tomorrow:
I can almost hear Charley's cogs ticking away ....

mission accomplished ... mission accomplished

Twins - check (crying earlier)
Gerry - check (he gave her a kiss when she cried)
Liam - check ... very symathetic
Tracey - check ... no1 mate
Ziggy - check - very sympathetic



WHATMer conchie:
Chanelle the only one.... with a face that says....WHO ARE YOU FOOLING !!!!! Good on you Chanelle. Charlie's performance is worthy of an Oscar.

From the WHATM:
carole, chanelle and tracy discussing the pool after ziggy tries to persuade them to go in with the others.

Tracy says she has not been in the pool since the swimming task.

Chanelle having a mini strop over the pool being the centre of everyones life, and saying she does not want to go in the pool. Tracy telling her if you do not want to go in the pool, dont go in the pool!


Some DS FMs are irritated by Chanelle’s funny rant about the grottiness of the pool, but it was comical and I’m sure she intended to be funny. There is truth in it, certainly:

- The pool is dirty and has plenty of dead insects floating in it. You can see the scum from the dirty water on the tiles when the pool is shown in daylight.

- The pool is far too small for actual swimming.

- It’s fun to splash in a pool in the sun, on holiday, but not in the dark on a cold night.

- All the hands-on fumbling is just not Chanelle’s style. She doesn’t wish to be manhandled by Liam or other random male housemates.

More from the WHATM:
Chanelle: i just dont like the stupid pool is that so wrong carole. says like me and nicky in the pool or the twins in the pool but i dont want to get in the pool with a bunch of half naked men…chanelle saying she gets on with the twins but then sometimes she just feels so much older (is she missing Nicky?)

Day 52 & 53 H/L, part 5:


01:27 Day 54
Chanelle is still complaining about the pool.She says that in the pool the twins': "Boobs fly out."

01:38 Day 54
ZL has come into the living room. He tells the older, non-poolcentric housemates: "All in all there is a lot of sexual tension going on in the pool."

01.40 Day 54
After her funny pool rant, Chanelle gets into a steampod in lieu of a dip in the scummy pool of hormones. Charley’s pool PMP continues full-on throughout the steam pod footage. She campaigns hard for Chanelle to be nominated, and is seen mouthing Chanelle’s name energetically several times, in case the boys and twins miss her point.
Live feed:
Note how, back in the pool, Liam clutches Charley and the twins close to him (i.e., ALL the available women), while Brian has is far out of reach of ANY woman, skulking and watching from the corner of the pool.


Here are some DS:BB observations from Day 53 posted in a collaborative thread called “Ziggy’s Laws on Being a Nice Bloke":

Once upon a time there was a studio in Hertfordshire.

In this studio sat a House, one of the most talked about houses in the UK in the 21st century; more people had watched the going ons in this House than had seen Gerry's belly button close up!...

…The House was populated with only female HMs for a week; and some of them were only there because they wannted to succour magazine deals through any channel.

The second week, saw the introduction of a polite, respectful, good looking (for someone in their late thirties), interesting, former boy-band member, now producer (although still living with mummy) called Ziggy.... suited and booted and; every other word was 'please' and 'thank you'. Carole became very moist, from this point onwards - hopefully from sweating, from all that cooking and cleaning?

Six weeks later, I feel that I have come to understand the workings of this great conqueror of woman - he is a 'nice bloke'.

Dictionary checks -'facade' 'pretense' 'veneer' 'needy' 'insecure' 'player' 'user' 'Sezer'

So please join me in listing 'Ziggy's Laws on being a 'nice bloke'.

I guess I will start...

1. Always be the 'good guy', even when you are not.

2. Never actually say anything when you are speaking, even though words are coming out, you know...

3. If called to account, blame your penis; as when you are late paying your Council Tax - "sorry about that, it was my penis."

4. I want to leave but dont want to lose the magazine deals.

5. Never finish a sentence... ever ...
Do you know what, that is absolutely.....You know.....It really is.

6. When you disagree with someone, don't put forward your own point of view. That risks an argument, which you might lose. Instead, say something dismissive like "yes dear" and walk away. That way, it looks as if the matter is beneath your lofty concerns.

7. When you don't know who to Nominate... ask Gerry.

8. Never be honest with people you like.

9. Always be honest with people you don’t like.

9a. The nice bloke likes his pet dog, so he should treat his woman like she is his pet dog. This is as close to treating a woman with respect as one can get without actually going through the hardship of treating a woman with respect. The nice bloke dates insecure young women so they shouldn't notice the difference between being treated with respect and being treated like a pet dog.

10. When a nice bloke wants to finish with a woman, he should try his very best to make her dump him instead. When this fails, resort to Plan B, namely dump her but claim that it is a mutual decision, even when it plainly isn't.

20. Get back with the girl the next time she shows a bit of leg and puts on makeup.

30. Go to 10

11. when you find yourself in a deep hole, keep on digging....

12. When arguing with a girl, say, "You know what? you're a very clever girl, you managed to turn this argument around to make it look as if it's my fault".

12a. When you need to be aggressive to someone... find the closest woman under five foot tall... and be aggressive towards her... but say you are justbeinghonest.

("This thread is so not important"
It's just not something I want to get involved with, you know, simple as, end of.
yeah....I hate all this sh*t, you know? )

13. You can disguise the fact that nothing you say has any meaning by adding an emphatic "I really do" to the end of all your sentences. This will, at least in your own mind, make you appear substantial, and distract from the fact that you're a hair-dyed, sunbed-damaged former member of an unsuccessful kids' band that you're clearly embarrassed about having been in.

(Ziggy - wants to leave
I'll mess with Chanelle's head for 10 minutes, and get her all confused. She will beg me to stay, then i'll secure my five minutes on the highlight's show, with my super penis performance in the shower...)

14. When talking about your views, use the term 'myself' to give extra weight to what you are will make you feel superior to those around you, even if the viewers think it makes you sound like an ass...

15. When the nice bloke feels that there are problems with his relationship with his girlfriend, he should never tell her, doing so may result in confrontation and a stain on the nice bloke's whiter than white image.
Instead, tell your girlfriend's sworn enemy, that couldn't possibly end badly.

16. If 'nice bloke' has doubts about a relationship... tell everybody bar the woman concerned... and then go back to her and say you love her... as you are the good guy.

16a. When about to bitch, always say "I don't wanna bitch but..." and then bitch anyway. it might look good with the public

17. Always ask the laydee was it as good for you as it was for me.

17a. Shrug while speaking, as if to disassociate from what you are saying.

18. Should your 'nice bloke' image become tarnished, if for example you are shown to be a talentless loser, simply REBRAND yourself. Change your name and attempt to distance yourself from your past.

INSIST on being addressed by your new name otherwise people might remember who you really are

(Should your NEW image become tarnished don't worry, you can simply change your name and do it again)

19. Always say 'you know' after every 5th word of your sentence; i.e., "I'm not a mean guy, you know, but sometimes, things get intense, you know, it's just, it's just crazy, you know. I'm sorry, but it is, you know. D'ya know what I mean, you know. It's, it's just too intense."

20. No matter how much you stuff up, you can always rely on your 'nice bloke' persona to fool some of the people all of the time....

21. Be deeply sincere about nothing much at all.

22. A nice bloke must always remember that it is what it is, you know.

23. Being a nice bloke means that things are never ever your fault.

When you cheat and lie in a relationship it's not your fault.

If girls don't fancy you they're lesbians and/or bitches

When you are happy in your showmance it's all right for you both to express hatred for a particular housemate but when you are not happy in said showmance it is okay to blame the fact that you are not happy on the other person using her hatred for the housemate as the reason for the split. When she confronts you over your hatred, (a) walk away, (b) Deny it and turn it back on her.

24, Never, ever accept the blame for anything you've done. Always blame the girlfriend and make her feel low.

As a corrolary to rule 24. in order to blame said girlfriend, make sure to point out that her supposed blameworthy behaviour can't be helped because shes a girl, and such behaviour is typical of girls. Make sure to say "girl" and not "woman". Make sure to say this in a sympathetic tone thereby giving the impression that you are not judging her for the behaviour which, after all, the poor little girl can't help, what with her being a girl and all.

Please note - the nice bloke must be careful when using this tactic. Many women (girls) will spot this tactic as being patronising and misogynistic. Try to use it on young and insecure women.

25. Always be seen in a relationship to give the covert impression you don't play around.

25a. Ziggy's law... Behave how you want to and then say you want to leave as you don't want your mother to feel bad. And then stay.

26. It doesn't actually matter what the nice guy says, or does .. it can be as unpleasant and nonsensical as you like ... as long it's carried out with a nice refined accent, and spoken in a gentle un-assuming voice, as if he cares deeply with true emotional feeling, and says "er" enough to appear over-wrought, in the style of Blair or Hugh Grant.

Imo FMs that 'defend' Ziggy very strongly, because they 'like' him... don't grasp that it ain't Chanelle, that it ain't Gerry, that it ain't Carole or Charley... they aren't party to the stuff that we see... this is how Ziggy treats women... bear in mind, he knows he is being watched... so this is him trying to be a really really nice bloke...

Each HM has an agenda ... his was 'nice bloke'... he is trying so hard to be such... but he just can't manage it... yet it says a lot, that he is only beginning to realise just how badly he has failed.

I actually liked Ziggy for many weeks, blaming his slip-ups (like the liberal use of the words sl*ts and tellingly 'lesbians' to demonise women), on the pressures of being the sole man in the House... yet when the other men arrived and had a far better understanding of how to treat and talk to woman than him... he suddenly cried 'Eureka' and said oops maybe that is what I should have done... AKA... bad gameplanning, not a crime, but not particluarly 'nice bloke'...

Don't even get me started on how he actually talks to and treats Chanelle like a pet at times... and how he purposefully(?) goes to Charley for 'advice'... wtf?

In all conventional interpretations of relationship behaviour... If a gf or woman friend (even same-sex 'mates') says to me she/he detest so-and-so, and I have no feelings for so-and-so, why would I confide in so-and-so about my relationship with my partner/friend/mate, who I know so-and-so loathes... it ain't rocket science...

Then we have Nicky... what was Nicky's crime... she put a mirror up to Ziggy's obvious failings and she showed it to Chanelle, who listened... can't have another woman telling Chanelle another perception of Ziggy's behavior... ooh no!

Ziggy, if he was a 'nice bloke' could have sat down with Nicky (like he does with almost all the other HMs) and talk about his relationship... but he can't... because [Nicky] wasn't going to do nodding dog response like Carole, Jonathan, Tracey etc or 'we are the lads' little will comment re: Brian and Liam.

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Day 54, Sunday, 22 July: The Very, Very, Very, …Big HouseMate Quiz

Today, you can see glimpses of Chanelle helping Carole prepare the Sunday lunch in the highlights. This is the last time Carole will really be civil to Chanelle. It’s amazing how respectful and helpful Chanelle is to Carole, considering that she already knows Carole dislikes her. Carole outed her dislike of Chanelle with her snarky comments before and after the BB Birthday Party Task.

Nicky's Post-Eviction Comments
This morning the Daily Star publishes Nicky’s insightful post-eviction comments about her HMs:
ZL: He is an a***hole. He is only in love with himself. He is arrogant and he came into the house for a romance…with anyone.
Chanelle: She is naïve and immature and needs to wake up to the fact Z**** isn’t Mr. Right. She is a flirt who loves attention. [fair enough, she is flirty with everyone, boys and girls]
Liam: He is a sleaze. He flirted with me and then did it with all the other girls and made me look stupid. He keeps boasting about all the girls he slept with. He’s a tart.
Carole: I had time for her until she put me up for eviction and slagged me off for not helping out. She has got a nasty side.
Charley: Everyone in the house thinks fans love her and she will win. Now I’m out, I know the truth. She was sweet to me, but I can understand why people don’t like her.
Tracey: Funny, wicked and straight-talking. We had great chats. People don’t get her, but there’s more to Tracey than meets the eye.
Twins: I did think they were both fakes at first, but they’re not really. They live in a pink bubble where moths are birds and spiders are tarantulas.
Gerry: It was always “no way but my way” with him. I found it creepy that a 31-year-old gay man was so obsessed with the twins.
Brian: I love him. He is quite complex. I had deep and meaningful chats with him, and he was intellectual. But he is definitely getting sexually frustrated in there.

Harry Potter Quiz
The fateful Harry Potter quiz takes place in the garden. Quiz participants are Chanelle, Sam, and Liam. Malicious tongues spread rumours about Chanelle fancying Liam because of her body language during this quiz. Such nonsense! Note the dark hooded form stalking back and forth in front of the camera.
C4 video:

Chanelle gets a twin massage
Live feed [the titles say “After the Steam Pods,” which refers to the steam pod sessions last night. There were massages after the steam pods last night at about 02.00, but no live feed exists of that as far as I know. Chanelle's twin massage take place this afternoon.]:

PMP Marathon
Chanelle is annoyed by Charley’s nonstop, desperate PMP marathon: "It does my head in! .. that's what she does, every Saturday .. if she doesn't mind about eviction that much, why does she keep being nice to people?" Carole and ZL HATE hearing Chanelle speak this way because they both have a soft spot for Charley, and/or both want her to stay for strategic reasons. Plus the two of them still both believe Charley is popular on the outside.

Z**** stands with hands in pockets telling Chanelle what to think or feel or something while she struggles with making the bed. Guess it is Charley they are talking about ... again.

Chanelle: why should I keep my voice down and keep my opinions to myself when she's got a mouth bigger than her brain

ZL: mumble mumble

Chanelle: she's not sorry she argued, she's just panicking cos she heard the shouts on friday

ZL: mumble mumble


Chanelle: Every Friday and Saturday, she apologises to people, it does my head in, because she knows what's coming on Monday. If she really wanted to go, why does she start being nice to people?

Is Chanelle really the only housemate who can see exactly what most of us see about Charley?

The V V V V V V….Big Housemate Quiz
BB announces the beginning of the BBTV shopping task. HMs divide themselves into two teams for the BBTV Quiz.

Chanelle wins four awards, much to Carole’s dismay and Charley’s resentment.
According to fifty members of the eviction night audience, Chanelle is the housemate who is:
- Most likely to have a #1 Single
- Most stylish
- Most likely to be fancied by your dad
- Most fancied female of all
Live feed:
C4 video:

Day 54 H/L, parts 1 and 2:


Quiz Aftermath
After the quiz in which Chanelle received four positive answers from the eviction night audience, attention from her “boyfriend” is stepped up, and he pesters her about letting him write her “No. 1 single.”
Live feed:

Chanelle leaves the bedroom.
Ziggy to Charley: I still think I will get stiched up on the outside for the whole Chanelle thing.
Charley: Do you think?
Chanelle re enters the room: Awkward silence. It’s obvious from Chanelle’s face she thinks something was just said about her.

Gerry is in the Living Area obsessing about being the most unrecognized HM on the outside. Then a little bit of bitchiness: "I am bored of talking about Chanelle.” I really think he is competitive with Chanelle on several levels, although he does like her as a person.

From the WHATM:
[ZL] said to chanelle he doesn’t know what he’d do without her and that he loves her.....

[Wow, the quiz results have had a massive impact on his attitude toward Chanelle. No surprise there.]

Day 54 H/L, part 3:


Messages from home on BBTV
Chanelle and ZL discuss the message he just received from home. His mom told him not to do anything mean. That sounds to me like a message from his mother that he should quit jerking Chanelle around, picking her up and putting her down when it suits him, and treat her with respect. Chanelle is very kind and reassuring.
Live feed (skippable--mostly ZL speaking):

Day 54 H/L, part 4:


Chanelle and Brian’s Slop advert
Chanelle and Brian are called to the DR. They are given a can of Slop and told they must create a Slop advert in 15 minutes. Chanelle plays VB, and Brian plays a presenter named Mr. Sloppy.
Slop advert performance from C4:
Live feed of Slop advert preparation:

Day 54 H/L, part 5:


01.24 Day 55
Slowly Slowly Dumpy Dumpy
ZL tells Gerry he feels he’s keeping Chanelle away from the group. ZL also says there's a lot of flirting going in the house and he's not really into that sh*t. LOL! He flirts with Charley, Carole, Sam, Amanda, and Gerry! He flirted with Lesley, Shabnam, and Thaila! He even flirts with the disembodied female BB voice in the DR! He's having a full-on bromance with his partner in mutual admiration, Liam the lad. Later on he flirts with Shanessa, Kara, even Tracey! He is seriously blind to his own behavior. In five days, when ZL is tormenting Chanelle with his suspicions that she fancies Liam, Chanelle tells him he flirts with everyone, EVERYONE, and he says “I just don’t.” God!

WHATMER setsuna:
Oh my god, Ziggy has just indirectly told Gerry he feels like Chanelle is flirting with other people in the house, and "he's not into that". At least I'm 90% sure that it was Chanelle he was referring to. What WRONG with him? Who is Chanelle flirting with besides him?

(I think he was talking about Chanelle b/c he was talking about Chanelle IMMEDIATELY before he made the statement. He was saying a lot of people came in the house to get a foot in the door in the entertainment world, and he feels like Chanelle is one of those people. He then went on to talk about how those people are flirting to keep people sweet and he doesn't like it.)

She's been friendly with Brian today while working on the advertizement together, but so what? Is she only allowed to talk to gay men and Ziggy? I can't believe Ziggy gives her all the stick about being posessive regarding Charley when he's worse the second her attention isn't 100% on him. It just makes me so mad, and I wish he had walked. I feel like Channelle is much more enjoyable without him, and that she holds back from spending time with Liam and Brian (especially Liam as he's the one Ziggy is most nervous about) b/c of her screwed up relationship with Ziggy.


WHATMer MiniMeToo:
He said there are a few people in here who will do anything to stay in here and Chanelle is one of them.


What a strange comment for ZL to make:
1. If Chanelle was doing that (flirting and being nice as a PMP tactic), then why would she make her dislike of Charley so obvious and alienate some hm because of it?
2. Is ZL not doing the same by being nice to Charley even though he can’t stand her?


