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My study bible is falling apart... What study bible is your favorite. The one I have now is a parallel bible. It's nice to be able to see 2 versions side, by side, but I want something with a bit more study help. There are SO many options out there and I know some of those versions can be kinda twisted. I was looking at the KJV Life application study bible, and thought it looked like something I would like. Is that a good one that is helpful in study?
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I really like my life application bible. I use it alot, especially in sunday school.
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I like my Zodiates (sp?) study Bible. It has the Greek and Hebrew concordance in the back, and reference numbers in with the verse text. It tends to be a bigger Bible--about 2-3 inches thick--but that's how study Bibles are. You have to be careful about some of the commentaries, but for the most part, they're on. Check them out HERE.
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