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I am having trouble (again) getting my picture small enough to put on here. Could someone do a tutorial on how to resize pictures for the web? It would also be handy to hear some good programs to do it in.

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I don't know if I can do a tutorial, but I could suggest that you use PHOTOSCAPE. I really like their program. Between that and GIMP (also a free download program), I find my simple photo editing needs to be met.

Once you download photoscape, it's really very simple. Choose what picture you want to edit (like a photo that's in your "Pictures" folder), right click overtop of it, and then click "edit/open in Photoscape". When Photoscape opens, it will automatically have you on the screen that has the option to "resize" your photo.

Hope this makes sense. If I Have made this "clear as mud and twice as cloudy", just ask away!

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