01.43 Day 55
Chanelle is talking about how the “pool of sexual activity” disgusts her! She says it's a pool of hormones with lots of groping, chucking people about…lol ziggy just covered up her mouth to stop the pool rant again lol

01.56 Day 55
Chanelle’s priorities have changed
Chanelle is lounging around in her Feeling Fabulous jammies. Gerry praises Chanelle for changing her priorities from marrying a footballer and being a WAG. He says to ZL that even a Player knows when to commit. Poor Gerry is so deluded about the “boyfriend”—the “nice bloke” act has worked on Gerry.

There’s a classic moment that happens while Gerry is talking about commitment. Charley flounces by in a shirt unbuttoned halfway to her navel, no bra, and the SAME “Feeling Fabulous” short pajama pants that Chanelle is wearing. ZL’s eyes track her progress all the way to the bedroom door, without moving his head inside the hoody.

Another telling moment: Chanelle admits she has jealous tendencies, but ZL actually thinks he is not a jealous person. WTF? After all his fussing about Chanelle spending time with Billi, and his new obsession about Chanelle flirting with Liam and even Brian! He has no self-knowledge at all!
Live feed:

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Day 55, Monday 23 July: Nominations; Rihanna argument
(five days until “it’s not you, it’s me)

Chanelle’s “boyfriend” gives a speech to Gerry that he came into BB8 a cool guy, and now he’s become the wettest human being. Whatever that means. My best guess is that he normally acts like a jerk on the outside, and in the BB house he’s been making a conscious effort to act like a “nice guy,” although he’s making a mess of it. He also says to Chanelle’s face that he won’t look cool if he hangs around with her.

From DS:BB, diamond1:
He's not interested in her as a person at all. He just wants a bit of nookie and she's daft enough to give it to him.
There are times when you can see he is really irritated by her. This morning she ran out in the garden and jumped in his arms kissing his neck and he just stared into space and tried to swing her off him

Ziggy "you know what you are doing here, babe"
Chanelle "what do you mean? Charley?"
Ziggy "no, we all know what we are doing here"
Ziggy and Chanelle seem to be discussing the twins and whether Charley is manipulating them or not.
Gerry joins in the conversation and says that Chanelle is making the twins pick sides.
Chanelle is annoyed at Gerry for thinking and saying that.
Chanelle walks out of the bedroom.

Carole nominates her two supposed favorites, Charley and ZL. In ZL’s case, he’s irritating her and upsetting her by his behavior, specifically his spending time with Chanelle and disregarding Carole’s advice to keep away.

Day 55 H/L, part 1:


Chanelle nominates Charley and Tracey. Sadly, I think her nomination of Tracey is strictly out of loyalty to her voting block because her reasons don’t ring true. She says it’s hard to have a conversation with Tracey, but in truth her conversations with Tracey are hilarious and they love to bounce funny lines back and forth between them. Her other reason is that Tracey s/times “shushes” them when a laminate is being read. That’s quite a reach as far as a reason for nomination. When she returns to bed, she tells ZL that she found nominating HARD.

Tracey’s nomination of ZL:
The simple fact is, he always goes back on his word. He’s the one who always sits there and gives it “I don’t think we should have any arguments in the house, try not to get involved"…What did he do Friday night as soon as Nick left? Started on Charley, and he won’t let it go. He knows what Charley’s like; he knows she’s quite a fiery woman. Will he stop? Will he bollocks. Every time it gets near nominations, he’s always smiling at me and waving at me in the bedroom. He’s just so full of it. He’s too fake.

Nominations summary
Six nominations for Charley from: Brian, Carole, Chanelle, Gerry, Liam, and ZL
Six nominations for Tracey from Amanda, Chanelle, Gerry, Liam, Sam, and ZL
Three nominations for Gerry from Brian, Charley, and Tracey
Two nominations for Carole from: Amanda and Sam
Two nominations for ZL from: Carole and Tracey
One nomination for Chanelle from Charley

Day 55 H/l, part 2:


Rihanna argument
After ZL and Gerry read messages for Liam and Gerry in the BBTV studio, Charley picks a fight with Chanelle over Rihanna’s age. Nominations have literally just finished! There’s no need for Charley to hold back now.

From the Metro:
The conversation about Rihanna between Charley and Chantelle got personal.
"How old is she? 19, 20?" Charley inquired as she looked at the singer on the big Brother plasma screen.
"She's about 16, 17," replied Chanelle. "No she's not," retorted Charley, "she's 19, 20."
"Let's just leave it, shall we?" said Chanelle. The spat could have ended there, but Charley persisted.
"You're the most boringest person in the house," she told Chanelle.
"I'm glad you feel that way," said Chanelle. "Is that all you can say? Because that's all you say to every single person every single time you have an argument with them."
"Let me tell you something," Charley shot back, "you, there's no excitement in you at all."
"That's funny," retorted Chanelle, "you said that to Gerry the other day."
Then the row escalated further, as most of the other housemates left, seeking a quiet sanctuary in the garden.
"Chanelle, what is your problem?" barked Charley.
"You!" replied Chanelle.
"Charley, to be quite honest I'm sick of conversations where everything gets turned around to what you think and it's about you."
"You talk s*** Chanelle," retorted Charley. "It's not the f***ing Charley show," Chanelle shouted, "It's Big Brother."
Charley then referred to Chanelle as "it" and the row got worse and worse until Brian and Ziggy separated the baying pair.
C4 video (just small bits of the argument, but enough to show how bothered Charley is about Chanelle being voted the Most Stylish):

WHATMer Cornchips:
Basically charley is miffed cos chanelle got best looking, best singer and most stylish - so has gone off at her. It’s quite pathetic.

Carole sticks up for Charley in front of all the housemates, but tells Gerry and ZL that they should stay out of it and not get involved on Chanelle’s behalf.

Day 55 H/L, part 3:


From the WHATM:
Chanelle hugs Gerry, who is emotional after hearing from his mum.

Charley in the garden shouting at Amanda "you and your sister bring glamour, not her wearing black all day, bloody state"
So it was all about Chanelle being voted most stylish, Charley has been building up since yesterday.


Charley is largely unruffled and unaffected by the argument. She’s singing to herself on the smoking bench.

Chanelle goes straight to the DR, upset that she has lowered herself to Charley’s level.


WHATM, Chanelle in the bathroom to ZL:
"i lowered myself to her level, i cant believe i did that, my mum will be so embarrased"
Chanelle "im absolutley disgusted, that i said these things"
Ziggy "but you should"
Chanelle "but 2 wrongs dont make a right"
Chanelle "what did she say, while i was in the dr?"

Chanelle "what was she saying when i was in the DR?"
Ziggy "nothing much .. she said about style"
Chanelle "i never said anything about [s/c, the Liam thing?].. she kept bringing it up .. she brought Nicky into it"

After coming out of the DR, Chanelle asks her “boyfriend” what Charley said about her. He says Charley said nothing bad about her!! After listening to Charley rant about Chanelle nonstop!! Then he criticizes Chanelle for bringing up “the Liam thing.” He truly seems more concerned about what was said about “the Liam thing” than anything else about the conflict between Chanelle and Charley.

Chanelle wants to apologise to Charley after Rihanna argument.
19.58 - "Everyone clearly thinks I'm in the wrong," says Chanelle. "Am I in the wrong?" she asks Ziggy.
"Could you hear me screaming?" [in the Diary Room]
He says that he could.
"I want to apologise - I won't be able to sleep on an argument."

WHATMer claimtofame:
There is no viewer satisfaction in watching a bully get away with it day after day. There is no viewer satisfaction in watching the "mother" figure take sides against the bullied. There is no viewer satisfaction in watching the "boyfriend" figure tell the bullied person to apologise.

WHATMer snaggIepuss:
Ziggy now prompting Chan to apologise to Charley and helping her with her lines FGS!

20.13 - Chanelle says she's worried that if she stays in the house, she'll end up acting dreadfully because she can't live with Charley.
"When people see that argument they're going to want me out," she says.
Live feed:

In the bathroom, Liam, Z, and C discuss the Nicky body language rumour that Charley brought up after the Rihanna argument. VERY heavily soundcut. Nicky is gone, but during the Rihanna argument Charley repeated something she claims Nicky said: you could tell Liam and Chanelle fancy each other, by their body language.

Chanelle stays in the bathroom with the twins trying to work out the best wording for an apology.

Zac now saying Chan has bought something up which he didn't want her to reference the Liam and Nikki thing

ziggy saying he feels uncomfortable with liam now

He says: not because of this only, but for the last few days he's felt uncomfortable?

Chanelle makes an apology to Charley.
Chanelle was right - she went to apologise and Charley starts another row.
Chanelle "well i apologise, have you accepted my apology or not"
Charley "no, i dont accept it"
Chanelle "well thats up to you, ive apologised its up to you whether you want to accept it or not"
Charley carries on ranting through scs.
Chanelle walks out of the bedroom
Charley "shes got a mouth on her like ive never seen before, she thinks everyone fancies her boyfriend, she needs to learn, no-one fancies him.
Amanda tries to explain to Charley they were both in the wrong.
Charley doesn't accept it and goes on about Chanelle having a gameplan and trying to look sweet in front of everyone, know what she is like.

BB "will ZL come to the dr with a hm of his choice", he first chooses Sam and then changes it to Liam.

WHATMer celtic star:
Yet he was the one who overheard the tracey/nicky conversation , told Chanelle but told her not to bring it up.
Tracey was accusing Chanelle of listening at doors , but it was Ziggy who heard it.

When Charley was again trying the dirty looks argument to justify her hatred of Chanelle .
She said to Chanelle even Nicky noticed it , and Chanelle admitted giving Nicky one [dirty look] on the said occasion because of what Ziggy had told her.

Why did Ziggy tell Chanelle this in the first place ?
So she would not be so friendly with Liam.

20.34 - Ziggy is called to the diary room - with a housemate of his choice. He takes Liam.

The Dog
I’m going to gloss over this infamous bit of BB favoritism and audience manipulation because I might say things I shouldn’t. I’ll just say many aspects of what happened puzzle me exceedingly. The whole episode reminded me of the final scene in “Splendor in the Grass” when Wilmadene comes to visit Bud, if Wilmadene were a squinty Shar Pei and “1928 Southeast Kansas” were a rickety English TV studio. Chanelle’s sort of like Angelina in this scenario—the scruffy girl Bud is stuck with.

I can’t show just that clip in isolation because it won’t have any emotional resonance without the story that came before. If you’ve never seen “Splendor in the Grass,” the Elia Kazan masterpiece about sexual repression in small-town America starring Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood, you should probably go watch the whole thing right now on Youtube, where it’s available in 12 parts. Just search for “Splendor in the Grass Pt. 1 of 12. You won’t regret it.

Day 55 H/L, part 4:


chanelle says I don’t want to live with charlie anymore, I can’t.
Zig says she'll be ok after nominations
Chanelle says she will be up
He says You wont be up, you are liked in this house
C Not now, I look like a nasty piece of work
ZL No one is going to dislike you after one row

She says she feels horrible........

WHATMer donsy90:
I think being ashamed of herself is part of it, she's also worried about what her parents will think, she has had a row and is feeling low, others have had messages, she hasn't yet, so is also feeling homesick.
I think it is a joint low, which is why she is having a snooze.

WHATMer Tipi:
OMg gerry just saying he wanted to play with molley and then (with Ziggy there) [tells Chanelle] be nice to him, give deepthroat, swallow..and maybe we get time with Molley

WHATMer Juliet Capulet:
Omg!! Zac thinks Chan has been flirting with Liam enough for people to talk!!! He said he'd heard from a few people and he thought along the same lines

Talking about the Dog.
Live feed:
C4 video:

00.30 Day 56
Charley and Carole set up camp in the bedroom, b*tching loudly about Chanelle and laughing. Tracey joins in. Chanelle is very tired and wants to go to sleep, but she leaves the bedroom to get away from the sound of Charley’s voice bragging and making digs at Chanelle.

Chanelle says that ZL told her in the past: You and Charley probably don’t get on because you are alike. [WTF?].
Chanelle: Charley is nasty to everyone so how can you say I am like her?
Ziggy says You are both beautiful young girls, both in the house, both the sort guys like…[trails off]
Chanelle: Are the twins in the same category?
ZL: No.
Chanelle is more upset, not less, by the fact that he places them both in the same category.

It gets worse. He says Charley is 19 and you are 21, as an example of their differences. Is he really that unaware that Chanelle is 19 and Charley turned 22 in June? There’s 2.5 years between them, and Chanelle is the junior! Later on, he says that seeing Molly brings back the time he bought her (with his ex), and says “happy days…” !!!

01.00 Day 56
WHATMer tomorrow:
Ziggy: you are nothing alike
2 mins later
Ziggy: you are both quite similar
Make up your bleedin mind Ziggy ...

WHATMer Delight2004:
You know I can kind of understand Chanelle's point. They are supposed to be an "item", at least in the house anyway, and he doesn't seem to stand by her at all. The last thing she wants to hear is that Charley is a beautiful girl. I kind of know what Ziggy means but he isn't wording it very well. Chanelle can't stand Charley, I don't think Ziggy can either but just stays out of it for a quiet life. He just seems to say more to Charley about Chanelle than the other way around, he is not at all supportive towards her.

You are kidding! Ziggy fancies the pants off Charley - the trouble is Chanelle is totally obsessed with Charley and she also feels/knows that Ziggy has the hots for her--that is the real problem.

WHATMer observer:
Ziggy has been dishonest with Chanelle here regarding 'being similar'. I clearly remember him and Carole discussing this saying that both Chanelle and Charley are similar in the sense that they both want fame, that both want to stand up and be the centre of attention, that both want to wear the best clothes, shoes, etc...I remember Gerry was there and was upset about it as he didn't like that discussion and told them to not tell Chanelle about this as she would be upset because Gerry didn't think that they are similar.

WHATMer Blossom1406:
You have 2 GROWN women and Charley - tearing a 19 year girl to pieces.

Her so called b/f telling her one thing one minute and another the next.

BUT everyone felt sorry for Brian and backed him up on here and in the house - how horrible Charley was then.

I would hate to see one of my family members at 19 being treated this way.

01.05 Day 56
Live feed:

WHATMer Juliet Capulet:
ominious question from Zac saying " What are we going to do then ............?? " to Chan in bed and he said it a few times.

There is definitely something weird going on between Z and G
3:28am: Chanelle leaves Ziggy's bed crying and holding Betsy, goes to DR
3:29am: Gerry immediately gets up from his regular sleeping place and gets in next to Ziggy. Kissing sounds follow, and a very rapid, quiet conversation.
G: unintelligible
Z: unintelligible
G: It's now Liam and Chanelle.
Z: What?
G: They have gone to the DR and uh Li, actually not Liam, Liam got his message today, but Brian and Chanelle have gone to the DR (unintelligible) to complain about the method we are using and we don't know (sound dip)
G: I know how it feels. We're just lucky. But I didn't feel jealous yesterday because I know there is [sic] more news bulletins (?) (unintelligible) to come.
G: Chanelle has been to the DR far too many times today for her (unintelligible)
Z: (unintelligible) I don't want to get [???].

+268 minutes into the recording: (this part was very hard to hear and I couldn't make out words and phrases and had to use ellipses, I know I missed a lot, something from Gerry about going to Greece if he had to)
G: ...very nice...We're generally happy from moment to moment.
Z: I know, when I can.
G: Do you know what...yeah there is [sic] people waiting for me outside...and you have to let go sometime...if I'm here...constant...and I'm going to let go myself.
Z: [Louder] Okay I'll join you tomorrow Gerry
G: I can't...seriously today...Charley did something to me about you know (SD)...I just can't do it anymore...I can't find it funny
Z: I know
Z: [Louder] Goodnight Gerry (repeated once I think)
Gerry goes back to his own bed
G: [Louder] Freddie get your shoes off

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Day 56, Tuesday, 24 July: Violin-gate
(four days until “It’s not you, it’s me”)

Prelude to Violin-gate. What happened in the days and hours immediately leading up to Violin-gate? Last night Chanelle wanted to leave, and this morning she is waiting to see how the day goes before she makes up her mind. Chanelle seems at the edge of her coping ability before BB springs the task on her, and here are some reasons why.

• Early hours Sat: Her “boyfriend” asks to leave BB, partly because he’s gotten himself back into “something” that he doesn’t want. He tells Chanelle he wants to go and asks her “Are we good? I don’t think we are really?” Chanelle is not stupid, and she understands the implications of all this. There is no security there.

• Sunday: BB holds the Big Brother Housemate Quiz on BBTV, which has a mixed outcome for Chanelle. On the up side, she wins four awards and thereby gets a huge hint from BB that she is popular on the outside. On the down side, Charley is seething that Chanelle won certain awards that Charley coveted, and she sets out to make Chanelle’s life a misery as soon as nominations finish on Monday. Further on the downside, Chanelle’s “boyfriend” receives zero recognition in the survey and his ego is bruised. Lastly, Liam and Carole have gotten a huge clue from the quiz that Chanelle is real competition for them, and they know they’ve got to cut her out of the game.

• All day Saturday and Sunday, Chanelle watches as Charley PMPs everyone who might nominate her. She doesn’t bother with Chanelle because Chanelle sees right through her. Chanelle seems to be one of the few who can see what Charley is up to, and it bothers her how Charley seems to snow all the other housemates.

• Mon: As part of a fairly obvious voting bloc, Chanelle nominates Tracey, a person she actually gets along with. This makes her feel two-faced and guilty.

• Mon: Charley picks a fight with Chanelle, and Chanelle has had enough and loses her temper with Charley. Tellingly, the twins stick close to Chanelle, Brian tries to separate the two girls, and Carole and the boys skitter around the edge of argument and refuse to get involved. Afterward, she is ashamed that she has sunk to Charley’s level, and she feels that she has humiliated her family by doing so.

• Mon: Chanelle attempts to apologise to Charley for saying the things she did, and is rebuffed. Carole sticks up for Charley and criticises Chanelle. Tracey, ZL, and even Gerry follow her example.

• Mon: In the wake of the Charley/Chanelle argument, Chan’s “boyfriend” picks Sam to pair up with him on a special task, then second guesses himself and chooses Liam.

• Mon night: Charley, Carole, and Tracey set up camp together in the BR and b*tch about Chanelle in a nasty way. They don’t attempt to hide what they are doing. Chanelle’s not stupid, she knows what they’re doing, and refuses to stay in the bedroom and listen.

