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What is your least favorite homemaking duty?
Cooking 9% [5/55]
Doing dishes 18% [10/55]
Cleaning 36% [20/55]
Ironing 16% [9/55]
Hosting 0% [0/55]
Sewing (new clothes) 5% [3/55]
Mending 11% [6/55]
Other 4% [2/55]

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Laundry and grocery shopping. And neither were on the list. I love to cook and vacuum.
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I cleaned houses for 2 1/2 years after we got married and to this day I absolutely hate that job! However I can never stand to go through a weekend without having a clean house, so every Friday morning finds me gritting and grinding my teeth through the entire job!! My girls are at the age where they love to help me and I gladly let them. Oh the happy sigh of relief when I have a sparkling clean house for even just a few hours! I don't know why I hate it so much when I just love the feeling I have when it's all done!
I love everything else...but cleaning.

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