• Another Charley/ZL heart-to-heart about Chanelle is interrupted by Chanelle. He was confiding in Charley that he thought he’d be stiched up on the outside because of the whole “Chanelle” thing. When Chanelle comes in, it’s obvious they were speaking about her, which is something he promised Chanelle he wouldn’t do anymore.

• Late Mon: Z tells C that, in his opinion, she and Charley are similar. He won’t explain what he means, saying they’re both “young and beautiful,” but not at all like the twins (wtf?). Again, Chanelle is not stupid, and she can’t help but understand the implications of what he is saying. He believes what Carole always harps on: Charley and Chanelle are they same, and each wants the other’s limelight. IMO Charley has been nasty to Chanelle from the get-go, and Chanelle tries to avoid her as much as possible. If Chanelle craved the “air time,” she would go head-to-head with Charley every day.

• 03.20 Tues: Chanelle is crying in bed. She tells ZL she had a nightmare that something is wrong with her father. She’s been having nightmares for days now. ZL sends her off to the DR to discuss it. As soon as she leaves the bedroom, Gerry jumps into her place in the double bed and starts spooning and cuddling her “boyfriend.”. You can hear kissing sounds and a very quiet, rapid conversation that I found surprisingly intimate between G and Z. The cameraman alternates between showing the DR door and G/ZL’s spooning shapes in the double bed. The whispering stops and Gerry scoots back to his bed before Chanelle returns to the bedroom. Again, Chanelle is intelligent and cannot help but be aware that Gerry has complicated motivations for getting involved with their relationship.


OK, that’s the setup. Let’s ease into the day.

Humpty dumpty (“Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle)

A few weeks ago Ziggy was telling everyone (but Chanelle) how he wanted to finish with her, she was immature etc.

After Charleys fake eviction (where she came back in and told them she was popular) Ziggy got more annoyed with Chanelles behaviour. He flirted with Charley. He told Chanelle that her dislike for Charley was ridiculous - he almost seemed to want to leave because of Chanelle (as if she was a problem and holding him back)

Funnily enough, the following week, after the 'get Charley out' chants - where it was established that Charley wasn't populuar - in fact she was intensley disliked, lo and behold Ziggy has an arguement with Charley, wants to leave because of all her arguements - and is back cosy again with Chanelle.

Then we have the BB quiz where Chanelle is considered to be the most stylish etc by the viewers. Ziggy of course is in complete agreement and is now acting as if shes the best thing since slice bread.

I always thought that Ziggys friendships and relationships were less to do with the person and feelings and more to do with how they made him look and if they improved his image with the public or not. His behaviour over the last few weeks has made me view him like this even more. It seems hes just trying to be the person he thinks the public will like. There seems very little of himself underneath it all.

Lola2 (“Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle”)
Hes a good game player he know how to play chanelle alright, hes making a total fool out of her and shes so wrapped up in her own wee fantasay world of posh and becks she cant see past him.

Ms Ann Thrope (“Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle”)
He isn't a good game player, he's the least popular person in the house next to Charley.

He's totally transparent in his motivation for palling up with people, he thinks we won't notice, but obviously he's too stupid to realise that we can see exactly what he's up to, and despise him for it.

Say what you like about Chanelle, but I think she genuinely likes him and you know what they say about love being blind. She isn't ready to accept that he's just using her, it can be very hard when you're wrapped up in someone to see what they are really like and not what you want them to be.

Caged Kitty (“Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle”)
The thing is that last night they showed him on the H/L tell her that he felt more this time round etc in the bathroom. But on the L/F he then went into the garden to Gerry started to say how things weren't really working out with them. You know the kind of conversation "Emmmmmmm, you know, Chanelle, emmmm, you know, she's great but, emmmmm, you know, not everything, emmmmm, you know". You get the idea. Gerry didn't pay him much attention and changed the subject to start bitching about Charley. Of course none of that made it into the H/L.

Scone (“Ziggy’s relationship with Chanelle”)
Chanelle needs to be shown what this gimboid has been saying behind her back. When Chanelle leaves the house, she needs to be shown what he is really like, I personally cannot stand the thought of her being in the final and coming out to a grinning Ziggy, like they are loves young dream. She needs to know and she needs to know now. Perhaps these new housemates will tell her about it.

Oh the Guilt (“Z’s r with C”)
Ziggy tells her one thing, then says something completely different in the DR, if he really wanted to cool the relationship that badly he wouldn't or shouldn't tell her things that make her feel like it great to be with her.
No doubt he will split with her soon stew a bit then start touching her up and trying to rekindle something, I think this is going to go in cycles until one of them leaves.

Mirandaweb (“Z’s r with C”):
He doesn't really want to be with her but he's too weak to be on his own, he fancies her but doesn't want to have to deal with any problems other than his own so would prefer to just sh*g her but as that isn't an option he's playing hot and cold depending on how loudly his lower brain is shouting at the time.

He's a classic dog in the manger too. Let it look like someone else might be getting on well with her and he's straight in there! I read someone say that Ziggy had offered to let Gerry move in with him afterwards. If that's true - I wonder if it's anything to do with Chanelle and Gerry's plans to get a house together? Also, he asked her back out after she looked stunning in the party task and was getting on increasingly well with Liam.

He doesn't really want her but he doesn't want it to look like she prefers someone else to him as that would dent his super-fragile ego.

He is completely pathetic!

Schmelly (“Z’s relationship with C”):
i have never been that fond of chanelle but after seeing what ziggy has put her through, blowing hot and cold, manipulating her and alienating her from other house mates, the massive double standards, blatantly using her to make himself feel better then dumping her and picking her back up again when he wants to. plus the constantly turning his negative emotional state back on to her. i feel she's had a really hard time, she's coped really well and i want ehr to win for that reason, i know that not a good reason but the only other person i want to win would never in a million years win so i'm thinking of changing my allegiance purely because of the way ziggy has used her.

WHATMer Charlottesweb (in reference to Carole’s vicious bitching about Chan last night):
I think Carole has always disliked Chanelle.

It isn’t because she heard Charleys 'getting a million' , although I think she genuinely believes that is true, along with the crowd loving Charley in general, but because she is simply very, very jealous of Chanelle's close relationship with Ziggy, and simply gravitated to people that also dislike her.

For a woman the same age as me, she sure is an immature brat. The above and her crying over not getting her own way when Lesley was in the house are my examples of this.


WHATMer Anguk:
I've been thinking about last night and I think Carole has angered me the most. Yes Charlie is a nasty, argumentative human being but Chanelle knows that Charley doesn't like her and it's mutual. We all knew it would be bugging Charley that Chanelle was voted the most stylish and she'd hold that against Chanelle. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Chanelle & Charley had a row and afterwards they would both stay in their own groups and talk about each other.

But Carole is so 2 faced, poor Chanelle thinks Carole is like her mother, she likes and respects her yet every chance there is Carole is bitching about Chanelle with others and then she goes and sits talking to Chanelle! I think when Chanelle gets out she's going to be most shocked about Carole. She knows what Charley thinks of her but she doesn't know what Carole says about her.

I don't like Charley but at least she's upfront and everyone knows where they stand with her, whereas Carole is just sly and underhand. I think I'd rather see Carole go over Charley.


WHATMER smolie:

With regard to Chanelle and their argument last night, what distressed me the most was the lack of support for Chanelle from the other housemates. The odd comment of support was banded about initially but that was it. When I remember back to Chanelle trying to stand up for Brian during his argument, to Carole's fierce defense of Brian during the same argument to looking at Carole and Tracey ripping Chanelle to shreds it saddens me to think that two grown women would endorse such treatment of a 19 year old. Regardless of the viewers opinions of Chanelle, she deserved some support from her fellow housemates and apart from Ziggy, she received virtually none! His support was halfhearted at best.]

It doesn't matter what your opinions are of Chanelle, whether you like her or find her a whinging child, it doesn't matter what your opinions are of Charley, whether you think she is a 'nasty piece of work' or you think she's great, nothing and no-one should be applauding or justifying or even enjoy watching such abhorrent behaviour towards fellow human beginnings (which imo is given the seal of approval by BB and certain housemates)!


WHATMer JoJo4 (!)
OK - I've posted here before that Carole kind of sneaks under my radar and I've been ambivalent to a large degree, until now.

Watching her last night in the fall out of the Charley and Chanelle spat, and seeing how upset Chanelle was by the whole episode, I though she behaved appallingly - and she has now turned totally to the dark side!

I hope Ziggy realises this and although I know he won't be nasty to her, he needs to keep his distance - she is poison.


WHATMer BigBroWelshman on the disquieting undertones of the Dog task:
A man of Ziggy's age crying over his pet? Well, as a dog lover, I am not going to criticise that. I do criticise his encouragement of it licking him. This is a sign of his own neediness for a display of affection from his pet. It is not a natural expression from an animal. It licks for what it can gain off the skin. Not a pleasant habit for visitors to your home or if young children are present.

Worse, however, was Ziggy kissing the dog full on the mouth at the end. Sorry, because I know some dog lovers do this, but it is very repugnant and neither natural for a dog nor for a human.

There is a healthy relationship with your pet and an unhealthy one. A healthy one is based on respect for the dog's role as a great animal companion and its respect for your role as the human that feeds and takes care of it.

Ziggy displayed something of his character in his attitude to Molly that worries me about him generally as a man.
[I wonder if BigBroWelshman knew that he slept with that dog every night.]


BB sends the laminate out with instructions for the BBTV task. Chanelle is at her lowest, most emotional point so far in the house, and she freaks out when she learns what BB expects her to do. The group won’t allow her to take a fail, and Carole and Charley use this opportunity to jump on Chanelle and really take her to task for not doing what the group wants her to do.
Day 56 H/L, part 1:

BBTV news bulletin about the nominations: it’s Charley and Tracey.
Day 56 H/L, part 2:

Live feed:
Chanelle finds out BB expects her to play the violin in front of the housemates (and the viewing public). A little over a week ago, she said she could never perform solo in front of anyone, not ZL, not even her parents. So this is an opportunity BB has seized on to put Chanelle under stress and watch how she reacts. She is genuinely scared and sick at the thought of what BB and the HMs want her to do. She has already requested a fail and been rejected by the group. She became extremely upset and would rather leave the show than continue in this situation where people do not take her feelings into account. She still has no idea the housemates and BB will back her into a corner and force her to play by saying Gerry might be up for eviction if she doesn’t.
Charley has instructions from BB to be impartial. But Gerry gives her a stage direction to flirt with all the men. WTF?
ZL gives Chanelle grief for not responding to his “comfort” in a way he finds inappropriate.He resents the way she responded to Liam’s words. “I’m not stupid,” he says. Chanelle is shocked how much Carole clearly dislikes her. ZL lays down the law and says pull your finger out and just do it.
ZL tells Chanelle that she’s very “funny” about things, and other people just can’t understand. Chanelle says it’s just one fail, and they’re allowed three. I can’t understand why her HMs are pressing her to the wall this way; Charley was offered a fail nonchalantly by Carole during the BB Bday task when she didn’t want to be a clown, and Shanessa is granted a fail with no fuss next week when she refuses to drink a glass of mayonnaise.
She explains to Brian, the twins, and Gerry that the reason she doesn’t want to play is personal. Gerry hints that the envelope contains serious consequences for him if the group fails. Chanelle says she can’t just scratch notes on the violin; it’s a personal thing.
Gerry hints again that the consequence for him will be bad unless Chanelle plays. Inside the house, Carole is saying that failing the task could have far-reaching consequences for someone in the house. “I know that,” ZL says. So the pressure is on!
Carole, Charley, and ZL all b*tching about Chanelle in the house. Gerry, Brian, and the twins are with their friend Chanelle in the caravan, listening and encouraging her to overcome her fear.
Chanelle, Brian, and the twins say the think they know what the consequence of a fail could be: the rest of their family messages could be withheld, Gerry could be up for eviction, they could lose a party. Gerry says the twins are working on Chanelle in the caravan. He puts away Chanelle’s clothes, which are piled on the bed, ready to pack. He says Chanelle is getting closer, and even asked if it would be her own violin. Gerry assured her that it would be some cheap violin, so it would have no memories or personal meaning for her, and playing it would mean nothing.
Sam and Liam talk about Chanelle’s reason for not wanting to play at the smoker’s bench. All heavily soundcut. He says escape from the memories of childhood…s/c
Gerry says the whole show is a joke, so you have to treat the task as a joke.
Chanelle has agreed to try. ZL is shooting her covert, disapproving looks and keeping a wide berth.
ZL making a big deal about how unpleasant he finds his role in the task, IMO an attempt to make less of Chanelle’s distress.
ZL talking about how he wants the group to pass the task, and logistical details about the task, even though Chanelle asks him not to speak about it because it makes her feel sick. She’s also upset that he kissed ONE housemate and wished her good luck: Charley. Why in the world would he single out Charley to kiss, except to make Chanelle feel worse? It’s obvious from Gerry’s comments that BB is dragging out the time to hand out the contestants’ props and instructions, and Chanelle is feeling the pressure and regressing.
ZL wrapped up in his own discomfort about performing, and unable to spare any compassion for Chanelle, who is being asked to do something that terrifies her. Nobody can understand why BB is dragging out the preparations so long.
HMs called to the sofas for the BBTV news.
Liam and Sam present the BBTV news: family messages for Chanelle and Brian. Charley finds out her footballer cousin’s been transferred to Sunderland.
Chanelle and Brian hear their messages. All soundcut.
Chanelle and Brian chat with Liam, Sam, and Gerry about their messages.
Chanelle asks Liam about the bit where her mum said they had been out for drinks with her sisters. The rest is soundcut.

It’s obviously that whatever Chanelle’s private reasons are for not wanting to play the violin, Charley will mock them. She can hardly wait! No wonder Chanelle is so unwilling to announce her reasons to the group.

Originally Posted by lil-r-r-h
Carole says that Chanelle should have told the group.

Chanelle: But Sam asked me in front of the group, i it for personal reasons

Carole: Yes I heard you say that, but you should have said it to everyone

Chanelle: But I didn't want to share it with everyone, Charley was there

Carole: You should have gone into the DR

Chanelle: I di d and they told me to come out and talk to people I felt were trusted, so I told Brian and the twins, I couldn't tell you because you were with the group

Carole: Well I don't care about that, I worried that you cost Gerry his time here, there could have been an eviction in that envelope.

Chanelle: But I did it because there might be that in the envelope, I did it for Gerry.

Carole is going round in nonsensical circles and Chanelle is beating her with logic at every step - for being a wimpy moaning wee so'nso she can certainly handle her side of a debate (much better than Carole), she's opening a can of whupass here

Day 56 H/L, part 3:

Chanelle is pushed to the wall. She is given an out of tune, cheap violin, a new bow with no resin, and no time to practice. Her five minutes in the DR are taken up with tuning the junky instrument.
Day 56 H/L, part 4:


01.13 Day 57
The Talent Show begins.

03.00 Day 57
Caravan after the show
All Chanelle’s insecurities come spilling out in the caravan. Meanwhile back in the house, Carole is absolutely ripping Chanelle. Even Tracey, who sees this all the time, is puzzled: “Has she bagged you? Has she put you down and stuff?” How else to account for the spewing of venom toward Chanelle after the task has been won and Chanelle has apologized to the group.
Day 56 H/L, part 5:

Live feed:
Z: I would be going off on youi on a different level if we weren’t in here. I promise you.
Z: I haven’t gone out with models. (!!!)
Z: Carole is understanding. (!!!)

Early am bed after violingate
Live feed (20:34 minutes):

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Day 57, Wed 25 July: Carole finishes with Chanelle; “Behind Closed Doors” panel quiz
(three days until “It’s not you, it’s me)

Z: 11am massive bitch about C/Violingate to Carole, subsequently crawls back into bed with Chanelle

Liam and Carole indulge in a spot of bitching about Chanelle. Meanwhile, Gerry and Brian are in the garden being 200% more understanding and forgiving.

Chanelle is trying to make up her mind about leaving, and Carole, ZL, and to some extent Liam are going to do their best to edge her out the door. Carole is in a hideous mood because she couldn’t push Chanelle out the door successfully last night. Today, Carole argues with Gerry, ZL, and Chanelle. The gloves are off.

Day 57 H/L, part 1:

Z warns C not to strop, whine, or have any more hissy fits
Z has massive fight with Carole about her favoring Charley.
Carole sticks up for Charley and obviously hates Chan.
C tells twins she’s decided to stay because she thought she was the only one who
Saw how unfair Carole was and how much she favored Charley.
17.21, Chanelle and Amanda are the BBTV news anchors
Z has massive fight with Char about Chan. She says C makes Z look like a mug.
Z calls Char a scary girl.

Day 57 H/L, part 2:

BBTV news anchors Amanda and Chanelle: Message for twins , plus the news that the 100K prize fund is still waiting for the winner
Charley sucks up to the twins and tries to pull them away from Chanelle
Carole says she won’t have people isolating Charley!!!
Shortly after, Carole tells Chanelle not to come to her for anything to speak to her ever again! This brings and end to Chanelle’s stay in the house even closer. Carole’s favorite boy is going to have to choose who he wants as his ally, mummy Carole or Chanelle.

Hug5ie’s live feed version of Carole’s tirades against Gerry/ZL and isolation of Chanelle:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

Day 57 H/L, part 3:

BBTV “Behind Closed Doors” (Bri’s and Carole’s house). IMO this is BB trying to hint to the HMs that Carole is a liar, a fake, and an enormous gameplayer. Her house is a tip, so obviously her constant cleaning is not her natural behavior. So why is she doing it? Think, HMs, think!!! Carole does that smile/grimace she does when something happens or someone says something that she really, really hates, but she has to pretend to be a good sport.

Day 57 H/L, part 4:

BBTV news anchors Brian and Tracey: messages for Tracey, Carole. Tracey announces the HMs have won the BBTV shopping task. The HMs get alcohol as an extra treat.

Early a.m. Big argument Charley vs. Brian: she insults him

Day 57 H/L, part 5:

Dinner p1
(Chanelle apologises to Liam, sounds like they just passed BBTV shopping task)

Dinner p2 is missing

Dinner p3

After dinner chat p1



I Have Never game

Early a.m.: Z still sleeps with Chanelle although he’s told Carole and anyone else who will listen that he’s seen something he doesn’t like in her, and doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

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Day 58, Thursday 26 July: Holiday Plans
(two days until “It’s not you, it’s me”)

Carole says to no one in particular that she’ll do a condom teach today “and a little questionnaire.” This seems to be a dig at Chanelle, who is trying to wake up after her late night with her “boyfriend” last night. Carole stares at Chanelle and smiles malevolently.

Z to Brian: I like Chanelle but things have gone too far.
Brian rambles on about how ZL has had a relationship in the house, broken up, and then “sort of” got together again with Chanelle. Poor Chanelle! With all the talk of holidays and shopping together, and meeting each one another’s family, she has NO IDEA that they have just “sort of” gotten back together (i.e., for the time being). Even Brian has a clearer idea where she stands than she does!

Z "you know when I split with Chanelle it was really, really, really not nice in here you know, and I like Chanelle, I do, and also enjoy her company, but I'm not gonna marry the girl, God knows what's gonna happen when we leave, but it's gone way too far than I wanted it to "
Z: I can’t wait to get out of here and have some space.
Brian: I know you can’t.

During shopping list
Chanelle is eating cereal in the trailer with her “boyfriend.”
In the main house, they’re doing shopping list, washing, and Gerry is sleeping.
Chanelle’s “boyfriend” tells her about the lovely holiday they’re going to take—“huts on stilts.” I assume he’s speaking about the Maldives during shopping list

Midday, I believe while Chanelle has left the caravan to return her cereal bowl to the kitchen.
Charley and ZL chat in the caravan about how he’ll miss her. Chanelle returns. ZL tells Charley he thinks she’ll stay over Tracey. Chanelle stares at him, then says she doesn’t want Tracey to go.

Starts out during shopping list I believe. Later Brian is shown on fish phone…to nobody. Almost totally soundcut.

Day 58 H/L, part 1:

Awkward trio in the caravan, continued…
Charley is amazed when Chanelle says she gets on well with Tracey, and has always gotten along well with Tracey. Charley makes some cutting comments about how Chanelle and ZL are always stuck together, so when would she find the time to talk to Tracey? Then she starts criticizing the “nice” behavior of the group who get along together. Most outrageously, she says her only friend in the house is Tracey, but Tracey is “not the sort of person I’d hang around with dead or alive.” Charley makes a few more cutting comments about the boring time ZL is in for after she’s evicted, and how he has Chanelle to have “her little fits.” Having stirred things sufficiently, she retires to the smoking bench.

Glimpses are shown of Chanelle, ZL, and twins in the caravan, but no conversation is overheard in this clip.

In the caravan this afternoon, ZL tells Brian and the twins that he and Chanelle are officially boyfriend and girlfriend inside and outside the house, which MUST strike Brian as strange after what ZL told him earlier today. ZL and Chanelle start talking about all the things they’ll do together outside the house. Why can't he tell her the truth just as he told it to Brian?

Liam speaks to the Australian BB house on the phone, and he has the gall to ask if any “English friends” of his are staying there in Australia! They are all so brainwashed, they still can’t accept that Chanelle won the eviction over Laura, and Laura went home to Wales!

Day 58 H/L, part 2:


Right after 1 and 2?
Chanelle, Sam, and ZL chat about which housemate they would bring back, and then who they would bring in if they could have anyone from the outside.
Chanelle would bring in her mum, and she would bake them all fairy cakes.

C4 video:
Chanelle: Alton Towers, we’ll go to…where else are we going to go?


WHATMer Cornchips comments on Carole's behavior toward Chanelle:

Its the alpha femal passive agressive thing she does. (Lea did it last year when nikki and ash displeased her) takes away affection and at the same time bestows it on someone else more obviously (its the twins this week who she is being particularly nice to - no coincidence that they are friends of chanelle).

She said something to chanelle on Tuesday night following the task. She said to chanelle that her and ziggy are always together somewhere and people find it uncomfortable to be around them. Chanelle said that that wasn't true and that she spends time with the twins and that "Zac spens alot of time with you and gerry" as chanelle carried on carol said under her breath "not alot of time no". I think Carol is feeling it that ziggy is no longer her right hand man since he took up with chanelle again and is punishing them for it. She also said to chanelle about being on and off and she is not giving either of them advice anymore cos neither of them (particulalry ziggy) take it i.e. he didn't stay away from chan which is what she told him to do and went back to chan. I think carol is hurting cos ziggy has withdrawn from her and is punishing chan.


WHATMer blossom1406 comments on how Carole and ZL seem to be working against Chanelle as a tag team:

What can I say re S.T.F.U - you nasty jealous women Carole - (I have tried to be patient(NOT) but will single you out and pick up on everything you do and let the others know and make them resent you and my favourite boys will vote her out) (i.e. Nicky)


Im such a slime ball Ziggy (I care for you so much and think your the nuts but I will at every opportuntity let everyone know I can't carry on like this and basically its me or Chanelle - housemates you decide and vote her out because Im the nice guy).


Carole is really in a snit with ZL for his "alienated affections," and she's up front about it.
WHATMer Cornchips:
Carol digging at zig a minute ago - he asked what was for tea she said "what does it look like, its what we discussed this morning" I think he walked off and she contined "yes great, sweet, brilliant, sounds good". I think she is implying he isn't listening to her.


Noises Task
Brian and ZL talk about Charley while she is in the DR doing her part of the Noises task. Why don’t they stand up to her, they ask themselves? But no one does, they observe.
Live feed:

Day 58 H/L, part 3:


Toilet paper reward for Noises task

Speaking to Gerry, ZL calls the talk of what he’ll do with Chanelle outside the house “a lot of girly stuff.” It’s fairly obvious he doesn’t mean a word of it, and it’s been a terrible strain on him. “There’s only so much I can do of it.”

Day 58 H/L, part 4:


It looks like ZL has chosen which girl is most important to him. In the bathroom, he urges Carole to tell him all the things she’s annoyed about, and he is going to listen with the utmost patience and attention to her feelings. Never once has he listened with such respect to Chanelle. Carole cries, and he responds with immediate care and concern!

ZL: I really really really really really really really really more than anyone in here care about you…you’re like my mum in here.

Carole lets the waterworks flow.
She takes credit for getting The Dog brought in for him. She’s the one who cares for him.
She wonders if he means the sharp things he has said to her.
He doesn’t puff or blow or call her an attention-seeking bitch. Funny that.

He thinks things are going on behind his back with Chanelle in this house. God!
He’s just trying to get through it.

Carole’s subtext: I’m the one who cares about you. I am the nurturing mother figure. Chanelle’s an attention-seeking, immature girl, and I don’t like her. Which one of us do you choose?

Day 58 H/L, part 5: (ignore eviction bits—they’re for tomorrow)


06.20 Day 59
ZL and Liam have stayed up all night talking.

C4 story:
Day 59, 06:20Liam and Ziggy talk things through ...
It's been a long night and an even longer morning. Liam and Ziggy have been up chatting into the night like two old men. All that was missing was a campfire and a bottle of bourbon.
Rattling on about fame, relationships, housemates, you name it, the pair put the world to rights. But was it a riveting and rare insight into the minds of two young men on the cusp of something big? Not really.
"I was sitting in the caravan and I was thinking, I've been doing some weird s*** in here and I've had some weird conversations, lying in bed I have some strange conversations. And I was thinking - who's p****** themselves? Or am I being called a wet b******?" Who can say, Ziggy?
Moving on to relationships and women, as blokes do, Ziggy's time with Chanelle was next up for an autopsy.
"I sometimes look at you boys and think, did I do the right thing?" said Ziggy.
"I've had an amazing time, but will it be different when you get out? I'm a guy, I like things that guys like, I like freedom, I like to enjoy myself. But in here I've not had that freedom so I've wanted to stay with one person. It's comforting. If you have the opportunity to stay in bed with a girl on a nightly basis, why wouldn't I do it?"
"Aye," nodded Liam, ambiguously.

"But on the other hand it's got me into more trouble. Carole is very wary of Chanelle," explained Ziggy.

"Carole took to you in a massive way, and me. It's really nice," said Liam.

"And you don't want to ruin it," said Ziggy.

"Because Chanelle is soft," said Liam.

"It annoys me," interrupted Ziggy. "I'm all about someone who doesn't do that."

"So Carole really feels for you when you're having to pick up the pieces. She wants you to have a good time in here for yourself."

"It's up to you what you say to Chanelle. I genuinely like her and think she's sound. I feel for her when she's upset about big things. But I don't have the relationship you have with her," said Liam, possibly tellingly?

"Now if it sounds like she's shouting at me and I'm not saying anything back and I say 'we'll talk about it later', I'll sit her down on the bed and say if that happens again, I can't be there," Ziggy revealed.

Good to know you've got such a mature attitude to relationships, Ziggy. Wonder if Chanelle knows about this?


WHATMer Mirage:
Hmmm hark at Ziggy talking to Liam. Saying how Chanelle should have told him her reasons about the violin and then they could have taken it to Carole, so she could bring it to the rest of the housemates. Why must they bring things to Carole's attention before anyone else?

WHATMer Christian Cage:
What a rubbish boyfriend Ziggy makes. To Chanelle face he is kissing her and saying he loves her. He then constantly bitches about her to the other housemates.

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Day 59, Friday, 27 July: Charley’s Eviction; Halfway Housemates join the show
(one day until “It’s not you, it’s me”)

Wednesday afternoon, Carole had a massive blowup with ZL about chores and the way she favours Charley. Subsequently, Carole was quite nasty to Chanelle and said she does not want Chanelle to speak to her again. Yesterday evening, ZL was careful to make up with Carole and make sure he was OK with her. He had a session under the duvet with Chanelle, and then spent the entire night PMP-ing the other housemates, finishing off with a ZL/Liam early morning conversation about how to distance himself from Chanelle without denting his chances in the game.

07.50 (10 minutes ago Liam and ZL finished discussing the Chanelle problem and went to bed)
WHATMer Warnie:
Morning all.

Just flicked through the overnights and can't believe that ziggy has once again been slating Chanelle - this time to Liam. I think she is going to be so hurt when this is shown to her on eviction night. Liam is a canny lad and offers decent advice but it's clear to see Ziggy has had enough of the relationship and is trying to figure out the best way out of it for him.

what makes matters worse is that he calmly gets into bed with Chanelle and gives her the Judas kiss not once but twice to a half asleep chanelle.

WHATMer binksy111:

Frome the moment he entered the house I knew he would try this game on with poor Chanelle,,,and he is so far doing it very well in my eyes..and I hate to see a young lass so besotted with such a plonker she is really letting him use her.....

Cannot believe Ziggy was AGAIN bitching chanelle...its awful to see how much influence he has over her, the thing is though she does not take any crap form him and I think when she does actually see the way he has been behind her back its bye bye jiggy for him..... I actually find it uncomfortable to watch...why cant one of the lads who see him slopped all over her from one minute to the next at least point out to him he is being a little cruel???

I have 3 hopes for tonights new HM's ,

1) A chef. Preferably female, Carole will be apopleptic at being usurped in the cooking role, conversely , if she refuses to give up, a chef will refuse to eat her food on health grounds. Either would be reasonable viewing.

2) Someone with the balls to stand up infront of the whole group and ask ziggy why hes having sex with Chanelle at night, and slgging her off to anyone who will listen to him during the day.

3) Someone with a personality, who actually wants to enjoy the BB house like Brian and the twins.

Juliet Capulet:
Disappointed with Zac today after him doing so well the last few days .

It's not the fact that he has doubts about their relationship and Chan, it's the fact that he decides to talk about it to other people rather than Chan herself.

If that is how he truly feels and yet he acts differently when he's around her, then I have to wonder which 'Zac' is the real Zac. Is it the 'Zac' who wants out of their relationship or the 'Zac' who spends his time with her acting like he's enjoying her company, talking about post BB and holidays etc

14.00 approx.
Chanelle and all the housemates draw pictures of what Big Brother means to them for the OTC program. Chanelle's drawing features her and ZL and lots of question marks over the future. ZL's drawing features him returning to his family and the Dog, with no Chanelle in it except as a tiny figure lumped with the other HMs he is moving away from. "Curved is the line of beauty, straight is the line of duty." LOL

Brian reassures Chanelle that he’s OK with her, even though she didn’t handle Violin-gate well. He says she’s human and he understands she has ups and downs.
Live feed:

Z talks about how he elbowed Chanelle in the face v early am

Acting out soap opera (duplicate)

Charley’s eviction
Triplets dressing for the eviction
Live feed:

After the announcement, ZL seems gutted and keeps staring at Charley.
Carole keeps embracing and fussing over Charley. She ADORED Charley, mostly because Charley loathed Chanelle and tormented her without mercy.

Finally, finally, Charley is evicted to resounding boos!

23.00 approx
The halfway housemates enter the Halfway House

David goes to the DR and is sent into the main house for a visit. Chanelle recognises him from her auditions and is very excited to see him. She tells him in a little while that she is missing her brother David from home, and now she feels she has another.

Day 59 & 60 H/L, part 1:

Brian and ZL talk through the door to the new girls about how they like girls who swallow and whether they want lap dances. ZL wants to know how many new girls have come in.
David, to our delight, drops a few well-worded hints that all is not well with ZL’s image on the outside. Brilliant! ZL freaks out and goes to bed early in a little while.

Chanelle gets drunk and cuddly. Will you stop making the housemates sick? Says her “boyfriend.”

saying goodnight to David, he’s going back to hwh

Chanelle picking her arm out on the smoker’s bench
“it fell off by the wind”

4.10am Day 60
Chanelle in BR without Charley, for the first time ever!

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Day 60, Saturday, 28 July: “It’s not you, it’s me”

Chanelle is very hung over and feels quite ill. She overdid it last night after the eviction, which is not like her.

Amy visits the main house. She immediately starts telling them how “one person” (Jonty) drank most of the alcohol after it was divided up between them. She tells them about the stabbing of the potatoes and ruined bananas in the night. She even warns them about the spanking! She’s just walked into the house and is standing only a few feet from the DR door when she spills all this info about Jonty.

Day 59 & 60 H/L, part 2:

approx 13.00
When Amy tells him over lunch that one of the Halfway Housemates is a blonde Welsh stripper, ZL appears stricken. He says there was a blonde Welsh stripper in his audition group. His audition group would, of course, have heard all his plans and schemes during auditions for what he would do if he got in the BB house. One WHATMer observes that he looked shocked at what Amy said, then immediately dashed off and told Chan that he was fed up and wanted to leave.

It's hard to tell if these events are related because ZL talks about leaving every Saturday after eviction.

Possibly, ZL's reaction to Amy's description of Shanessa and his immediate action put Shanessa's comments tomorrow night in an interesting light. Tomorrow at the Dinner Party, she makes a point of questioning ZL closely about his feelings for Chanelle and future plans, and then goes to Chanelle and asks about her feelings for ZL. ("Do you love him?")


Z tells Chanelle he knows she fancies Liam (what a tosser)
Z: I’m a clever guy, I know when there’s something there.
Vehement denial from Chanelle.
Z: On your side there is, I promise you.

WHATMer Mztake:
Whatm: Ziggy talking about something they spoke about last night [the "Liam" thing]. Making a word for it S/c

Chanelle says I am sorry you feel like that, Ziggy says you shouldn't be sorry its who you are (not sure about the wording there) S/c

Ziggy says he thinks a lot about how thinks a lot about getting out of situations and he needs to be out. [sic] With you and me and new people.

Chanelle says I think its funny that you say, I never know where I stand with you, when I never know from hour to hour what you feel.

A few minutes later:

Chan says tell me what I am doing and I will change it. Zig says its not that, its the house - I don't know what I am doing here.


WHATMer Taffycymru:
Ziggy saying he's always getting into things, he likes to be free, like the twins, always laughing because they've not got into anything and just caring about themselves

WHATMer Kewpee:
Is it any wonder she's full of insecurities with him? As soon as anything changes in there, he cites their relationship as a problem.

WHATMer Aimless Angel:
So, Ziggy doing his usual "I want to be the centre of attention" act again blubbering on about leaving the house once again? What a hypocrite after agreeing with Carole about Chanelle going on about leaving.

He knows where the door is - about time he used it. Course he won't. He always, always starts this stuff up as soon as there's any "development" in the house - he obviously fears its going to affect his perceived "success" to the finishing line


WHATMer Kewpee:
...Ziggy wants to win, the only time he has a problem with his relationship with Chan, is when it effects his chances of staying in there.

WHATMer blossom1406:
Do you think he is worried [the newbies] might let out what he is doing behind Chanelle's back.

he really is a piece of work. I bet he leaves or forces Chanelle to leave this weekend. [my emphasis!!!!!!!}

In DR:
I came in here, I made a bed, and I’ve kind of had to lie in it since then.

He feels like he’s not worrying about himself [enough]!!!!

He dislikes that she looks for attention from him or others. He can’t see himself being with someone like that. He would rather be on his own. Excuse me, but isn’t attention what you EXPECT from a partner??? That’s a normal expectation, that one will get support, comfort, and affection?

16.00 approx
WHATMer kaz1:
Zig out of DR and has asked Chan to forget what he said earlier. He's going to speak to the Psych guy later.

Gerry moaning about Carole.

Ziggy saying everyone is wearing him out and he can't wait to get out and give things a go with Chanelle on the outside. [emphasis mine!!!!! It's not you, it's me speech is TONIGHT!!!!] Hasn't got any energy for anyone, fed up of sleeping in the same room as everyone.


WHATMer armonium:
Ziggy "i love spending my time in here with you .. i've spent 100% of my time in here with you since day 1"
Chanelle "are you saying you don't wanna spend your time in here with me? you either wanna spend your time in here with me or you don't!"

ooh ultimatum!
Ziggy huffs


WHATMer Peony:
Chanelle asks Ziggy what she's supposed to do... he asks her to be there and she is and then he complains she's there too much.

WHATMer Lenchsal:
Amazing isnt he. He told her in the earlier days he wanted to spend all his time with her. He withdraws her from the group and then he plays this smothered game.
She needs away from him completely.

WHATMer tomorrow:
She does. Chanelle is a much better HM and happier person when she is NOT with Ziggy ...

I reckon Ziggy wants out .... because there are new women around ....



WHATMer Lenchsal:
Of course he wants out. He did the exact same thing when Pauline was on her way in
She was quite happy without him. Dressed up as the magicians helper etc and he had to have her back. He hated her having fun.


A few minutes later, Carole hustles over to get her oar in. WHATMer icefall:
carole [says] i dont think you are happy in this relationship and i think you should cut this relationship
(ziggy interjects) carole she is vulnerable s/c
carole sitting on ziggys bed, (chanelle in DR)

WHATMer witchiepoo:
ziggy having another heart to heart with his 'mother' Carole (who nominated him) about him & channelle

no wonder channelle is so insecure - he tells her one minute he really cares for her & needs her in there - then he's feeling crowded again & it's off. . .


Carole informs ZL that she does not like Chanelle very much, actually. She's spelling it out for him: choose!

WHATMer lessauk:
Zac is busy doing the worst thing possible - taking advice from carol

Chanelle went to the diary room and then dissappeared through the door marked halfway house - carol thinks maybe she has to go to the diary room that way.

Ziggy is doing his feeling down homesick thing he does every weekend - so hes feeling claustrophobic (with everyone imo ) and taking it out on the person hes closest to.

Carol is of course advising him that all his problems are down to his relationship with chanelle and he needs to get out of it.

STFU Carol


Gerry is in bed pretending to sleep during Carole's bedside consultation. But he says nothing to Chanelle about the whole conversation between Carole and ZL. Why? Maybe his focus is elsewhere, intent on lobbying to get David into that house to be his sidekick. :mad:


WHATMer jacko12:
So the fact that he was told that David had asked both Carole and Chanelle if they were on or off has had no effect on him I take it,

The bloke knows that these new people have seen him talking behind Chanelle's back with the others, that actually Zac's problem he's bothered how he has been portrayed.

If he's as unhappy as he says he is then why doesn't he tell her, why tell everyone else especially someone he knows doesn't like her.


Amy returns to the Halfway House. One WHATMer observes that only the naive ones (Brian and twins) like Amy. Even Liam doesn't seem overly keen. Tracey, Carole, and Chanelle think Amy's sketchy for talking in negative terms about the other Halfway Housemates before the main house got a chance to meet them. Gerry's not impressed, either. David is his #1 target, LOL!

Tracey, Chanelle, and Carole also noticed that Amy did a lot of talking about a number of things dear to HMs' hearts (dogs, Barbie, cider), but claims she hasn't been watching the show. Sketchy! Pull the other one!

WHATMer CharlieL:
wish one of them would come in and tell Chanelle how he has talked about her with every single housemate, then crawls back into her bed at night. Actually, I would very much like Tracy to do this. NOW.

WHATMer zelana:
Question for the men on here. Is Ziggy's behaviour normal male behaviour? Do men discuss their relationships with anyone who will listen?

WHATMer jacko12:
I certainly don't.

If I need to address a problem I just do it, why talk to others that's not exactly going to solve the problem.

Ziggy's problem is he is to aware of how he will look to others, also talking to the others the way he is, is a way of not making him look bad to the others if he does split with Chanelle...


ZL suddenly very interested in what the Welsh stripper said to Tracey (through the wall).

WHATMer smolie:
What is it with Ziggy? I am totally bewildered by his behaviour! If anyone can shed any light I'd be most grateful!

It seems to me that either:-

(a) He really does like Chanelle...[rest of speculation redacted]


(b) He doesn't really like her at all, is worried a new HM will tell her what he's being saying and she'll get upset and he'll look bad to the viewing public? The only reason he keeps beating about the bush (no pun intended! ) and not making a clean break is that again he fears he will look bad to us the viewers and leave the house to boos?

Unfortunately whatever option it may be he is messing with Chanelle's head in a very bad way. When she leaves the house and hears what he has been saying to all and sundry, it will no doubt cause her great distress. He needs to make a decision once and for all and stick to it - but he also needs to finish he sentences so Chanelle understands exactly what he is trying to say and do! He needs to stop worrying what other people think and act on what he himself is feeling - either to be with her or not! For goodness sake they'd made a clean break of it during BB's birthday week, why did he go back? Was it because he thought he'd be happier if they weren't together and it turned out he wasn't - because to me it looked like Chanelle was having a good time and he was moping about!! It worries me that he implies to his fellow HMs that its all her fault he's unhappy and that he is playing the martyr by staying with her as she needs constant attention and reassurance!

He needs to make a decision and make it quick, he needs to bite the bullet and put Chanelle out of her misery one way or another. And like I said he needs to do it using whole sentences - whether he really does like her or not - TELL HER straight!

[Well, as we and Chanelle find out later tonight, the answer is definitely (b), he doesn't really like her at all and has been stringing her along for weeks.]


Day 59 & 60 H/l, part 3:


He is only interested in how often the camera is on him. He picked Chanelle because she is the prettiest girl in there without any second thought - pure decoration, that is all he wanted. Then he found he'd got a girl with her own mind who is intelligent enough to stand up to him once she gets a whiff of his game. Hence her strops and his reluctance to end it. As soon as his testosterone kicks in, he is back in bed with her getting his cuddles. Not the best basis for any relationship, let alone one in the hot house that is BB.


Someone on WHATM says Chan will not allow ZL to speak to the new girls. Lenchsal and Juliet Capulet, among others, set the record straight:

There are limited places to be in that house and shes entitled to be in any of them same as he is. He is allowed to talk to who he wants, she has never stopped him. Questioned his motives and called him two faced yes but never told him he cant. (I agree with her about the two faced stuff to)
Hes theone who told her he wanted them to be together 24/7 and when she does he moans. When they split she got on with it whilst he lay in bed sulking.

Juliet Capulet:
I agree

People have short memories when it comes to Zac and Billy. Zac didn't seem too impressed by David either last night who made it obvious he fancied Chan. He was also touchy about the Liam and Chan 'rumours'.

Chan says that she thinks Amy doesn't like her and it's "Chan's jealous" .. Brian says " David doesn't like me" and no-one bats an eyelid. Chan also made comments about Liam not liking her when he first came into the house, she just says what she thinks, where's the problem in that?

People presume Chan brings Zac down (?? ) Zac was in bed, miserable for three days when they finished last time, she was the one getting on with it having a laugh with Bri, Liam and the Twins.

I like Chan and I do think she really likes Zac, but she needs to get rid of him.


Jonty visits the main house.

The fire alarm goes off!

21.45 approx
Caravan Desmond, pork pie, Danger mouse, red wine, Australian BB ends Mon 30 July 07.

Live feed:
Jonty’s visit p1
Jonty’s visit p2

Day 59 & 60 H/L, part 4:

01.00 approx., Day 61
In bed, Z again accuses Chanelle of fancying Liam. This is an idea that supposedly originated with Nicky’s alleged remarks about “body language” and has been festering in Carole, Charley, and Tracey’s imagination ever since. Either that or they’ve seized upon it as a stick to beat Chanelle with. The paranoid, disloyal creep either won’t believe her denial or pretends not to believe her denial.

Z says he wants to be a free spirit. She questions him about his constantly changing his mind; she tells him for once to tell her the truth and not beat around the bush.

Whispering, no mikes, Chanelle "How many more times do I need to apologise for the other day? s/c ...ever ever make it up to you, and if you tell me it's forgotten...Yes I have acted like a d**k for one day." She is disgusted and wants to end it.

C "You've asked me if I fancy someone, and I've said I don't."
C "'I think we should leave it we did a few weeks ago, and you can go and enjoy yourself."

WHATMer paulwj:
Ziggy has been talking to Carole all day about dumping Chan and now he's trying but for once Chan is being calm and giving him better than he is dishing out!

He's just a wimp that can't just make his mind up.


WHATMer Mirage:
I think Chanelle is at the end of her tether with his hot/cold/on/off behaviour towards her. I keep thinking Ziggy doesn't want her, but he won't let her go and have fun with the others. He is like a cat with a mouse and he likes to play with her, drop her and play with her again.

Just tell him to bugger off to the single bed and finish it once and for all. You will both be better off for it. Not to mention the viewers having a party to celebrate.


WHATMer Tipi:
C it;s a joke that you believe somebody...
Z: I don't.....
C; You do you do, I am really pissed off about that

C: I make nothing but effort for that person [Carole]
Z she does shit loads for you and says nothing bad about you (!!!!!)
C: who??? [if not Carole, who?]
Z;people in my head all day, it's in my head I can't shut it are being ridiculous....
Z: drop it
C: but you can't drop it
C: you talk such a lot of shit, you know you say you care about me but when we leave you probably won't even have my number
Z: I do care...why would you say that [liar]


WHATMer ladychat123:
Carole has well and truely brain washed ziggy.... she made it clear today that he dislikes chanelle and told him he should end it with her... and it's been carole who has told ziggy that chanelle fancies liam and has been flirting with him

[Z has well and truly chosen his ally, and it's not Chanelle]


WHATMer lovelife:
ziggy now up half dressed in kitchen getting water.

Chan (before he left|) you can go and talk about it some more now
zig: I haven't said anything bad about you out there (he lives in Charley's world obviously)


WHATMer mazey:
Now Carole in Bathroom, topping up the damage. Ziggy complaining about games, can't stand them, Carole agrees. Hypocrite.


WHATMer nagel84:
Ziggy talking about his girlfriend to someone who has told him she doesn't like Chanelle. What a fantastically loyal guy.

Carole changes the subject as Chanelle walks in.


In the bathroom, Carole pushes Z to “pull himself out of it” and tells him that she thinks Chanelle is throwing herself at Liam and constantly attention seeking. Carole adores controlling people under the guise of doling out caring advice. We know that Carole has just nominated Z on Monday, and that makes it even more amazing to watch him drink in all the bile she spews about Chanelle.
Live video:

WHATMer nagel84:
Carole and Ziggy saying that Chan wants to be top girl. Of course Carole isn't at all interested in the game at all herself.


How much does Carole hate Chanelle? For Ziggy to bare his soul to someone who so onviously hates Chanelle is an absolute disgrace. Who would let some interfering bitter old busybody talk about their girlfriend like that?

Chanelle has to get the hell away from the pair of them.


I don't think Chanelle gives a toss about being top girl. Carole just hates Chanelle and has her own agenda of getting Chanelle out the house. That is why she doesn't want David in the house, he is an ally for Chanelle.

Chanelle can't be friendly to another man without people accusing her of flirting. She is just friendly to everyone in the same way the twins are. She never went after Ziggy, he went after her.


[RE: Carole's vile accusation that Chanelle wants to be "top dog," which Z agrees with or pretends to agree with for his own reasons.]
Chanelle said in the first week to Ziggy that she didn't expect to get very far as she didn't think a lot of women would like her. She was certain she would be evicted against Laura. She is one person whom I can say is not consumed with winning.

She is useless at playing the game. All she is bothered about is this relationship and where she stands with Ziggy.


Carole is the biggest gameplayer in there! I just wish one of the newbies would tell her she has no chance of winning so she can let go with all this manipulation.

First she tries to poison Ziggy against Chanelle, trying to break them up. Then she moves on to the twins and then she tries to influence Ziggy over the new housemates.

All Ziggy seems bothered about is getting himself back into Carole's good books. He doesn't give a toss what STFU says about Chanelle.


WHATMer will_dearborn:
She went in there as a confident young woman, now she is an emotional wreck defined by a shrivelled up E.T. lookalike.

WHATMer AnnaClo:
Ziggy knows Chanelle does not fancy Liam he is looking for an excuse to make her look bad, or for Chanelle to dump him.


In the bedroom, Gerry, Brian, and the twins all agree that the idea of Chanelle trying to attract Liam or fancying Liam is ridiculous, and Z is wrong to think that. Chanelle gets up the courage to go in bathroom and interrupt the flow of Carole’s wisdom, and Z uses Carole’s words to rip her apart. At 20:26 in this video clip, you can see Carole’s gleeful victory dance, complete with stirring-the-pot gestures, performed in the darkened bedroom in front of Brian and the twins.
Live video:


02.30 Day 51
WHATMer conchie:
why why why why why...... does Ziggy confide in that old bitch about chanelle....... his disloyalty and inability to keep any issue between the pair of them is infuriating. And this is the guy who weeks ago... told Chanelle... that their business was nothing to do with other housemates.

It's Not You, It's Me
C4 video (just bits, and not the worst bits either):

C4 News Story, Day 61, 03:05: Chiggy off? Chiggy on..?

Z****'s attempt to smooth over an earlier quarrel with Chanelle seemed to do more harm than good...

The yo-yo couple reunited for a late night heart-to-heart in the bathroom after Z**** had one of his famous 'pep talks' with Carole.

"I'm half the person I was when I came in here... I'm afraid to say it has something to do with us," sighed Z****. Then, in a poor bid to be gentlemanly he tended the following words to his inflamed former beau. The immortal one-liner. "It's not you, it's me."

Baaaaad move Z****. The House hath no fury like a Chanelle scorned...

"Oh. My. God. You've just said 'It's not you, it's me' on national TV. How embarrassing is that? What a pity line..."

"OK, sorry then, it's you," hastily replied Z****. "I'll tell you that if that's what you want to hear."

Z**** then changed tack slightly, suggesting the dynamics of the couple were to blame for the breakdown of domestic relations:

"My biggest issue in here is that we're too different. I have to look after myself."

"You're unbelievable Zac," came the cutting response. "At least I can say that my feelings for you have been constant. You change your mind from day to day!"

"I find you way over the top. You're a hypochondriac and you crave attention," Z**** reaffirmed, only to be barraged with expletives from his shocked one time amour. "You can say what you want," he continued, "but this is how I feel."

"I said tonight 'let's leave it', but it's spiralled into how much you hate me," responded a bedazzled Chanelle, "I don't want to live with you in this House."

Is it really the end of Chiggy..? Or is this a bad case of Deja vu? If their time in the House is anything to go by, they'll probably be back together a lot sooner than you know it...

Much of the Chanelle/Z conversation was omitted by C4. Some bits:

WHATMer Tipi:

walks in to talk to Zig

C;If you think I fancied Liam, thats shit, cos I really dont
I spoke to the twins......
Z: fine youve asked the twins..........

C: said it was really stupid thing..I havent done anything to make you think that, I want to spend all my time with you, you want space so i give you space and then you accuse me of fancying Liam

Z: no its....i am just over it now....its a different thing every week....

cut to bedroom and carole dancing around happily ( no not kidding)


A pic of Carole’s happy dance in the bedroom while Z is in the bathroom giving C the dumping speech she helped him with:


WHATMer Tipi:
C; done with it what do you mean
Z: just let it ease........I am half the person I was when I came here...........depressed on a daily basis in not you its me....
C: its not you it me, you just said that to me on national tv, what a pity line...
Z: ok Its you, If thats what you want to hear
The actual fun of this is gone........
C; so I depress you do i, cheers babe
Z: no...our situation, its pretty....
do you not see people running around
C: do you see everyone running around gerry:

Z: i dont know if i am being paranoid or what
I am completely different on the outside
[C: Why have you come in here and been someone else then?]
this is way more than i have ever had to deal with it, you sit like its normal
C: this is not normal to me.. one minute i want to go and you say no chanelle stay..........s/c


Zac: you were never going to leave
C: you dont know me, you
Z: maybe we are too different.........I was talking to carole
Z: I have to look after myself.....
C: I can say i acted like a dick but my feelings for you never changed ever
Z: I ran around after you that day, walked out on eggshells
C that was one day
Z: many days
it get me down
C me or the house
Z both
Z i dont know what say
C you making it all so complicated
Analysing body language FFS it weird
Z: it not weird...people talk in here and its hard to blank it out, what nicky said i saw it myself that day...charlie said
C: ok charlie, what did you say to her on her birthday
Z: nothing
C: so I have to belive you but you dont believe me (ithink)


C: i have an issue with you saying you are the only thing that keeps me here and then saying i need to look after myself
Z: we have said things......
C i feel humiliated,, you are ****ing me off again
Z i am not
I cant deal with it, I cant, I dont have the strength
Z: you make out so innocent
CAll i have said is im sorry, I have been so sorry, I know im not an angel
C: you said go away together you said come and work with me.........s/c


Z: I just dont.....

C: I have never lied to you......

C:You said you really want to sort things out......

Z:The situation depresses me not you
But if you see something in a character you dont like
I'll tell you then if you really want to know..
You are way over the top with hypochondria
you crave attention
you lie to be centre of attention

C:but im with you away from people hows that looking for centre of attention.......

Z:gerry perfect for you to live with, he will tell you all day how perfect you are

I felt like shit the other day and looked like a mug
so if i am doing now i am sorry

gerry walks in

Z: busy gerry

Gerry waves hands above them..aura...

sound cuts


you walk up you give me a hug and kiss and I love that but when i am feeling shit i just need to walk away

When i am feeling shit you tell me to snap out of it

All the people here saw how you behaved and everyone watching

I dont want to be spoken to like shit......

something about lying that she made out he was dragging her to london.........

C: if she doesnt ask thats not ok, she apologiese and thats not ok either what can she do.........

C: I said tonight leave it but now its spiralled into you telling me how much you hate me and what an attention seeking bitch i am
Z: i never said that

C; i said this morning, nothings going to happen outside, you have been weird with me and stuff
and you said everythings brilliant....and 6 hours later
Z: sorry if i put a brave face
C: but its lie - why just not say this......and even 2 hours ago........
Z: we are so up and down, you are oblivious to things you do..but I see it, you know what, you are not going to...s/c

Z: whatever, i cant put it aside
C I havent asked you to , I have been asking you what i can do
Z; I cant deal with here and you
C; well then what do we do cos i cant live with you
So one of us has to leave, who
Z: neither of us, I can avoid you
C: if you think we would be like this on the outside world then you are wrong


C; you are sick of everything so what can I talk to you moan about sick of this, sick of playing in pool, sick of of talking about the outside world......

Z: if something is irritating me then its irritating me

C; dont complain if we cant change it.......
Z: if you go off on my own, you think i am avoiding you and im not, its a no win situation

C:what are we going to do cos I cant stay here with you,

Z:I am not going walk out and you shouldnt

C think of the other day when everything got brought up from week one...
Z - what thing
C - dont want to get into it...

assume its carole shes referirng too


Z: you are too good at this..these conversations...
I cant have these with girls..... I dont want to..

C: your feelings could change, they do all the time

c: its all been for another reason, for this
Z: you think that
C: i didnt but i do now
youve taken something someone has said and used it to make it look like im a player
Z: you are making this about something else it not I cant handle your issues
C what issues...


Z; i would love to walk now if they said i could [still get all the deals] but i physically couldnt


S/c thats what i have always felt about you too.......


Z- you still can......can care about someone
C - no, you can but that just weird

What i dislike about this the most is that he has just sat there and spouted all that Carole has told him....all she has told him to think and feel.......


She said I can't live with you any more after this, as it was so difficult last time. So what do we do. They both said one of us has to leave. Chan said should I leave?


She has been consistent in her feelings for him. He is the one who blows hot and cold in their relationship, tells her one minute how much he cares for her and then the next tells her it is all too much for him.


I don't buy that [Chanelle stayed with Z for the cameras and is now gameplaying to win, which he just accused her of]! The relationship hasn't helped her in the slightest and has only helped isolate her from the other housemates and given her a lot of hostility from some of them.

She seems besotted with him, so much so that she has neglected the wider BB experience and the game itself.

Chanelle goes to the DR, absolutely beside herself. She’s going to get two little dogs, and never speak to another man again.

I watched the live feed on my internet feed and Chanelle calmly asked him too explain why he felt the way he did, He said a few things that Chanelle pulled him up on and [she] asked him straight why if he had been feeling like this hadn't he told her sooner instead of carrying on telling her he cared for her and continuing to talk about them going away together and all the other rubbish he had been spouting to make her think things were ok between them.

When Chanelle finally got him to say why he wasn't happy all he did was spout almost word for word what Carole had said to him, It was at this point that Chanelle realised he had been playing her all along and she told him, at first he was lost for words then he tried mumbling some rubbish about it not being true,

At which point Chanelle told him she couldn't and wouldn't live with him in the house and asked what they should do, he made it clear he had no intention of going anywhere and she could do what she wanted but he wasn't going anywhere, that is when Chanelle left the bathroom and went straight into the diary room and asked to leave.

Day 59 & 60 H/L, part 5:
If a 26 year old guy starts a relationship with a 19 year old girl and then feels she is too immature for him then he quietly tells her it's not working.
He should not; climb into her bed at every opportunity. Tell her how much he fancies her, talk about holidays when they leave the house, tell her to ignore what everyone else is saying because its their business, talk about buying a dog together, want to get her into the recording studio and tell her he loves her.............whilst at the same time, tell all the other housemates he is not happy, wants out, can't stand this, can't cope with that!
He has done such a good job on her that she point blank refuses to believe that he has said anything bad about her. She is vulnerable and confused and will be devestated when she gets out the house and realises what he has been saying about her behind her back for weeks.
I was a big Ziggy fan, even wanted him to win. Channelle I was not so sure about.
I now think he is the biggest slime ball that ever walked and he has proved to me that he is a lot more immature than her. His talk to other HM's about thier relationship is school playground stuff.

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Day 61, Sunday, 29 July: Chanelle’s Last Full Day in the BBH; Dinner Party for the Halfway Housemates

Shanessa visits in the morning.
Chanelle greets her enthusiastically and takes her to meet the others. Chanelle had been waiting to go into the DR when Shanessa emerged.

WHATMer Nickymonger:
His character assassination was horrible and unpleasant to watch. Came across that he hated her and she made him miserable. Chanelle looked like she had just been stomped all over and ending up challenging him, to which he just attacked her character further.

There is no way they will be getting back together and I can see no way of them even having a friendship; something Ziggy came across as not wanting anyway. He slipped up and seemed to imply (could have been taken either way as Ziggy is not known for choosing his words carefully) that it had been a gameplan and he had simply tolerated her for eight weeks.

He refused to listen to Chanelle by pointing out she was too good at the arguments; which meant her defending herself was futile. She tried to understand where he was coming from; but he decided to "attack" her personality and reiterate Caroles saying (whilst stating how Carole/him had not been bitching about her and he never had). She looked shocked and rightly pointed out that it was obvious he had been talking about her and not in a positive way and to someone who openingly disliked her. Ziggy didn't want to listen; so she walked off stating f off then, which I don't blame her for.

They won't get back together, but I do hope he wakes up with a clearer head this morning to realise just how out of line he was in the way he was "breaking up" with her last night, because her tantrum does not justify everything he said to her yesterday and I think she feels awful at the moment. She looked dumbfounded and confused by it all.


WHATMer Juliet Capulet:
I think to be fair to Chan, we can sit there and shout "he wants to finish with you" at the TV because we've seen by what he says to others that he wants out. But she doesn't see the convo's he has with every man and his dog about her and their relationship.

We've known for weeks he wasn't interested by what he says to others, if we had to interpret his true feelings by what he says to her, we'd all be in the confused state she was in.


WHATMer Charlottesweb:
It was only 3 days ago he was tellingf her he loved her, was it not?

People miss the fact that although he has said to many other people he didnt want to be with Chanelle, he never actually said it to her.

That is , of course, his gameplan. He has been shown so very often saying he didnt want to be with her, the viewer forgets she hasnt actually been aware of this in the slightest.

Only last week it was he running to kiss her during the BB birthday party task, for instance.

if you dont remember she is unaware , then her confusion at being told its over seems like shes clingy, a bunny boiler, when infact, she has , in the span of 3 days, been told he loves her, he said they were an item to the twins, and planned a holiday together after BB.

Now he says its over.

I would be confused too.


WHATMer geraniums:
He`s not blind to Carole. He knows Carole doesn`t like Chanelle, as Carole told him so herself. He listens to her because she says what he wants to hear. He can then go and break up (again) with Chanelle and if he gets flak for it outside the house, he`ll blame it on his mind being twisted by Carole.
[This is exactly the strategy he takes during the final week of BB8, when he suddenly starts saying he shouldn't have listened to Carole! So predictable!]

noon, approx.
Chanelle has been in the DR confirming that she wants to leave. She tells no one and takes a shower. ZL stands outside the shower, asking if she can hear him. She says she can`t. He says he`ll speak to her once she`s out. WTF can`t he just leave her alone?!

WHATMer krankenj:
i think she is totally confused, their agrument was horrible last night and he really did say some nasty things to her, I think she did know he was trying to split up with her but she wanted to know the real reasons and defend herself as I think she thinks that he has made a total fool of her on tv and for talking behind her back. The one thing I have found out by watching her is she is not too faced, she has put up with being bullied and also getting her head messed up by him. I thought for his faults that he did generally like her and part of me still thinks he likes her but is too afaird of what other people think. I hope she dosn't go but who could blame her if she does.
As for Carol she has shown herself to be a really nasty piece of work again and remember Channelle was right about Charlie and her. Channelle was not jealous of Charlie, she did not like her for the same reasons most of the bb viewers didn't like her for. Also yst she didn't ignore Amy they did talk and she lent her sunglasses. As for being clinny it is always Zac that goes looking for her and takes her away from other.


12.15 approx.
Chanelle is dressing in the bedroom and ripping the BB-mandated patches off the logos on her jeans. She is leaving! She hasn't told anyone, and is clearly thinking she can leave quietly, without a fuss. Little does she know that BB is going to announce her plans to the whole house. She won't be able to sneak out quietly until tomorrow.

12.30 approx
Z is complaining about Chanelle to Liam in the garden when BB tells Chanelle to pick up her case from the Storeroom. He's telling Liam that Chanelle will try to play them off against each other. :mad:
Z: Carole said s/c

The twins, Gerry, and Brian are very upset and try to change Chanelle's mind. She is determined.
Chanelle: I thought about it all night.

Carole sits with arms folded and smiles.

Z is surprised. He tells Liam that she has tried to make him feel bad about things and twisting stuff. He's a cad through and through. He's blaming Chanelle now to Liam. She's put the blame on him, he says.

WHATMer novice:
and it IS all his fault. He made a B-Line for her the minute he got into the house. I remember well him annexing her, keeping her close, persuading her, on and on and on because he thought it would do his image good to have a 'thing' with her.


A twin hides Chanelle's suitcase when she's not looking.


Even after the suitcase announcement, Ziggy sits there and continues to slag off the woman that three days ago he told he loved.


Liam now echoeing Carole's words to Ziggy.

"She's alright when she's got a nice dress on like"

Chanelle in the BR with the twins, Gerry and Tracey telling them that she doesn't want to stay and make Ziggy depressed.
They say that's not true she says it is he told her last night.


Tracey tells her she owes it to Zig to go and tell him

NO SHE DOESN'T He knows and he's out in the garden slagging her off to Liam. (Who is agreeing with him)


Brian asking her if there is nothing they can say to make her stay. She says it`s too late, her suitcase is here and she has to pack. Gerry says that she is so near the end, to quit now.

Gerry now in tears. She says he can`t blackmail her with his tears. At least she now knows (too late) who her true friends are in the house. Tracey gives Chanelle a hug.


Chanelle is calm and looking forward to getting outside the house. She knows her time in the house is over now, and she's relieved. She puts on a brave face and remains cheerful.


Gwenhyffar Milgi:
Chanelle is very calm and collected, she realy has made up her mind. It's like a weight has dropped from her shoulders.

No look in from Ziggy yet (probably still complaining in the garden to Liam about Chanelle. Does he even know she is going yet?). No look in from Carole either. She thinks she has won and is probably turning her thoughts to Amanda.

I hope Carole and Ziggy go into the Halfway House and never come back.

It's a shame. I tihnk Chanelle would be a much more fun housemate without Ziggy. Ziggy is no fun, not with and not without Chanelle. During the times that they were broken up, Chanelle go along with the twins and the rest of the house (minus one). Ziggy just moped around.


Chanelle packs her case and is called to the DR 3 times.

BB keeps sending her back into the house on different pretexts.
1. Get Betsy.
2. You can't go now; you have to talk to the psychologist first.
3. The psychologist can't see you until Tuesday.

Gerry says keep away from Z when you get out. It’s a shame you started with him. Don’t watch the show back when you get out. You’ll see conversations you don’t want to see.
(Why did G never warn Chanelle about the slating Z did behind her back?)

Video clip of Chanelle waiting to be called by BB and spending time with her friends and Shanessa.
Live feed:

Kara Louise visits afternoon

I`ve posted in reply to this before some time ago.
Very early on, when Z**** got hitched to Chanelle, he would spend the night in bed with her snuggling up saying how much he thought of her and wanted to be with her etc. Then early in the mornings he'd be sat round the table with Carole and Jonathon telling them how she was too young for him and how possesive and stifling she was. This resulted in both of them nominating Chanelle in order to get Z**** out of her clutches.
Even at this early stage almost the only person who was unaware of Z****’s doubts about the relationship was Chanelle herself! She carried on blissfully unaware of the real situation where even Charley (her worst enemy) knew more about Z****’s true thoughts than she did.

Then we have the "it`s on, it`s off, it`s on again" routine, which Z**** employed regularly at the drop of a hat, whilst telling anyone who would listen (bar Chanelle) the reasons it would never work out between them.

He has constantly agreed with anyone who pulled the relationship apart, thereby only reinforcing others negative oppinions of Chanelles part in it, whilst making himself look responsible and sympathetic.

He cajoled Gerry into telling Chanelle it was finished, only to jump back into bed with her the very same night and reassure her everything was ok between them, leaving Gerry thinking it was just "a lovers tiff".

All this, "Carole`s stirring this" and "Charley`s stirring that" doesn`t wash with me. The guy is a COMPLETE PR*CK (circumcision not withstanding) and should be held almost solely responsible for the present situation!!!

ZL makes his last pitch for a positive spin in the papers from Chanelle. He says he “cares for” her. Whatever. At this point she tells him she believes he never cared for her at all, really. IMO this is why he ups the ante when she comes back for Betsy. His show of “caring” was supposed to soften the story Chanelle would tell on the outside, not keep her near him in the house. No wonder he felt mugged off when she stayed. B*tch!
C4 video:

Chiggy in toilet after Chanelle comes back for Betsy:

Dinner Party evening

Z tells Shanessa he’s not interested in continuing with Chanelle outside the BBH.

Chanelle upset in bathroom. Z thought she was fine this afternoon, so what’s her problem now? He offers to tell her what Stephen [psychologist] talked about.
Live feed:

Tracey, Brian, and Chanelle speak in the bathroom about which HWHMs to vote into the main house.
Live feed:

Gerry joins in.

Gerry asks “so how are you feeling?” The rest of what he says and Chenelle’s answer is soundcut. Chanelle, Brian, Gerry, and Tracey all talk about how hard it is to live in the house.
Live feed:

Chan comes out of the bathroom and joins in. The main house says goodnight to the Halfway Housemates. Chanelle tells Amy and Shanessa that she’s definitely leaving tomorrow. They tell her NO, you must NOT do that!!

Shanessa and Amy to Chanelle: Don’t walk out! You’ve come all this way.
Chanelle to Shanessa and Amy: I’m definitely leaving tomorrow.

Chanelle and Brian chat briefly about his feelings for Amanda before Liam comes outside and joins them. Then all three talk about which Halfway Housemates they want to come in the main house.

At the table, Chanelle, Gerry, Carole, Brian, Sam, and Liam hold a post-mortem of the dinner party and chat about the Halfway Housemates. ZL goes into the DR to discuss what Shanessa supposedly told him in response to all his digging for information from the outside. I have thought about what Shanessa said a lot, and I seriously don't believe she said anything about a baby. From watching the housemates speak on LF, I think she actually told ZL he needed to go home, a phrase which is repeated on LF a number of times. I think what she meant was that it was pointless to for him to stay in the house because he could not win--he was unpopular on the outside because of the terrible way he treated Chanelle, and he was causing her more pain every day. Shanessa also was not impressed with the way ZL spoke about Chanelle at the dinner table—you could see the shock on her face. Later she even asked Chanelle if she was in love with him. IMO, ZL couldn’t admit either to himself or to the others what Shanessa actually meant by her words, so he made up the bit with the imaginary “baby.” The last thing ZL would ever want the housemates to find out is that he is disliked by the public; if they knew that, they’d put him up for eviction.

In the bedroom, Chanelle looks at her pictures of friends and family with Brian. Liam and the twins get ready for their pool party.

Gerry, Liam, Brian, Chanelle, and ZL talk about Seany’s sense of humour, and about funny times in general. ZL continues his night-long demonstration of how little he cares, to correct the wrong impression that Chanelle got this afternoon when he cried and begged her not to leave. He pointedly acts as if she’s NOT EVEN THERE. :mad: . In the video clips from this evening, you can really see who cares about Chanelle and takes the trouble to speak to her on this last sad evening in the house. Gerry, Brian, and Tracey are there with her. Carole, Liam, and ZL just ignore her. It’s as if she’s one of the dead people in The Sixth Sense. Seriously—it’s eerie! The twins take a few minutes at the very end of the night to ask about her suitcases.

Chanelle and Gerry reminisce about the time Betsy came flying through the door in a condom. They both talk about the funniest times in the house as if this is the last night of BB8 (which of course, for many of us, it is). Gerry asks Chanelle if she’s fallen in love. You’re the second person who asked me that tonight, she says. The first was Shanessa.

Gerry also asks her what the psychologist said to her. She says she can hardly remember because she was so upset. Chanelle and Gerry both cast around for the correct word to describe this condition and finally think of “amnesia.”

Chanelle says she has amnesia and period cramps. [It’s just not her day in any way at all, is it?] Gerry keeps telling her it would be ridiculous for her to walk at this stage. In another room, ZL is speaking to Carole about his “relationship” with Chanelle. “If I find someone attractive in my eyes, I don’t mind having a bit of fun.”
Carole mocks his saying that “nothing happened” in the house.

Chanelle and Gerry talk about Jonty and Carole. ZL is digging for information about who they will choose from the HWH.

Tracey gets into bed and talks HWHMs with Chanelle and Gerry. [It’s obvious from Gerry’s comments about neither of them (Chanelle and Z) having a sense of humour right now that immediately before this clip Chanelle made the comment about ZL going in the pool.]
From the WHATM:
He was in bedroom talking to [Chanelle]
Chanelle: I can’t believe he is having fun in the pool'
Trace: You can still talk to him, you can still be mates
Chanelle: I can’t he always tries to hug me and stuff when he comes near me

[The stupid pool party in the garden is in progress. What is fun about sitting in water talking? I don’t get it!]
Tracey: Show him that you can deal with him being there. Confront it…
Gerry: “You have to hide your feelings.” Tracey and Gerry tell Chanelle, do not permit him to kiss you anymore like this afternoon. It’s wrong!
Tracey: Why do you want to be with somebody who f****s you about like that?
Tracey tells Chanelle, again, to make ZL back off and leave her alone in no uncertain terms.
Tracey: They’re both in turmoil, so he should let it be…It’s not f******g right man. It’s not correct.
Gerry: You have to ignore him a little bit. I agree. He’s my friend, but if he can ignore you, you should do the same.

Chanelle and Brian attempt to plan a target for the day tomorrow, to help Chan make it through.

Chanelle and Brian agree: She is honest. The rest of the clip is moronic pool party stuff.

Chanelle says she’s going to try the target technique. She asks herself why she got upset because somebody went in a pool. “It’s stupid.” Chanelle and Brian talk about their insecurities, and how they deal with them in the real world. ZL is actually changing his clothes in front of Chanelle, pretending she does NOT EVEN EXIST.

Chanelle to Brian: You’re like a boy me.
Brian to Chanelle: You’re like a girl me.
Chanelle learned she doesn’t want the pretentious things she thought she wanted.
Brian learned he doesn’t mind going back to normal life.
Chanelle: That first night of flashing lights was enough for me.

Chanelle talks about the first things she’ll do when she gets home. Mentally, she’s halfway there. She talks about why she enjoys her friends at home so much and why they all get along with each other so well.

Chanelle tells Brian how she asked her employer to hold her job for her because she wanted to come back, and they said no.

BB announces that the Living Area will be closed in ten minutes. When Chanelle comes out to get a drink before the kitchen is out of bounds, ZL pets her head as if she were a dog. She lets him, even though Gerry and Tracey told her to make sure he cut all that stuff out. Carole is busy doing the hard sell on Shanessa to Liam, and campaigning against Amy.

The twins ask when Chanelle has to give her suitcases back. Chanelle says she’s supposed to keep them until the Tuesday review. Chanelle goes into the DR.

BB tells everyone to go in the bedroom. The triplets share the double bed.


Hazel Wavenhoe blog:
Wednesday, August 01, 2007:

"Following on from Chanelle's announcement to leave on Day 61, it did seem like it might quite not happen, but she wasn't doing a "Z****" it seems but merely co-operating with a myriad of increasingly bizarre attempts by Big Brother to keep her in there for the "story" ("You forgot your toy rabbit", "Your parents aren't here", "You haven't superglued yourself to the dining table"). She agrees meekly to stay another night, but immediately re-enters the house to Carole staring daggers from her creepy Jonathon King eyes at her. Escaping to the garden she finds Z**** mid-bitch about how he really cares for her but she's a crazy mental. Looks like it was a long night for Chanelle.

All of her in-out-in-out-shakeitallaboutness only serves to steal the thunder from Shanessa and her sunken baps, which she's desperately waving around in an attempt to be seen as something more than Bride of Chucky. "Shanessa doesn't seem like a stripper" confides Gerry nervously to Chanelle, "I thought strippers were meant to"

The next day Chanelle innocently asks Z**** if he's seen her towel, and he seizes his chance to drive her over the edge by channelling Carole's aging cockstruck bitterness. Rudely he declares that he hasn't seen her towel, adding . "I don't know if I'm coming or going with you because I'm not giving you the attention you need!" It escalates into yet another heartily full-blown row, with Chanelle again, despite her loopiness, proving she is sharp enough to verbally destroy him. She may be whingy at times, but she's fantastic when she comes out fighting. "You just think that you can play with people's feelings like a wahhnker", she screams, prompting him into the eternal cry of the emotionally dead "What have I done wrong? I've done nothing wrong." and telling her to bring her "voice down" when she's actually finished speaking ("Don't furkin patronise me," she snaps back). She accuses him (understandably) of being two faced for the sake of the game: "You're Mr Furkin Perfect to someone, the next minute you're Mr Furkin Perfect to someone else. Always saying 'I want to leave' and smiling around people on nomination day."
"I don't give a shit about nominations! I want to leave Chanelle!" he bleats, enraged. "Well furk off then" she slams. Case closed.

Charlie Brooker brilliantly described Z**** as "a surfer doing a Tony Blair impersonation", but lately he's started reminding me (completely irrationally) of Buffalo Bill, the camp woman-envying serial killer from "Silence of the Lambs". Perhaps it's just the control freakery and liplessness, but if Chanelle were to stay with him I really fear that one day she would wake up hearing "It puts the lotion on it's skin" ("or else it gets the psycho hose beast treatment again"). On top of his scary control issues, he comes across as a man who will say and do anything in order to be perceived as "Y'know, a nice guy", including accusing Chanelle of being "the new Charley" (I hope that means Chanelle makes the million quid first). She scathingly puts another nail in his coffin (""The reason I want to leave is because of you, you furking wahnker. You've treated me like furking shit. I'm not giving you another chance to make me look stupid ... to make me look a furking doormat idiot." and with that she's off to the diary room, where she patiently explains that she "can't live with someone who pretends to care about me just for the camera, and someone who influences them to think like that" (Bye bye Z**** and Carole), before quietly sneaking back in to scrawl an eyeliner goodbye note (to the twins and Brian, but sadly not Gerry), and leaving the house for good (I hope, for her sake), and dignifiedly making mincemeat of Charley on the Big Brother spinoff shows. Hurrah.

Twenty minutes later, Sam wafts dreamily in and discovers Chanelle's goodbye note, staring at it disbelievingly before searching everywhere for the missing Posh-wannabe. Carole watches with a hopeful scowl, cynically suggesting Chanelle will be back, as "she's packed her bags before" (er no she hasn't you twisted wire-wooled heffalump). As the realisation slowly dawns that Chanelle has indeed flown the nest, the twins and Gerry descend into weeping gloom, and even Z**** (realising his number is truly up) gouges at his eyes so he can squeeze out an automatic tear to camera, before Carole hugs him consolingly to her bosoms of doom (hoping that he will shout "bitty" and start suckling).

The housemates vote on which two people from the halfway house they would like to join the main house, and astonishingly spanky plush toy fetishist Jonty isn't even given a look in. Amy's reduced to tears when she sees Carole's reasons for not electing her ("I just don't like the girl" - to be fair that probably applies to every younger woman Carole meets), and eventually gay-Elvis-alike David (to Gerry's joy!) and Kara-Louise (to my "meh"ness) are chosen, the latter collapsing into an unconvincing collage of bawling and snot ("I didn't expect this!!!!"). However, Big Brother have yet another aparently pointless twist up their sleeves, in that one main housemate has to be picked to go into the Halfway house. Z**** tries to prove his inner nobility by putting himself forward, and amusingly immediately regrets it when he is selected, and it dawns on him that he has to spend time in enclosed space with Jonty and a painfully near-naked Shanessa. Ha! And everyone still knows he's a lipless ****, especially when he starts pouring his "heart" out to Jonty and declaring his love for Chanelle (****ing wonderful when she isn't there eh?) in a move not at all engineered to garner some public sympathy, oh no!

The remaining halfway housemates are given the opportunity to join the main house by competing in a series of tasks, and it's announced that whoever remains in the Halfway house at the end of the week will be up for the public eviction vote. All of a sudden this does seem to have a point as long as Z****'s still in there. I'd love the GBP to prove him less popular than a balding virgin with a crush on plush. The first task involves the Halfway housemates all dressing up as Jack-in-the boxes - with whoever jumps out from their cardboard prison closest to the time agreed by Big Brother going into the main house and choosing one of the main housemates to replace them in Jonty's padded cell (are you getting all this). Shanessa wins, and to Carole's chagrin she sends Liam into the halfway house to keep Z**** company. Liam chooses to make a move on glamour model Amy (remember her), who's starting to resemble a brunette Chantelle Houghton after a failed nose job. Our romantic North Eastern lad woos her with talk of horses cocks, before looming in for a full on proper snog with tongues. Oh dear. Z****'s unimpressed. "Don't take my advice for relationships in the House!" he mutters darkly as Liam bounces around happily the morning after.

Moral victor of Big Brother 8: Chanelle
Loving: Gerry & David (especially after they told Brian that Shakespeare wrote the first Ghostbusters and Sylvia Plath wrote the sequel. Oh come on! It's funny isn't it?)
Bless them: The twins
Dull, but good-looking in a muppety sort of way: Liam
Is it just me who doesn't love: Brian
Bovvered?: Tracey, Shanessa, Kara-Louise, Amy
Can **** right off: Carole
Can **** even further off: Z****"

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Chanelle Star

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Day 62, Monday, 30 July; Chanelle leaves the BBH

Chanelle in the morning, waiting for the DR:
Let me OUT of here!!!

Live feed from the point of the argument:

C4 report of argument: [note that this is contains only fragments of the actual argument, and particularly omits many excellent points that Chanelle made to ZL about their “relationship” and how he had used her]

This is taken from the CH4 website, he also told her that getting involved with her was the biggest mistake he made in there

" Z**** had been in the Living Area telling Brian, and Tracey how 'impossible' he was finding his strained relationship with Chanelle.

"You don't know if you're coming or going," Z**** told them, actually speaking of his own confusion.

Chanelle could hear him complaining through the bedroom door and entered the Living Area with a question about her pink towel.

"I haven't used your towel," Z**** immediately shouted.

And in no time at all their conversation turned nasty.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" asked an outraged Z****. "You are so rude."

"I don't want you to f****** talk to me!" shouted Chanelle.

"You don't listen!" Z**** angrily replied. "We walked outside and you go... "

At this point Chanelle interrupted with a high-pitched scream.

"I'm going like that as well Chanelle," responded Z**** to Chanelle's impromptu squeal. "I don't know if I'm coming or going with you because I'm not giving you the attention you need!"

"F*** off!" Chanelle told him.

"F*** off!" He replied. "Seriously, man."

"You just think that you can play with people's feelings like a w*****", Chanelle fired back.

"What have I done wrong?" he asked. "I've done nothing wrong."

"Every hour of everyday you're like, one hour 'oh Chanelle, I care about you so much' the next hour your like 'I'm not gonna f***** speak to yer'," Chanelle retorted. "The hour after that you're like 'oh I really care about yer' and the hour after that you're like 'you attention seeking b****'."

"I've never called you that," Z**** insisted, "you can make it up as you go along if you want to. I know I never said that. You know I never said that. So stop lying."

Chanelle was momentarily stunned into silence.

"Bring your voice down a little bit," Z**** demanded.

"Don't f***** patronise me," Chanelle warned Z****.

"I've come up to you twice and said 'are you okay Chanelle? I wanna talk,' and then you run outside and say it's funny how people are trying to ignore you?"

"Funny how people f***** change!" responded Chanelle.

"I haven't changed!" insisted Z****.

"You're mr f***** perfect to someone," Chanelle shrieked. "The next minute your mr f***** perfect to someone else. Always saying 'I want to leave' and smiling around people on nomination day."

"I don't give a s*** about nominations! I want to leave Chanelle!" barked Z****.

"Well f*** off then!" she screamed back.

"Who's the one who started crying when I tried to leave yesterday?" Chanelle asked.

"Yeah! Because I'm upset, because I care for you!" defended Z****.

"You're upset because you don't have people to mess with," said Chanelle, "that's why you're upset, no one really gives a s*** whether you like them or not in here but I do. That's why you were upset. I'm the only one that will listen to the s*** or take the s*** that you give me."

"You're a nasty piece of work," said Z****. "You really are. How can you say things like that? We have a new Charley." Oooh!

The row continued until Chanelle got to the broken heart of the matter.

"The reason I want to leave is because of you," she told him, "you f***** w*****. You've treated me like f***** s***."

"I haven't!" Z**** replied, "I haven't treated you like s***. You are oblivious to things you do. You don't want to see what you do."

"That's it now!" shouted Chanelle, "I'm sick of it!"

Another C4 version of the argument. Again, this clip contains mere fragments of the argument, but a couple of Chanelle’s points are included in this clip. Notice how he laughs at her in the beginning and repeats what she says in a mocking way, seeming to seize upon this opportunity to pick a fight and escalate the situation. He blatantly ignores her demand that he not speak to her:

Carole spilling more poison about Chanelle to Liam and ZL
Being almost Carole's age and having a children the same age as Chanelle and Ziggy, Carole's behaviour towards Chanelle is really starting to bother me. How could she make so many allowances for Charley, who has certainly contributed towards the behaviour we are seeing from Chanelle at the moment, while spouting off about Chanelle all of the time?

On a scale of 0 - 10 I know which housemate would have concerned me most. Women my age should not be interfering in a relationship between two young people. Yeah give advice if they ask for it then keep your mouth shut. Mum’s tend to say their piece and then wait around to pick up the pieces should it be necessary. Taking on the role of Mum in the way she has should mean that Carole should be taking sides. Mum’s tend to try and stay neutral. Clearly Carole is not and that is because she is not their Mum and she has a soft spot for Ziggy and a very different attitude towards him.

From where I am viewing Carole and Ziggy are ganging up on Chanelle and have been doing this for weeks now. I I would expect my 28 year old son's behaviour to be better than my 20 year olds. We are not seeing that. Ziggy has had lots of opportunities to finish with Chanelle and stick with it but he does not. Once again new people are coming into the house and so he finishes with Chanelle. He picks at her like a spot making her doubt herself.He is the one, in my opinion, who needs to be told to grow up and back off. There is no doubt that Chanelle needs help but Carole and Ziggy are not helping.

However badly Chanelle is behaving I feel sorry for her. The last thing she needs is a 53 year old woman taking sides and making sure that Chanelle knows how disapproving of her she is.

A WHATMer who fancies ZL asks How can you not feel sorry for him in this situation?
Blossom 1406 replies: Easy he has lied to her and told her one thing and everyone else another.

Nicho says: I agree. Call me cynical if you like, but I think that he only really fancies her, and it goes no deeper. He's dressed this up with a lot of claptrap about "really caring for you", which has dragged her into expecting more than he can offer. He's made his bed here, as far as I'm concerned.

In my opinion there's a complete mismatch between the way in which Ziggy paints himself - tortured, deeply felt, caring, considerate ... and what's really going on under the surface - getting his end away, and making sure he maintains his image.

This is the cause of the problems with Chanelle. She doesn't see beyond the act, but feels the truth of his real motivations.

Aiko responds to Nicho:
... yep, would agree more or less.

And it is hard for her to articulate - so her reaction (seen without context) bolsters the ''bunny boiler/neurotic'' image ... that is becoming useful for some.

Just in passing can I say that Carole horrifies me in a way that no other HM has been quite able to do ... because of the way she utilizes the maternal role to cause damage to her fellow contestants.

She has no compunction in using her role of motherly wise woman to disseminate and spin information to others for her own advantage. She does this with a full understanding of the distress that she may be causing.

And in this instance - irrespective of any judgement we may or may not make about Chanelle - Carole wants to ensure an exit from the house, and the way in which she is doing it is not very pretty.

Ziggy/Zac's behaviour has been utterly reprehensible. He has on innumerable occasions spoken about his lack of feelings for Chanelle to Gerry, Liam, Carole, Charley et al, and within minutes been telling her how much he cares for her. He is a liar or is unable to face up to things - whichever it is not something to be proud of.

Those who wish to hug and cuddle him should first wonder about the game he is playing. Its sleazy nature was made apparent by his own filmed pre-entry question to himself.

[in response to a post calling C jealous and possessive, among other things]
Oh so the causing of all the aforementioned behaviour in someone by coming in with the intention of having a relationship with someone for publicity, picking one of the youngest and inexperienced, then pretending to stick up for her over nothing (the turning on Emily), the constant touching, telling how much he cares for her, defending his behaviour to a house of cynical HM's by re-affirming that he would be attracted to and have a relationship ship outside of the house, making a big show of it, constantly feeding her lines and making 'plans' he has no intention of keeping, and once he has her then never defends her, talks behind her back and lusts after other females, and then when he does decide to be truthful it comes out of the blue shocking the person he's brainwashed, and then back tracking and making out that he never said things he only said a few minutes ago and getting pissed off at her reactions to his behaviour is acceptable? What about when they did split up and then he wanted her back purely because he thought she looked attractive again and once again laid it on thick, but behind her back it was a different story and proved her insecurity caused and about him right with his behaviour on Pauline's entrance which he is now exhibiting again? Then when he slept with her, he wasn't so interested anymore?

Her behaviour is a reaction to his, yet you blame it on the one who is getting played because they are insecure about real things in their partner?

Actually you know the argument, that Carole is a caring, nurturing earth mother tending with much self sacrifice to her BB brood, could be stood on its head.

She can do this because she has remorselessly made infantile the relationships all the other house mates are allowed to have with her. She has done this for her own reasons and because she wanted to--and whilst she rewards those who acknowledge the hierarchy she has set up, she punishes and attempts to isolate those who do not.

She has remorselessly worked for the house to be run and maintained in the way she feels appropriate. Again she has done so for her own reasons and because she wanted to, the house mates did not force it upon her - in fact all attempts to take even the smallest corner of the role she has adopted for herself results in her aggressively defending it.

Carole has also tirelessly worked to set herself up as the Oracle to be approached if fellow house mates wished to gauge or understand what might be a behavioural cause and effect in their fellow house mates ... when in reality a ''Who died and made you God?'' might be a better subject for the HM's to debate with her.

C4 video of Chanelle’s last words in the DR. “I’m leaving because I can’t live with somebody who pretends that he cares about you loads just to look good on camera and doesn’t care about you at all—by that I mean Zack.”

BBLB news story about Chanelle leaving the house:

Fan video “Goodbye My Friend”

I certainly don't hate any of the housemates - none of them could provoke that sort of response in me (tv show, after all..) But I can tell you why I don't like the way [Carole] behaves. She is very hypocritical. She was very forgiving of Charley but has a go at all the other HMs if they don't do what she says. I know she is perceived as the mother figure in the house but why she thinks she has the right to tell everyone what to do, and give them a hard time if they don't, is beyond me. She has been given this power by the other HM, so they are to some extent to blame for their own predicament, but at her age and for someone so wordly wise you'd think she wouldn't fall into the role quite so easily. Twice now she has decided to wash her hands of a HM, and won't even discuss with them the reasons why. It's like being in the playground all over again, but she doesn't she it. When she mutters self-righteously to herself spouting her all-knowing wisdom, she comes across as very unpleasent. I know the circumstances in the house are exceptional, as they are every year, but it does make me wonder if she is like this on the outside too. So condescending, very unforgiving of those she judges, and unable to listen to and HEAR a rational argument concerning her own attitudes. She lacks the capacity to see an opposing view, which seems to be a trait of many of the housemates this year. Oh, and BTW, Ziggy is the orchestrator of his own demise. They way he has squirmed and wriggled on the Chanelle hook has been awful to watch over the weeks, but he just keeps going back to her.... He is not a gentleman.

Originally Posted by OFFCENTRE
Carole has done it! She was cheering and grinning in the kitchen.

They have done a job on her this morning and he thinks Chanelle is the reason he isn't popular!!!

Carole attacked Chanelle when she was half asleep this morning with who left out the beetroot. She went into the twins Brian & Chanelle. Amanda pointed at Chanelle and she got a b****** from Carole who knew that it was Chanelle because she loves beetroot.

She wound her beloved son up and he went off on one because Chanelle wouldn't talk to him when he wanted her too. So he ignored her.

Carole has now got cotton to sew Ziggy's shirt.

I didn't believe Nicky and Laura but she is a bully.

There was nobody for Chanelle to speak to they had poisoned everyone's minds. He even joked with them about it. BB should have stopped this as soon as it started this morning and called in Carole and told her to leave well alone. No wonder her daughter left home at 16 with a mixed up head.

I totally agree. Carole is now trying to make excuses for herself, trying to poison the twins against Chanelle. Going on and on about her. She is obsessed with putting Chanelle down. Get the sad old cow out, and her toy-boy Ziggy as soon as possible. She is licking ass before nominations. Ziggy was even using Carole's very words to Chanelle. The twins should tell her to buzz off!

Carole and Ziggy out!!!

I too am very upset that she has gone. as she was a decent girl and compared to the harridan that thinks she is the mother of the house, she actually did care about Ziggy and never realised that anyone could be as devious as he so obviously is. The twins will, I hope, make their own minds up about who are the nicer people left in there, and sure as hell, Carole ain't one of them!!! She seems to have a new spring in her step now that Chanelle has gone as she continues with the cooking as though nothing had happened.

WHATM : twins now sitting crying with their feet in the pool., both very upset. Tracey giving them a hug.

Ziggy is only upset for one reason .. and that is because Chanelle will learn all about his maniplulative, controlling, lying game now she is out.

I am just glad that she finally left in a dignified way. Quietly through the door with no more scenes.
I really do feel for her though, Ziggy shit on her several times in there, and when she gets out she will see that he was shitting on her from a great hight.

What amazes me is the knee jerk reaction people have when something happens, like an argument or a tantrum. Are people totally incapable of backtracking and remembering what has gone b4. Ziggys treatment of Chanelle has been atrocious. He "loves you, gone off you" routine is enough to mess with anyones head, let alone a girl who is from a very vulneralbe background.
He should be ashamed of himself and I think he is worried about how he will be perceived, as well. Its this that bothers him more than Chanelle . When will you folk realise that the only person Ziggy is bothered about is himself and his dog. Sadly she was substitute for that animal.
Wise up to the slimebag and think back over the weeks . His behavior has been manipulative to a 9th degree. After all he came top in the Machiavellian test and Chanelle came bottom.
Think on that folks be4 you start casting blame.

This attitude that it's OK for men to lie to women to get them to have sex with them then discard them and if they don't fade quietly into the wallpaper they are bitches is frankly rather disturbing.

It is not OK for someone to use someone for sex and then toss them aside whilst ripping their character to pieces as Ziggy has done to Chanelle. He is complete scum.

Donlothario (responding to a lovelorn ZL defender):
There's none so blind as those will will not, or can not, see.

You must be very young or very naive to believe what you have written.

Chanelle had no trap out for Ziggy. He pursued her in a quest for fame, fortue and magazine covers. Unfortunately he picked a young naive girl who believed his rubbish and thought he cared about her.

Chanelle's only problem is that she cared for that emotional ****wit. He's incapable of a true relationalship because he's too much of a coward to tell the truth about how he really feels.

So instead he tells her one minute that he loves her and the next minute he is telling others that he wants to be free. He hasn't got the guts to tell her to her face, I don't want you, and justifies the lies by saying in his head he doesn't want to hurt her.

Doesn't want to hurt her? He could have stopped this relationship in its tracks at any point after he realised she was taking it too seriously but didn't. So she has become an emotional needy drag on him as a result. He even made it worse by having sex with her long after he knew he didn't give a shit about her.

He's a real nasty, cowardly piece of scum and how you can attempt to justify him beggars belief.

Neither ever stated it was a ''love'' thing ... though both did state it was about closeness and support.

BB (for storyboarding) and the HMs for a mixture of reasons (nearly all of which had wanting to win mixed into that mix somewhere) then ramped it up and made it a topic on which everyone had an opinion.

Ridicule and doubt were the most favoured barbs chucked in Z****'s direction. Bunny boiler and neurotic were the most favoured barbs chucked in Chanelles direction.

The minute image-zealot Z****, got wind of the fact that his (to use Carole's description) James Bond image of lady's man was getting a bit of a whooping both in the house and the outside world, was the minute he started blowing hot and cold.

And the minute Chanelle started getting weirdly conflicting declarations from Z**** mirroring his Self-Image-Meter as it wandered up and down the scale, was the minute her emotions started bungy jumping off insecurities in her head.

Chuck in a house designed to cause maximum distortion of emotions and a third party slipping insidiously into the relationship (and the shower) in the shape of the Militant Matriarch and there was only ever one way this was going to end.

Just as an after thought. Those who say Chanelle was conforming to the stereotype allotted to her, about the pool and ciggy's thingy.

That was really all about the doing of things by him to court favour and avoid nomination. ie. not doing the thing because it came naturally or he enjoyed the people's activities ... so really just hoping to take those folks for a bit of a mug ... rather than rely a genuine friendship.

I don't think she ever fully got his game plans. Low Mach and High Mach do not usually intuit each others motives all that successfully.

So when she clocked what he was/had been previously up to--and then included herself--she also believed she had been 'played'.

(Who knows if she was correct or not.)

Shanessa understands what’s really going on. The twins shout over the wall that Chanelle has left the show. “She’s going to be well famous when she gets out!,” Shanessa tells the other Halfway Housemates. I believe Shanessa’s words and actions on the night of the Dinner Party have been completely misinterpreted. She sussed completely what ZL was up to when he pumped her for information, and finally she gave him a bit of what he was after: an insight into how he was being perceived on the outside. She told him he just needed to go home, meaning (IMO) that he was seen in a negative light because of how he treated Chanelle and had no chance of winning. Just prior to that, she had asked him very direct questions about his feelings for Chanelle (“I care for her just as I care for everyone in here, and as I will care for anybody new who comes in”), and his plans for their future after BB8 (none). Shanessa seemed shocked by what she was told and took Chanelle aside to ask her if she was in love with ZL, and what their status was. Shanessa and Kara urged Chanelle not to leave, hinting very broadly that she was liked on the outside (“You have nothing to worry about”), and that she’d be foolish to leave. I think Chanelle was right to like her instinctively, and right to want her in the house.

…in the psychologists’ tests Chanelle scored lowest for machiavellianism, meaning she's the least manipulative person in the house and in fact it was said she was very trusting. I think that was all too apparent, as being such a straightforward person herself, she took the likes of Ziggy and Carole at face value, believing (or wanting to) that Ziggy replicated her feelings for him and that Carole was her mother in the house with her best interests at heart.

It was because manipulation and slyness played no part in her own character that made her so open to exploitation by Ziggy. A 25 year old Chanelle would have seen him coming a mile off, but she was too naive, too trusting and therefore really no match for self-serving manipulators like Ziggy and Carole.

She gave a highly articulate and perceptive dissection of him at the end though

The good thing is that Chanelle can now watch all the footage of him talking behind her back, to other HMs and in the DR about how hard the relationship was on him and how much he wanted to end it. Yet, he never did. He made her finish it, and then he let her be the one to leave, while he has been saying he wanted to leave a billion times.

Sad excuse for a man he is.

00.26 Day 63
If I hear Ziggy say he 'cares for Chanelle' one more time I will start screaming too. Espescially when he qualifies it by saying how he cares for 'everyone in here'. The ONLY person in that house Ziggy cares about is Ziggy.

I feel for Chanelle - now she has to see all the things that nasty piece of work said behind her back to the others and in the diary room. Poor kid. She may have been hysterical and attention seeking at times, but she genuinly cared about that worthless waste of space. Hopefully she will be able to quickly chalk this one up to experience and find herself a man who really is a man.

03.12 Day 63
Celtic star:
Just feel so sickened to my gut tonight,
*****in helpless, no matter what he does ,
there are people out there who are just refusing to see.
even though it slaps you in the face time and time again.

Even those who believed he truly cared for her ,
surely they must have asked themselves why did he keep encouraging her to make up with the two people in that house who clearly detested her,(Carol & Charley)
Even to the point of telling her lies in order to cover up for them ?
yet told her the two people who truly gave her good advice
were out to destroy their relationship and bring Chanelle down ?(Nicky & Tracey)

The fact that this slimey rat with the values and morals of satan’s toilet ,
has had the full backing and vindication of the production team ,
goes beyond the most cynical outcome i could have imagined .

Good luck to you Dictamus , Nagel and all the others who
can still carry on after today .
I for now give up , i cant believe how hard it been to even type this let alone present a reasoned argument for now.


Dictamus’ great, clear-eyed thread about the treatment Chanelle actually experienced at the hands of ZL, with a little bit of deluded noise from christel et al:
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Day 63 and AFTER: Tuesday, 31 July: Chanelle on BBLB, BBBM

Chanelle signs with Dave Read of Neon Management.

Chanelle's interview with Dermot:
Chanelle smashes the Chiggy-o-meter:

BBBM with Chanelle and Charley
Part 1:

Charley, IMO, may be speaking the truth about what ZL said to her (turning off his mike and saying he didn't really like Chanelle, and he was just using her to make the time go more quickly). Charley maliciously did her best to use the things ZL told her to hurt Chanelle, but I have to admit that Charley often repeated what he actually did say. Unfortunately, Chanelle would never believe her! Charley's certainly right that ZL was always "gawking" at her.

Part 2:

Part 3:

After this joint appearance with Charley on BBBM, during and after which Charley was reportedly quite rude to Chanelle, Chanelle refused to appear on any other BB spin-off shows with Charley.


Day 64, 00:10
Chanelle Exclusive
She may have walked, but she didn't escape her chat with us...
Just over 24 hours after leaving the House, Chanelle was back - but with a brand new Posh-esque hair do and a big grin plastered across her face. We grabbed her to talk about her time in the House, Charley and, of course, Ziggy...

iBB - How are you?

I'm great, I'm really happy to be out - I'm just having a really fun time, I'm getting to see my family and friends and things.

iBB - Are you still glad you walked?

Yes, I think I did the right thing. I'm sad to leave a few of the people in the House, but I'm happy I walked cos I think it was the best decision for me.

iBB - Was Ziggy the reason you walked or was there more to it?

Ziggy was part of it, my family was part of it. I didn't think I would be there for more than two weeks but I was there for eight and a half weeks so I hadn't prepared myself for that - but maybe I should have done. But I just think that maybe that was the best thing for me to do, to just leave and get out of it.
iBB - Do you regret getting together with Ziggy?

Erm, no I don't regret it because it made my experience what it was - which is a good one.

iBB - How do you feel about Ziggy now?

I've seen bits and bobs of him saying that he misses me. I've seem bits and bobs of him saying that he got in to the wrong thing and shouldn't have got back with me and stuff, so I've got a few mixed feelings. But at the same time...people have mixed feelings in that House it's hard to know what you're thinking. It's so small and confined and stuff and so whatever he feels, I can't change that, so I'm completely fine with it.

iBB - Do you regret doing 'stuff' with Ziggy?

No, because it wasn't as bad as people think. Definitely 100 percent promise from me. That's an exclusive - it wasn't as bad as it looked. (Chanelle gets embarrassed and turns to her mum 'Hi mum!' iBB gets the hint and moves on).

iBB - What is going happen when you see Ziggy again?

He'll hopefully be really busy...I'll hopefully be not busy enough to not be able to see him, but busy enough to not dwell on things and stuff. We'll probably have a little chat and stuff - I don't think I'll go to his eviction, unless it's on the same night as somebody else's who I want to go to. But I wish him all the best and hopefully he'll do the same for me.

iBB - How much did Charley affect your time in the House?

She had a massive effect and I hate to say it because I don't like to think that other people could affect me as much as that person did, but I don't think it was just that person. I think that person probably came across worse than she actually is because I know that probably I did and I think that everyone's personalities were exaggerated.

I don't hold any grudges against her, she's probably really nice, but I don't think we'll ever see eye to eye but that doesn't mean that she's not a nice person. She did affect my time in the House, but I'm sure I affected hers as much.
iBB - Would you ever meet up with Charley?

I don't think I'd ever meet up with her. If I came across her in work, you know, we'd chat and be civil to each other, but we're not each other's cup of tea really.

iBB - Who did you like in the House and who will you miss?

Brian, the twins, Gerry - definitely Gerry! I forgot to put Gerry on my goodbye letter and I can't believe it! I'm gonna have some grovelling to do when he gets out, I really wanted him to be on that letter. I quite like Tracey as well, she's nice. Liam's OK but we didn't ever really speak that much and me and Carole didn't really speak that much. But the twins, Brian and Gerry to go the furthest.

iBB - What was your favourite moment in the House?

Erm, I don't know - there were so many! Not the fish task - eugh! The violin - nooooooo! I loved baking with the twins and just having fun times with them. Me and Brian had a chat the other night and it really cheered me up and Gerry making me laugh - when you just have laughs with people who you enjoy spending time with, that's the best moments. And getting in the House was the best part of it!

iBB - How has being in the House changed you?

I still think Victoria Beckham is brilliant, but now I've been given the opportunity to create as much of my persona as I can and that's what I want to do. I definitely don't want to be a part of the pretentious life style that I thought I did. And that's a really good thing. I'm actually pretty OK ha ha!

iBB - What will you miss about being in the House?

I will miss spending time with Ziggy, because I thought we got along better than we did. But then I'll look at the footage and think 'why am I missing that?' It was so up and down so I shouldn't miss being unhappy, because that's a stupid thing to miss. I'll just miss spending time with the twins, Brian and Gerry.

iBB - Who do you want to win?

Gerry, the twins or Brian. Any of them! They all deserve it as much as each other.

Chanelle Diary - Pt1
Day 63, 21:48
Wanna know what Chanelle's been up to? Read this...
Yesterday Chanelle walked out of the House, so for the next week we will be blogging her every move. Today she was back on site for an appearance on BBLB so, while she was in make-up, we caught up with her...

I left the House and went to the hotel and waited for my mum and dad. I had some red wine to calm my nerves - oh and there was paparazzi hiding in the bushes to take pictures of me - so I this (Chanelle flashes us her best pout).

When mum and dad came, I nearly rugby tackled them over on the field! And they brought me the new Harry Potter book 'cos I love it and they bought me loads of new clothes 'cos I was sick of wearing these clothes for a million weeks!

Last night it suddenly got late because I had just sat and read through all of my press cuttings. Oh my...some people write such rubbish! Have you heard about all of the sex romps I am supposed to have had?! Losers. Anyway, I went up to the hotel room and we got loads of room service and I got quite drunk - when you've been rationed with alcohol for weeks you have to! And I had a cocktail and I got loads of presents and spoke to loads of my friends and they were all like 'ahh! We're so pleased that you're out, we're so glad that you're happy'.

Today I woke up at 6am and I only got to bed at 4am! I couldn't sleep last night 'cos everyone were phoning me and then we had to get up and meet some agents...

(Chanelle's phone rings with a random number)

Just bear with me a second... (Chanelle on the phone: 'Hello? Hi, who is this please? Oh hi! How are you? I'm OK. I can't actually talk to you now because I'm just about to go on TV! Ha ha! I'll text you back later if that's OK. Byeee!')

Sorry - hello. Where did I get up to? Oh yeah, so I had some agents to see, so we sat in the sun and decided what agent I wanted and then we went straight away to get my hair done. Did you see my roots? Urgh! We went to David Beckham's hairdresser - Adee - and he did my hair for me for free in his house and he gave me loads of his new products and invited me to his opening launch party next week!

Then I went to a well-known store and I got loads of free clothes! Loads of free clothes that would have cost loads, for free! So that's good in't it? And then when we were coming out, we had loads of bags and there were loads of photographers taking pictures!
Then we picked up a make-up artist up and then came here to meet Dermot O'Leary! (Chanelle screams with excitment) Oh my goodness! Crazy times!

WHERE IS PART 2? (can’t find it on the C4 site--it's not where it should be, and the link from Part 1 is dead)

Excerpt from DS:
" left the house at eight o'clock and went straight to a photoshoot. I was doing photoshoots for a few hours, and then did some interviews for another few hours, for newspapers and magazines. "

And then I did some recording for the Friday Night Project. I recorded my bit because Charley was on it and I didn't want to be on at the same time as her. Last night on Big Brother's Big Mouth I gave her a kiss at the end, and went, "Hey, good luck, I might see you around", and she said, "I don't think so". And I was like, "Oh right, okay then!" So I'm not doing anything with her, 'cause she's scary! "

"Tomorrow I've got a lie-in in the morning 'cause my friends are here, and then I've got to get up for half eleven for a shoot, and then I'm doing shoots all day again. This isn't how I thought it would be when I came out though - I haven't been home yet! I thought I'd come out and just go home! I think I'm gonna get to go home on Sunday just to see everyone, 'cause I want to have my Mum's Sunday dinner. That'll be nice. "

Chanelle Diary Pt - 3
Day 65, 21:43
Catch up with Chanelle in the last part of our exclusive diary...

I went clubbing last night, and woke up this morning with a headache! We ordered some breakfast stuff to our room, and the table which came with the breakfast had an oven in it so you could keep your breakfast warm if you didn't want to eat it right then. Which I thought was amazing, I'd never seen anything like it. I thought, 'What the hey, I'll put it in the oven!' So I put it in the oven and had a shower, which was nice.

There were paparazzi waiting outside the hotel for me. We got chased last night from the club back to the hotel, it was really scary. And then people were waiting outside for me this morning, like "Chanelle, Chanelle, Chanelle, Chanelle, Chanelle!" But I wasn't allowed to talk to them because I've got an exclusive with somebody else. They got into the car and they followed us all the way to the photoshoot I was going to. So I had to get rushed inside by my driver and my agent.
Then I did a photoshoot, and had all my make-up put on. I had a really fun day doing lots of different shoots, one for a lads' mag. I'm gonna be on the cover and I've got a lot of pages as well - it's lots of fun! I've just been in there all day. Lots of people have been calling me and asking when I'm coming home and stuff, but I don't know when I'm allowed to go.

The underwear shoots have been brilliant, 'cause I got to keep all the underwear! So that saved me some money. And everyone's been really nice - if there was anything I didn't feel comfortable with, they were like, "Okay we definitely won't do it."

Everyone's been really accommodating and really kind. Usually you'd just turn up on your own, but I've turned up with three other people, and they've been running around them getting everything they wanted. It's been really good.
I watched TV last night - it was great! I watched the live feed because I had to leave by the back exit of the club because there were more paparazzi at the front than the back. I sat with the security guard and watched the telly. The Big Brother House looks so weird and different. I haven't had time to watch the show since I left, it's just been chock-a-block.

I don't know what I'll be doing in the future, it's too busy to think about it at the moment. I'm not sure about the number one single thing - I don't think I can sing like people say! But everything's fantastic, and this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. I'm just going to wait till I'm allowed to go home for a few days, and then have a nice long sleep without any alarms or deadlines for shoots. I'll have a nice lie-in and then think about my life.

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Day 89, Sunday, August 26: Chanelle visits the BBH

Chanelle’s visit


H/L version:

ZL weeps for himself (again). His gameplan is kaput! Richard Madeley has called him a "******" and everyone laughed at his cheesy break-up line. Time to ask to leave (again). Oh, and it's time for Carole, ZL, and Liam to say LOTS of nice things about Chanelle all week long, now that they know she's doing very well on the outside. Time also for ZL for to work out suitably Chanelle-centric material for his exit interview with Davina, and dodge the boos that way.

The rest is history!
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